337 Bring Them All Down

    Lyndon was sentenced to five years in prison. Yera could see the apologetic look in him whenever their eyes met.

    They did not stay long and Yera with Xander left the premises as soon as the verdict was read. Yera wrapped herself in a shawl and put shades on her face while Xander also donned a different look by wearing his shades and a cap on his head that hid his face upto great extent, before stepping out of the courtroom.

    Some reporters were still standing outside for any sensational scoop but could still not go anywhere near the couple because of the tight security.

    One of the reporters shook her head and commented as she watched the couple walking towards the elevator, "I wonder who is trying to kill the CEO of Yang Globals to make them walk under such tight security. I am sure, this is someone very powerful too."

    Yera and Xander waited for the elevator to open that would lead them to the basement parking. The elevator was reserved for them and as soon as it was opened, another couple with the same build and exactly the same outfits like Yera and Xander were seen standing inside. Yera and Xander quickly went in while Ron was left behind to attend to the media.

    "Wow Zach is too good, really very meticulous and pretty scheming, thinking about getting people that look exactly like us, means our body doubles to distract the enemy is a very well thought out plan." Xander couldn't help but whisper to Yera.

    Both Xander and Yera were feeling awkward but they agreed that this was the best way to make sure no one would know their final destination in case they were being spied on.

    The cars were already in line as the group left the elevator to head to the caravan of the cars  and exited the building. The first couple went inside the first car and left then followed the other couple... Zach made sure that the set-up was perfect enough to confuse the enemy, in case they were being spied upon or had bad motives at that time for Xander and Yera.

    The same type, color and model of cars were used by Xander and Yera as well as the couple that was impersonating them exiting the building and hitting on the road.

    Each car then went to different places like returning at Yang mansion, one at Han mansion, one at Yang hospital, one at life hospital and one to the military headquarters.

    Meanwhile as soon as Xander and Yera were secured inside their car, Ralf reported to Zach, "We are now heading to the military headquarters."

    Yera could hear the conversation with the security team. On their sides, front and back were what looked like common cabs and private cars but they were all part of the security team in disguise, assigned to them.

    From the military headquarters, Yera and Xander would embark on a military helicopter arranged by Zach that would drop the couple off at Plumeria Island. All the movements by them were very precise and closely monitored. Xander and Yera could hear occasional voices from Ralf's radio confirming that roads were all cordoned off and being cleared for their convoy.

    Xander heard his wife exclaim in surprise. She was uneasy. He held Yera's hand and kissed it to make her feel normal. Yera looked at him and smiled at his comforting gesture. Their gaze met and one look for them was enough to understand each other in silence. Both of them were hoping that traveling like this should pass soon...

    "Today, I understand my cousin better... Why she hated being a Field Marshal's daughter and disliked having such a lot of bodyguards around her..." Xander whispered to Yera referring to Keira. He remembered how his ears almost burst out at those times when Keira would rant at him. Now he knew how bothersome it was not to travel like normal people did.

    "Yeah, this is quite bothersome I guess if it becomes a routine," Yera commented and Xander could only nod in silent agreement.

    They finally arrived inside the military headquarters and the couple were escorted into the  helicopter that would bring them to Plumeria Island. Zach couldn't just take any risk at all and had prepared five helicopters that would fly out at the same time and one of them had the couple inside.

    It took them an hour and a half, reaching Ryu Ken's private island. Just the scene while approaching from above was too breathtaking and a picture-perfect deserted islands surrounded by aquamarine water dotted across the ocean, before suddenly mountains appeared on the horizon and a lush green island came into view, fringed by golden stretches of sand.

    Yera unconsciously squeezed her husband's hand as she anticipated going aground already and sank herself deep into the alluring waters..."Finally beach..." she murmured.

    She was confident she and Xander would enjoy their stay there. The helicopter landed on the helipad and the couple was escorted to the four by four ranger where Ryu's right hand man introduced himself to them as Regan.

    Xander sighed as they settled inside the car.

    Regan heard that and turned to look at Xander who was in the back seat with Yera. "You don't have to worry here Sir because I can assure you that the security we have here is not just tight but we are laced with the latest and modern facilities on the island." Regan reassured with a smile.

    Xander nodded. Even before planning their stay at the island, the first thing they enquired from Ryu was the brand of electronics they were using on the island., afraid that Yue group could be their distributor of all the cameras and monitors including other inconspicuous things. They were relieved to find out that Ryu was using a local electronics company from their own country and not the ones from Yue group.

    Unfortunately, both Life Hospitals and Yang Globals group had purchased various electronic devices that were under Yue group subsidiaries so Yera and Xander had to then dispose off everything they had installed from the Yue group that belonged to the category of communications or transmittals, that could give any way for the Yue clan to spy on them.

    But they still kept instruments and machines that were only used for medical matters because those were undoubtedly the best worldwide.

    Dion said that Chad mentioned about trying to arrange a meeting on pretext of doing business with them, but it turned out that Yue group had already done that a long time ago in both hospital chains, making sure their devices were implanted inside both of the hospitals. No wonder it was easy for them to plant bombs inside Yang Globals despite their tight and modernized technologies and securities.

    Xander cursed inwardly! They could not do a thing before because they did not know that he had an enemy in the first place. They were focussed on Yera as the only target but it was him all along instead. Now that he had a confirmed sight of his enemy... He would make sure to bring them all down!

    'If the Yue clan is formidable, so am I, Xander Yang. Afterall, I carry the same blood...'

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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