339 Weekdays

    Dion picked Rizie early in the morning from her condo and they both set off to Rizie's family  villa to stay there on the weekend and attend the wedding of her mother the next day that would be held in their villa itself. Senior Yang was invited too for the occasion since he was a close friend of the groom.

    "Days passed by too fast... So many weddings happened and very soon ours will follow. Why does it feel too long for our wedding schedule." Dion commented, eyes focused on the road.

    "Yes, too long... oh by the way everything is ready. I'm so excited to visit sis and bro on that island." Rizie responded. In two days time they would follow and travel to Plumeria Island too.

    Dion chuckled and said, "Hey, we're not going there for a vacation. We will also leave early from there, don't get too excited."

    Rizie's face crumpled because she almost forgot that they would not stay there for too long. "Hmm, well a day on the beach won't be too bad. I'm sure sis will be heavily surprised. I'm so so excited."

    "When will uncle James travel to your country?" Rizie suddenly recalled to ask.

    "Hmm right after the event. He said he will fly to country V immediately. Chad is arranging a confidential meeting for him with Ester Jiang. So it's best he stays there to wait just in case the opportunity comes up. It's hard to get a hold of any of the members of the Yue clan so uncle James should be the one waiting for the appointment and be available." Dion explained. They hoped that Ester Jiang, Xander's mother's aunt, could help in their situation.

    "Anyway let's talk about our plans... You will move at Han mansion very soon as future Mrs. Han. I was thinking if you should quit your job and start teaching your assistant about your work. What do you think of being a complete housewife?" Dion suggested. He would be glad to free Rizie from hard work and obligations at Life Hospitals group and focus on being a housewife and soon to be a mother but of course he would want to hear her opinion first and follow whatever it was that she wanted.

    Rizie remained quiet for some time before saying, "I don't know yet, but for now I would prefer to stay with you often like I do now. I'm honestly enjoying my work because I'm able to help you and remain with you most of the time. I feel so useful to you that way. Can we talk about it later I mean maybe after we're married or have children? Because right now the only place I want to stay is right there with you, go wherever you are, regardless if it's work or not."

    Then Rizie cringed and complained, "Gosh, I hate it. I sound so clingy! Never did I imagine I will sound like this too..."

    "But...I love it..." Dion commented with a grin and laughed as he recalled how Rzie's sister said that Rizie would always complain about sweet nothings and words and actions she would hear or see from her siblings while in a relationship.

    "Why are you laughing?" Rizie asked with pouty lips.

    "Nothing just recalling how you were a grump before whenever you saw couples in your family." Dion answered. Rizie did not comment because her family teased her a lot for that in Dion's presence.

    "Well I never thought that being in a relationship is this good. But of course it's even better because I have been blessed being with someone like you..." Rizie timidly whispered.

    Dion grabbed her hand and kissed it. He felt the same way for Rizie.


    At Ron's Residence...

    Shan was very happy whenever it was weekend because she could spend a whole day with her husband then, a whole day of quality time together.

    The two of them could actually file a leave to go out of town or out of the country for their honeymoon but they decided to delay it. They couldn't just leave the company as when their bosses wanted to enjoy their honeymoon.

    This time was too crucial to go to a far away place. She squealed recalling her husband's words, 'their home is one of the most exciting honeymoon places among all for them because the place did not matter much but the company that they have, the person they got to spend their time together.'

    But of course the two of them were also planning for a trip once everything was over and the company was stable especially at Yang Globals.

    Shan picked up their laundry in the room and went down to put it in the machine. She set the timer and went into the living room where her husband was cleaning. Her husband was really an efficient and organized person. He did not have a helper at all and was only living on his own doing all the household chores.

    'Well now he has me to help him out...' she mused.

    She immediately ran to him and hugged him from behind. Ron chuckled and said, "I'm almost done here. Why do I have a feeling that you're asking to get locked up upstairs?"

    Shan giggled and said, "You're so dirty minded. I just wanted to hug you because you were looking too adorable holding that vacuum cleaner. You're such a jack of all trades. I'm so lucky. Can we have lunch ready soon?"

    Ron turned around and dropped what he was holding to carry his wife on his shoulder like a sack of grain.

    "Hey what are you doing? Put me down." Shan burst out still giggling. She felt Ron spanked her buttocks while he walked upstairs toward their room.

    "It's your fault... You distracted me so..." Ron hanged the words.

    Ron put her down on the bed and continued, "I think it's best we stay inside our room the whole day instead."

    "But we have to do house cleaning today. You're messing up our schedule." Shan commented while staring blindly at her husband who was now undressing before her. They did have a schedule to organize things like assigned dates for cooking, washing the dishes, washing the clothes and house cleaning stuff.

    Shan did not know whether she should laugh or cry when her husband paused and looked at the lower part of his body with an obvious bulging so Shan muttered, "Come here.  Forget the schedule... We're not at work anymore so we can play around."

    That instant Ron removed the last piece of his clothes and pounced on his wife to rain her with kisses. Shan really loved weekends... When Ron and her were both fully charged like this.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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