336 I Can Be His Family

    Yang Globals group...

    Rui was chairing a board meeting when he heard his mobile phone vibrate several times. When the meeting ended he grabbed it from his suit pocket to check.

    [Dr. Dee, I think I'm having emotional distress... Do you think you can visit me? To be honest, I'm feeling a bit better whenever I talk to you. It's comforting listening to you...]

    [Boredom is killing me. Is that normal?]

    [I wanna go out but I don't want anyone to see me bald...]

    [*Sigh Emoji* I guess you're busy..]

    [You gave me your number and told me I can contact you anytime... haha anyway I will leave you alone now since it seems you're busy...]

    Rui tapped his fingers on the desk while his eyes narrowed while still staring at his mobile phone.

    "Doc?" he heard his secretary called for him since he was the only one left in the meeting room.

    Rui nozzled his lips before murmuring, "Jean, I smell trouble. What do you think I should do? Shall I run away and avoid it? Or shall I ignore it?"

    Jean laughed and responded, "How about you face it this time Doc? Aren't you tired of running? I think you've ran enough ever since I met you... don't you feel it's now time to slow down?"

    Rui chuckled at his loyal secretary who was like a second mother to him. "Well I will heed your advice this time... So it will be your fault, Jean, if I end up in a pit of mud."

    Jean smiled and answered, "I'm always on your back Doc. You grew up so well and are the best psychiatrist in the country so I'm sure you'll be fine. You're the type of person who could make a pit of mud turn into a pit of fresh water."

    Rui stood up from his seat. "Geez, you look too high on me." he mumbled, while he stretched his waist. "Ahh, I wonder how long I will need to sit for a meeting like that. I hate sitting for too long. I should break Xander's neck next time I see him." Rui complained as he walked outside the room. Secretary Jean laughed and shook her head as she followed him from behind.

    When they were about to enter Rui's clinic. Rui suddenly paused so Jean bumped into his back.

    "Geez Doc." Jean breathed.

    Rui turned around and asked, "Do I have patients waiting or any appointments today?"

    "There's one Doc for Dr. Dion Han." Jean quickly answered. Rui was silent for quite some time as if thinking hard. Jean observed him with a creased forehead waiting for what he would say next.

    "Yes doc?" she encouraged seeing the conflicted look on his face.

    Rui exhaled loudly and said, "Inform Dion that I cancelled it. I will also call him later and see if I can just see him during dinner."

    "Where are you going Doc?" Jean asked.

    "I will just check on that patient Cali Lua and visit her at her home." Rui simply answered before leaving Jean alone that instant.

    "Is that the trouble Doc was saying about?" Jean whispered as she entered the clinic.

    Rui was like a son to her. She knew the man very well ever since he was a kid because she was an assistant to his father's secretary. She got closer to him when she was assigned to monitor his training in handling their family's pharmaceutical business. Rui had it tough in blending well in his family so she became his second mother, according to him, because she understood him a lot. That was why Rui always made sure that she was there wherever he was, thus she became his personal assistant and secretary.


    At Lua's Residence

    Nanny Shine shook her head as she watched Cali heave another long sigh while reading a book in the balcony of her room. She herself could not concentrate on what she was reading too, hearing those sighs every now and then from her child.

    Then she heard Cali speak, "Nanny Shine, no reply yet?"

    Nanny Shine immediately grabbed Cali's mobile phone on the table to look. "None yet Cali. We didn't hear the message notification sound." she stated.

    "How about I read the message from your slave instead?" Nanny Rong heeded.

    Cali's face crumpled and said, "Please change his name into bullyman. Why would I want to read it when he is always bullying me. I'm sure he will just keep on saying - grow your hair soon I can't bear to watch that skinhead...-"

    Nanny Shine laughed at that and immediately paused seeing the tapering of Cali's eyes. "Sorry, but that's funny dear. I think he was just trying to make you laugh or actually what he meant by that was that you should get well soon..." she explained, trying not to giggle.

    Cali twitched her mouth and muttered, "I don't find it funny nanny. He's just a born bully. Anyway, I wonder if grandpa already checked if he can make the arrangements for Dee Family?"

    "Dear, I think your grandpa is not comfortable about it. He heard that Dee Family was a little complicated one. He fears you. I think Dr. Dee himself is still having a tough time staying in that family..." Nanny Shine explained based on the comments she heard from Old Master Lua.

    Nanny Shine suddenly saw Cali plastered a sweet smile on her red lips. 'Her child was really pretty...' she thought inwardly. Then she heard Cali say, "He's here Nanny Shine... I don't mind him not bothering with a reply if he shows up like this, surprising me making my heart bounce hard against my chest. Why would he need a tough time staying in that kind of family... when I can be his family, he could stay with me at ease..."

    Nanny Shine's jaw dropped while staring at Cali in disbelief. Then she looked down where Cali was looking at and saw Dr. Dee was walking in with one of their maids inside the mansion.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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