340 Work Hard

    At Plumeria Island

    "This feels good..." Yera hushed as she looked at the beach from the veranda of one of the private rooms af Ryu's mansion. The scene of the waves of blue waters and the morning breeze that touched her skin seemed too good to be true. They've been locked up inside the mansion for too long after the accident and enjoying a gorgeous beach view like this one was really heartwarming.

    "Come on, let's go and take a walk on the beach," Xander suggested. Yera nodded in excitement. Yesterday they just stayed inside the mansion to rest because she was afraid that Xander would get too exhausted after the court verdict and then travel. She wanted to take every step cautiously

    The couple went out and walked hand in hand towards the beach. "Today father will go to attend the wedding at Lim's villa right?" Yera recalled because Rizie gave them the invitation but unfortunately, their schedule to travel at Plumeria Island was already finalized and moreover Zach has instructed that they should not travel back unless there was an emergency.

    "Yeah. See, that's what I'm saying. Rizie's mom accepted another love in her life. It is nice to have someone by your side as you grow old. So I  hope that dad would also accept aunt Liz and decide to move on. Aunt Liz has the opportunity while dad stays at their place, I believe she should take that time as an opportunity and make my dad fall for her or at least accept her love." Xander commented as he walked near the waters.

    "Don't push father too much. I'm sure he knows what's best for him so let's just support him in whatever he chooses in the end..." Yera pointed out and Xander no longer commented.

    "The sun is shining brightly," Xander sang as he watched his wife walk past him and play with the clear waters of the beach with her feet.

    "Do you want to swim darling?" Xander asked. Yera with a playful grin on her face, answered her husband by kicking and splashing some water towards him.

    "You..." Xander babbled with wide eyes because the water splashed on his clothes making him wet. That instant, he grabbed his wife's waist and pulled her to dip her in the water. They played just like kids splashing each other with seawater, rolled in the sand, dipping in water, shouting and screaming and in between all the fun would hug and kiss each other every now and then. They were having fun of their life, in each other's company.

    Yera dragged herself ashore laughing and panting and sat on the sand. She watched Xander approaching her and he sat on her back encircling her waist with his hands, hugging her tightly from behind. "No wonder my cousin Keira also bought a private island recently." Xander whispered in Yera's ear. His warm breath on her skin felt so warm.

    Keira's island was another option for them to stay, however the security level there was not as high as in Ryu's island not to mention the high tech facilities, so Zach decided and everyone agreed on using Plumeria Island as their hideout instead.

    "I should buy a private island too... What do you think?" another whisper from her husband but this time it was more sensual because Xander was now biting her earlobe, sending jolts of electricity throughout her body.

    Since that last time, when she had to silence Xander's thoughts, Yera did not allow Xander to have his way with her at all, afraid that his progress in recuperating perfectly would get affected.

    "Is it the cold or is it the magic of my touch..." Xander whispered when he felt the goosebumps on the skin of Yera. Yera chuckled and turned around to face him. With her arms encircling his neck she simply answered, "Secret."

    "I Promise I would be gentle." Xander reassured her because he wanted to dominate their love making this time instead of allowing his wife to perform on top of him like last time.

    Instead of answering her husband with words, Yera stood up and lent her hand to Xander to help him get up. Xander took her indication and caught her hand and got up to walk back to the mansion hand in hand.

    Yera was grinning as they headed back to their room. She said, "Today I will be lenient with you, my darling husband. You can have your way with me, all that you want but tomorrow you will have to rest the whole day..."

    "How about the other days? Darling I'm perfectly fit now. You worry too much. It's supposed to be our honeymoon," Xander complained.

    "Don't be grumpy okay. We'll see. I'll decide about that in the following days. Okay?" Yera teased. Xander no longer said a word but quickly pulled his wife inside the room.


    At Lim's Villa

    "I really envy you my sister," Senior Yang whispered to Mrs. Chan who was sitting beside him at the reception area of the wedding ceremony at Lim's villa. Mrs. Chan chuckled and added more salt by saying, "Yeah two grandchildren in one chance. Xander can't beat that I guess."

    Seeing the disheartened look on her brother's face, Mrs. Chan added, "But who knows? Be patient big bro. Aren't those two on their honeymoon these days? I'm sure good news will follow soon so don't fret. You know they say if you're desperate for something pray hard for it. Prayers can move mountains..."

    Senior Yang let out a long sigh as he looked at Keira and Zach each of them held one twin in their arms. Those babies were truly adorable and too cute. He wondered if his first grandchild would be a girl or a boy. Oh just the thought and the excitement was already killing him. He could not help but grab his phone to send a cheering message for his son who was on a trip with his wife.

    [Work hard son and bring home the bacon...]

    Xander who saw that text message from his father on the other hand scratched his head as he grinned. His mischievous cousin was probably teasing his father once more and making the old man jealous with her adorable twins.

    "Darling... I received a message from my father. He wants a grandchild when we go back. We need to do another round," Xander relayed while he waited on the bed because Yera had gone into the restroom.

    Yera finally came out of the restroom and said, "Tell him you've been working really hard, and that the only time I am able to take rest is when I take a break to pee..."

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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