334 Lucky

    At Life Hospitals group

    Rizie was getting annoyed while reading Josh' text messages to her, asking her when they would visit Cali again because he would also join them when they did.

    "This bully... If I were Cali, I will no longer want to see your face ever again!" Rizie mumbled, getting frustrated with her twin brother.

    "What's wrong? What's with that fuming face of your's?" Dion asked while he arranged the lunch boxes that Rizie's assistant bought for them. Rizie and him would often eat lunch inside his office like this.

    He knew Rizie was referring to his twin brother so he wondered what it was this time.

    "Well that Josh keeps asking me when are we going to visit Cali again. Doesn't he know that Cali didn't want to see us also only because of him? Why is he so insensitive? I bet he will just get friendzoned again, this time by Cali." Rizie specified. She was too irritated with Josh' style when he was obviously interested in Cali.

    "Riz, some guys are like that. Bullying is their one way to get noticed by the woman they like." Dion explained and handed her the chop sticks.

    "Of course I know that... He's my twin brother and most of the time I can read what's going on in his mind and I know what he's feeling. Just that urghhhh..." Rizie grumbled because she was too frustrated with the fact that her twin brother seemed to be the unluckiest man on earth.

    Dion chuckled seeing Rizie's grumpy face. "Let Josh be for now, Rizie. Men don't have an expiry unlike women so don't rush him. I'm sure he will have a good relationship with the right woman and at the right time." Dion explained and started digging in their food.

    He paused when he felt the intense stare from his girlfriend. Rizie was narrowing her eyes while smiling broadly. "What?" Dion asked and suddenly felt conscious. He licked his lips at the thought he had some smudge or something.

    "Nah, if you have smudge I'll wipe it clean with my lips," Rizie teased, still grinning at him.

    "What then?" he asked with a demented look.

    Rizie gasped for air before saying, "Nothing... Just that I feel so lucky. They say in between twins one is lucky in some things and unlucky in certain things. Josh seems to be lucky in his career and business. I'm just too glad that I'm the one who seems to be lucky when it comes to love. My man is not just handsome, Intelligent, capable and wealthy but is also a very broadminded person."

    Dion was totally flustered that his face and ears became totally red...

    "Look at you. I like how you blush like that so..." Before Rizie could finish her words, Dion suddenly pounced at her pushing her on the couch, causing her to lay on her back and him being on top of her. Dion was quick in capturing her lips, silencing her with his grateful kisses for her praises.

    "Stop! We are in the office!" Rizie muttered when Dion's kisses went down on her neck, giving her little hickeys.

    "It's your fault for making my heart jump out of joy like this." Dion whispered. He calmed himself and returned back to his seat when he realized that their door was not locked.

    "Should we lock the door next time?" Dion mumbled, trying to focus his attention on their lunch instead but somehow he was having the urge to eat his playful girlfriend alive right then.

    "Stop that, Grace will become suspicious. Let's not make a rumor or a scandal in the  workplace okay? Maybe once we're married we can do that." Rizie giggled at her own words.

    "Anyway, it's sad that Cali is no longer accepting visitors. I actually messaged her and she said she will hang out only once her hair grows a little." Rizie commented, getting back to the topic they left off before being playful.

    "Rui can visit her anytime though. I heard Cali had been asking for him often." Dion nonchalantly mentioned recalling Rui had personally mentioned the same to him yesterday.

    "What? Why? Because of the psychological checking. But didn't Dr, Dee say that Cali is perfectly fine psychologically?" Rizie asked in a row. Her radar was being hyperactive at that moment as she felt something unusual.

    "I know that look... Let Cali be and don't disturb her anymore Riz." Dion scolded because he was sure Rizie would contact Cali to check something.

    "But you know how curiosity kills me most of the time." Rizie stubbornly disposed.

    "Don't worry you will not die. How about you just focus on helping out bro Xander for his surprise? Remember the date is getting nearer, I wonder if you have already achieved something." Dion teased.

    "Well I'm a very reliable person so even though I have a lot of work to do I will make sure they are all perfectly done so don't worry. Oh gosh I feel so excited." Rizie was giddy as she thought of Yera's reaction when the time came.

    "We have to move carefully and make sure everything is confidential though. By the way how is the arrangement of Xander and Yera's transfer at Plumeria Island going?" Dion asked. It was  Keira's husband who would handle Xander and Yera's transportation in next two days.

    "Stop worrying okay? Sis and Bro are in good hands. Geez military plus the Kens security not to mention that Xander would have his own people... Only those who want to die on the spot would dare touch them there." Rizie assured. She herself was confident about it. Yue Clan? Powerful? Well, they sure are but their weakness was getting exposed so they would not make a drastic move in that island or their whole clan would get down for real.

    "Rizie... At this point of time, we can't afford to even blink." Dion specified.

    "Yes, I know... So don't worry... No one would definitely even blink alright." Rizie responded with a wink. She could get where Dion was coming from but she did not want Dion to worry too much too because it would affect his health especially now that the responsibilities he was carrying were too heavy.

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