338 Wipe You Out Entirely

    Yun's jaw tightened and he balled his fists while watching the news. Ron's statement in the media had become a wide talk in the country. It was a good thing that the King was still not awake so he could still put all that news down or else it would be his demise.

    He cursed when he came to know that they were tricked. His group followed the couple inconspicuously but then got distracted because there were the doubles... including the cars and the one his group ended up following was the one who stopped at Han Mansion. He somehow knew it was not confirmed that Xander was inside that mansion.

    "That bastard must be out there somewhere after tricking us like this!" he whispered as he waited for the reports from his people out for the search.

    "Should I just bomb up the Han and Yang mansion to bring you out?" he irritatingly voiced out to himself while he stared on the news being reported at the television.

    Suddenly, he was interrupted by loud resounding clapping of hands. Sitting in the living area of Yue's mansion, he could hear the sound coming closer. He did not need to turn around or guess who it was because he surely knew it was his bi*chy niece.

    "Well done uncle. Really... Are you proud of your great achievements? I won't be surprised if we heard the word Y-U-E next in the news don't you think? You wanna get famous I must guess..." Raine nonchalantly commented as she sat on the couch and began to lick on her ice cream cone.

    "Why? Do you have any better ideas to deal with him? And what are you doing here anyway?! You're supposed to handle the rescue operation of some of our people held captive by the military... But it seems like you have no plans to do so!" Yun jeered. He hated that mocking look on the face of that bi*ch.

    "Relax... Let those idiots stay there a little longer. I recently realized that they deserved that bit of punishment. They should learn their lesson for failing in their mission! Those lousy bastards... I'm still thinking if I should rescue them or just eliminate those losers for good." Raine mumbled at her uncle followed by a wink on his face.

    "By the way, don't you want any help? I have better plans in my mind for eliminating him... You have tried so many times yet you always failed, so I thought you might need the support of my helping hands." Yun heard Raine remarked.

    He gritted his teeth. One day, he would be the one to kill the bi\u0026ch, if not only because of his brother who favored the little devil too much, she wouldn't be alive today.

    'Enjoy your days bi*ch while it lasts because you'll be thrown out soon once we're done using you!' he mused while he gave her a deadly glare.

    "Tsk.... tsk... What's with that look? You want my ice cream uncle? I can ask someone to give you one but... Oldies shouldn't eat a lot of sweets because it can make your life shorter." Raine chortled, enjoying how her uncle was unsuccessfully controlling his fury.

    Then with a mocking smirk, she added, "Back about you needing my help. You know I'm willing to help you too, because that's what families should always do, help each other. Don't you think? But of course, to make me agree to it, you have to beg me for it uncle..."

    Yun abruptly stood up with a dark face to leave his crazy niece alone before he lost control and broke her neck that instant. Tyron had witnessed that. He shook his head, everything seemed to be getting out of hand.

    "Come and sit beside me. Don't just watch from there..." he heard Raine speak so he immediately obeyed. The Princess had a good instinct. Well she was literally good at everything.

    "We lost contact so tell me... Do you have good news at this point? I want to find out where the mice are hiding. Father would wake up soon..." Raine muttered.

    "Nothing yet Raine. But I don't feel good about this. You shouldn't bother with your uncle. Why do you keep meddling in his works? Let him handle it. Being on his bad side like this i.."

    Tyron's words were cut off suddenly when he felt a cold sensation on his lips, the ice cream smear hit his mouth.

    "Oops... Sorry Tyron. My hands slipped." he heard Raine whisper.

    Tyron sighed and was about to wipe the smeared ice cream on his mouth away when Raine stopped his arm.

    "What..." Tyron mumbled, his body froze while he looked at Raine who perched on his lap and held his neck with her pair of hands, making it hard for him to breathe.

    "If I hear you question me again on whatever it is I'm doing, I will make sure to kick your ass out from my sight, and wipe you out entirely from this world. If you want to last long, make sure you just follow my orders!" Tyron heard Raine echo in his ear.

    He coughed when she let his neck go. Raine's fingers swept past his lips wiping off the ice cream from his face. Then Raine licked her fingers and winked at him. "You know I hate wasting sweets.." Raine mumbled before jumping out from his lap and left him flabbergasted.

    Tyron closed his eyes, being the right hand man of that Yue Clan Princess was a pain in the ass, a pure torture!

    He got up quickly and saw the ice cream cone on the floor.

    'How can she waste her sweets like this?' he annoyingly mused as he helplessly picked it up.

    He should start working his ass off in tracking down Xander's whereabouts because Raine strongly believed that he was out of his mansion at this point of time, but staying and hiding somewhere else. Thus, it was a great opportunity to kill the man. He must find him first before Yun's team. The King would wake up soon and everyone was almost running out of time.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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