333 Loving Stares

    Capital City's Detention CenterJam smiled as she entered the detention center to visit Lyndon. Every once in a while she brought food for Lyndon and they would have some good casual talks mostly on the books she provided that he was currently reading.Today, she wanted to cheer Lyndon up because tomorrow would be a crucial day for him as his verdict would be announced."You look good now." Jam commented seeing Lyndon was gaining his weight back. His face also was bright now."Yes... all thanks to you. The meals helped me a lot so my appetite has returned to normal too." Lyndon addressed, eyes glinted. Jam was helping him a lot to cope up in his current situation, it had come to the point that he was already looking forward to her next visit even before she left."I guess you've been busy lately," Lyndon commented because Jam would often visit him every other day but this week, it was only twice.Jam smiled as she handed the lunchbox she prepared for Lyndon. "Yes, it's because I was experiencing some contractions so the doctor advised me to rest. Here. I brought you many sweets this time as compensation.'' Jam tittered with a wink.Lyndon unconsciously blushed at that gesture. 'What's wrong with me?' he thought as his gaze could not leave Jam's face. Her pregnancy made her look way prettier. She was also gaining weight that he thought made her look more cute."How are you now? You should rest more. It's okay not to visit..." He suddenly breathed at the thought that Jam could be compromised and their baby if she would travel often."I'm good now. The doctor said it's fine. Don't worry, I follow the doctor's order. If she said No then I won't force it... I'm no longer as stubborn as I was before." Jam boasted."How are they?" Lyndon asked. He knew what happened to Xander and Jam was keeping him updated."Xander is doing good now. Yera operated on him so that's a given... But they say Xander is still not going out from the mansion and Yera too." Jam relayed the details she got from her doctor."By the way, have you thought of a name?"Lyndon shook his head. Jam had asked him to think of a good name for their baby, both for a boy and a girl but he couldn't think of anything at all."Well we still have plenty of time to think about it." Jam smiled. Sadness suddenly clouded Lyndon's feature so Jam asked, What's wrong? You look down."Yes, Lyndon was feeling down at the thought of him getting transferred into a far away prison once the verdict was out. It would be hard for Jam to travel by then and he would not wish that too."Nothing... Just in case I'll be transferred to a way farther prison please don't bother to visit me. It won't be good for you and our child..." Lyndon specified, but his heart was speaking otherwise.Jam pursed her lips. It was true that she was not allowed to travel that far."Hmm, how about this... I will still cook for you and just have my helper bring it to you if in case they transfer you to any prison that is far from here, but I hope they just put you at the most near prison in the Capital City," Jam subconsciously reassured Lyndon. There were no prisons at Capital City but only detention centers for those who stood for trials. Once convicted, they transferred them outside the Capital City."That would be good enough Jam. Thank you..." Lyndon muttered but his expressions were giving Jam a vibe that he still had something else to say. "Do you wanna say something?" Lyndon looked at her and sighed. "What's that? Are you okay Lyndon?" she asked, now looking worried.She saw Lyndon sighing again before he met her gaze. "Jam, I'm not really sure what I'm feeling right now. But I hope to serve my punishment soon... And in case, just in case that you are still available by then, I would like to start a new life with you and our baby."Lyndon knew he was being shameless for saying such a thing but he had this urge to voice his feelings to Jam. He couldn't name his feelings yet at that moment but he was sure that he wanted to start a new life with Jam and their baby if he would be given that chance.Jam bit her lip as tears started to roll down in her eyes. Those words were like music to her ears. She was happy enough to hear them because she couldn't hide the fact that her feelings for Lyndon were still the same. That was the reason why she was fighting hard to keep their baby healthy because her baby was the only remembrance she could have that would remind her of her passionate night with the man she long loved.She was speechless as tears continuously kept falling down her eyes.Lyndon felt nervous hearing no response from Jam but her cries seemed to be giving him positive feedback though it pained him seeing her cry."Please... Jam don't cry. It won't be good for you and our baby. I fully understand if you decide to forget about me, but I do hope that at least I could share the responsibility as  a father to our child."Jam wiped her tears and stared at Lyndon before saying, "Of course... I will let you take responsibility and I'm willing to wait for you with our child, so you better be good and serve your sentence very fast..."Lyndon's eyes rounded and burst out, "Thank you! Jam thank you so much..." He grabbed Jam's hands on the table and held it tighter..."'I guess happy endings is also possible to the people who are willing to change their life for the better..." Jam thought as she and Lyndon exchanged loving stares.

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