332 The Best Person

    At Yang Ancestral Mansion

    Yera watched her husband Xander doing his usual therapy with his doctors when she saw Senior Yang came and sat beside her.

    "He's working hard to be physically fit as soon as possible. I can see his frustration in getting back to those who are responsible for ruining your freedom..." Senior Yang couldn't help but comment.

    Yera sighed... She too knew that. Xander was trying his best to practice his calm and clear thinking in any way possible and she truly admired him for that.

    "He seems to be in a hurry to go to Plumeria Island." Senior Yang noticed.

    Yera chuckled and said, "Yes father... I think he needs that... They have planned a safe route for us. No one knows we are going there except for a handful of our trusted people, so I believe everything will go smoothly."

    Yera and Xander were soon to leave to go to Plumeria Island the same day when Lyndon's verdict would be out. Though they did not often see each other, she was always in contact with the Kens who were making sure if she was doing fine wherever she was. Arya and Ryu would be visiting Yera at Yang mansion by the evening since she couldn't find time to visit them after Xander met the accident.

    Xander walked towards them after he was done and Yera grabbed a towel to wipe the sweat off her husband's body.

    "Dr. CEO will no longer need me... He can do basic exercises on his own already," Xander's therapist acknowledged as he prepared his things to leave while he reminded Xander about things he should remember as he performed certain exercises on his own.

    The therapist already left and Senior Yang smiled at the couple who were being sweet to each other.

    He stood up from his seat and said, "I'm gonna leave you two behind. I have to finalize my trip to country V."

    "Dad... I told you that you don't need to do it. I will soon get fit and arrange the meeting myself," Xander reiterated pertaining to the matter on meeting up Ester Chang, her mother's auntie who they said was residing in country V. He was not comfortable with his father getting involved in the matter.

    "It's a good thing that they are not planning to attack you since you don't have the Yue clan blood but if they found out that you've been trying to pry on their business... they won't have a second thought in silencing you too dad." Xander burst.

    Senior Yang gently put his hands on his son's shoulders and squeezed it.

    "Son, dad is old enough now. I've already been living for too long now and death no longer scares me. Do you know what scares me? It's your life being on the brink of death... That was my greatest fear son so please let your father do this little thing for protecting you as my son..." Senior Yang said in his low voice as it began to stutter.

    Yera's tears suddenly fell seeing the downcast face of her father-in-law who's eyes were starting to well up and tears started rolling down his cheeks as he continued, "Your father failed to protect your mother and do you know how hard it was for me then? It's still painful, son whenever I think of your mother who helplessly died because I was useless... So please... let me become useful this time around huh?"

    Senior Yang now held Xander's face in his palms, cupping it like he did when Xander was a small kid..."Let your father do something for his beloved son..."

    Xander's tears fell and he hugged his father tightly that instant. Yera too was sobbing witnessing the heartbreaking moment between the father and son.

    "Dad... Why are you making me cry? It's bad for my brain..." Xander jested.

    "You brat... You started it by scolding your father and insisting me to stay put and do nothing...." Senior Yang countered. Then he added, "You shouldn't get worried about me that much you know. You know that for me death is not something to be scared of..."

    "I know that. But please make sure that you'll keep yourself safe at least. Don't you want to see your grandchildren and play with them?" Xander mumbled.

    Senior Yang slowly pushed his sadness away and grinned, "Well I want to of course so I will be careful. Besides, Dion will make sure I'm safe there. His family will protect me, he said including the Quan clan."

    This time it was Xander who gave his father a teasing grin as he mumbled, "Of course, I forgot, aunt Liz will definitely make sure you're safe. I bet she will even block bullets on your behalf..."

    "Tsk! Stop saying nonsense you brat." Senior Yang scolded.

    "But that's true dad. I bet she will do that. Well since you will stay in their house why don't you play around you know mix mission with pleasure..." Xander continued to tease.

    Yera chuckled seeing her father-in-law reddened in embarrassment so she pinched her husband and said, "Stop teasing father already and go change. Arya and Ryu will arrive anytime soon..."

    "Father, I'll pull this bully now away from you," Yera murmured to her father-in-law before pulling Xander out of his fitness room.

    "Dad, think about it... While you stay there please try to enjoy it that way I will be at ease and don't you dare cheat on me because I will surely find out if you somehow just ..." Xander continued to tease while being pulled out by Yera.

    Senior yang shook his head as he watched his son and daughter-in-law leave the room.

    "Kanya look at how playful your son is... Selling out his father like that..." he mumbled. Xander was still not that fit to visit country V especially when he did not know what was installed for him there. It would be best and less suspicious if he would be the one to go.

    He sighed because it was his decision. He would be the best, the right person to go... They had bothered Rui and Dion enough with their family matters and he wanted to play his part as the head of the family properly now.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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