331 Secure Him For Myself

    At Lua's Residence

    Cali was bored because days passed and she no longer saw Dr. Dee.

    "Why is he not visiting me again?" She asked her nanny.

    Nanny Shine chuckled and replied, "You one impatient child, didn't your grandpa say that Dr. Dee is a busy man and is more busy nowadays because the CEO Yang of Yang Globals is not in good shape yet to look after the company. You're lucky that Dr. Dion Han personally asked Dr. Dee to at least take a look at you..."

    Cali pouted her lips but no longer asked as she understood it well and clear. She had ideas forming in her head already about how she could be closer to her Mr. Right.

    "Nanny... I'm thinking..." she mumbled while she was embroidering one of her grandpa's handkerchiefs.

    "What is it child?" Nanny Shine asked while she poured Cali a tea in her cup.

    "I will ask grandpa at lunch to help me out about Dr. Dee..." Cali whispered. Nanny Shine was shocked and said, "Dear, I thought you don't like being into an arranged marriage? You wanted to choose the person and fall in love with him, understand him first before marrying right? But you have just met Dr. Dee once..."

    "Yes, but you know that feeling nanny? When you want that person even though you only saw him once. I really saw the spark and felt that impact from his first look only. I know it might not be a good idea but I want to take the risk." Cali shared that nanny Shine exhaled a long sigh.

    Lunch came and everyone were having a hearty meal in the dining area when Cali coughed and cleared her throat.

    She then looked at her grandfather and said, "Grandpa, do you have plans for an arranged marriage for me again in the future?"

    Mr. Lua almost choked on his food and looked at Cali in daze. "Dear why are you bringing up something like that now? I don't have any more plans, so rest assured that you can choose whoever it is that you love this time. As you wished, I will no longer involve myself in matters of your life especially if it's something that could make you happy dear."

    Mr. Lua was startled seeing Cali's displeased expressions with his answer.

    Meanwhile, nanny Shine could almost guess what was inside Cali's head so she interrupted, "Cali my child... Isn't it too early for that? Why don't you focus first on your recovery and growing your hair? And decide about things like that later?"

    Mr. Lua pointed his eyes on Nanny Shine and asked, "What's going on? Is there something that I'm not aware of?" He felt that nanny Shine knew about it and also that Cali was acting really strange.

    Cali smiled at Mr Lua and said, "Grandpa... I actually want you to plan an arranged marriage for me. Really this time, it's okay with me."

    "Huh?" Mr. Lua breathed. Nanny Shine shook her head and helplessly gave Mr. Lua a troubled look. Mr. Lua was aware of that look so he knew that moment that Cali would ask for something troublesome. It had been awhile, and somehow Mr. Lua was glad that Cali was going back to her normal self. Being troublesome was one of those.

    "Grandpa... Please ask the family Dee for an arranged marriage for me and Rui..." Cali stated that made Mr. Lua's eyes widened in shock. He did not expect that kind of trouble at all.

    Mr. Lua looked at nanny Shine, his gaze asking, 'Did I hear that right?' Nanny Shine answered him with a shrugged shoulders.

    "Are you sure about this Cali? Don't you want to enjoy your youth yet? Dr. Dee is many years older than you and he probably is having a fiance or a girlfriend already? Cali it's not like you to ask for something like this dear..." Mr. Lua remarked, still shocked with what Cali just asked.

    "He's still a single man grandpa, so don't worry. I already asked him that and he said he doesn't have a girlfriend. I also checked his profile and you will like his family background too... Well, it's okay for us not to marry yet but can you help me so I can at least get engaged with him? He's getting old and I heard his family is pushing him on various blind dates already... Before he got to meet more women, it's best if he got engaged  with me this instant." Mr. Lua heard his granddaughter reasoned.

    He felt his head spinning at that moment with how in a rush his granddaughter sounded when not long ago she was bashing the arranged marriage thing.

    "Please grandpa help me? You know I have to keep my pride and not offer myself to him like I'm desperate or something... So let's plan it such that I can be engaged to him in an instant while it will look like it was not me who had asked for it..." Cali excitedly stated.

    Mr. Lua did not know what to say. Instead he looked at nanny Shine and asked, "What is Rui's initial assessment on her again?"


    Nanny Shine and Mr. Lua were both startled by that loud reaction.

    "I'm totally sane okay. I'm not crazy and I'm not joking at all. I found him to be the man I want to marry... So please help me out just this once..." Cali insisted.

    "Dear, you sound so desperate to me..." Mr. Lua whispered.

    "What if you found out you don't like his character Cali? What if he's not a good person?" Nanny Shine suddenly mumbled.

    Cali gave her an accusing stare and said, "That's why let us first plan for an engagement where we can get to know each other more. The most important thing at this rate is that I need to secure him for myself as soon as possible..."

    Mr. Lua and  Nanny Shine both exchanged helpless gazes while Cali was grinning.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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