341 Wedding Ceremony

    At Lim's Villa

    "Such a happy gathering," Dion could not help but say, seeing how everyone was celebrating together with Rizie's mom and her groom. Everyone greeted the newly wed, drank with them, took pictures and danced too.

    Dion and Rizie went back on their table after their picture was taken. Eyes both on Rizie's mother and her groom who looked so loving and very happy.

    "Yeah. There are no age restrictions in love, I'm sure your mom will have her happy ending too like my mom." Rizie teased with eyes directed at Senior Yang who was chatting with Keira and Zach at another table.

    Dion laughed. It was not in his character to meddle with his mother's personal life. He just supported his mother for whatever she wanted to do, like how his mother always supported him since his childhood.

    He liked uncle James too, but of course it would all depend on the two of them. Though, he never stopped reminding his mother not to expect anything from uncle James, because he was aware how uncle James loved his late wife.

    "I bet Auntie is anticipating uncle's arrival and preparing a good stay for him." Rizie added, still grinning. She was hopeful that aunt Liz could use this opportunity to her advantage.

    She rooted for the two. She knew uncle James had a very deep love for his late wife, but the fact that she was already dead remains. So she believed uncle Yang should try to open up himself for a new love, someone who he could be with, someone whom he could grow old together with.

    "Stop that and let the elders handle serious matters themselves. Focus on our wedding instead..." Dion murmured on Rizie's ear. He wanted to change the topic.

    "That tickles," Rizie giggled, feeling Dion's lips slightly kissed her ear. Everything had been arranged already and yet Dion kept on reminding her about it so she teased, "you're too excited about our wedding. I told you, stop worrying I got everything under control. All you need to do is wear your suite on that day okay?"

    Dion laughed and pulled Rizie into her embrace. "Hmm, tomorrow, there will be another wedding ceremony to witness... Of course I can't wait for our turn to tie the knot."

    "You two! Too many PDAs," they heard Josh's voice so Dion paused his words and suddenly straightened on his seat, letting Rizzie go.

    Rizie twitched her mouth and muttered, "Why can't you mind your own business?"

    "Wow! I should have thrown the same thing to you before." Josh scorned, recalling how Rizie would get sour whenever there were couples acting sweet in the villa like Lyra, him or Zach.

    Rizie sighed and countered, "Josh stop being sulky and start to change your approach on Cali instead..."

    Josh's forehead puckered as he whispered, "What does Cali have to do with asking you to watch you stuffing us with PDA?"

    "You like Cali right? I think she's getting closer to Dr Rui Dee. Well you haven't met Dr. Dee but he is a mature man, not so childish like you. He is the type that any woman will dream of to settle with and have a family. Unlike you, who likes bullying and joking around always. There are times when jokes are nice too,  but you must learn not to go beyond the line and be flexible so that the girl will take you seriously..." Rizie scolded but stopped seeing the downcast mood of her brother.

    "Sorry... It's just that I'm worried..." Rizie continued.

    Josh sighed and plainly answered, "Stop it already Rizie and just focus on your own life will you? You're getting married soon so focus on being a good wife instead."

    That instant Josh left. Rizie looked at Dion who patted her shoulder and said, "Let your brother be Riz. He's old enough to know what he is doing... That's his character and it won't be good if he changes how he is just for someone to like him. Let him find someone who will accept whoever he is. He's still young... Man don't expire Rizie. How many times do I have to remind you of that? He still has a lot of time in his hands..."

    Rizie pursed her lips as she realized how tactless she had been and how mean she was to her twin. But it was because she felt frustrated watching her twin fail several times in love.

    "Go and reconcile with your brother Riz. Do you want me to clean the barn  before we leave tonight?" Dion with a twisted face commented.

    Rizie laughed and asked, "Why are you following his orders when you can just ignore him."

    "Of course, I want to get his approval and besides I want to get close to your family. So please help me out and go now cheer your twin so he is easy on me later?" Dion pleaded. Josh was nice to him and would not let him do hard work whenever Rizie would not bother Josh. But whenever Rizie would piss off Josh, Dion always ended up inside the barn.

    Rizie rolled her eyes and mumbled, "Alright." Then she stood up and left Dion alone to catch her twin brother.

    Senior Yang saw Dion alone on his seat so he walked towards him. "Zach said the helicopters are ready. We will leave once it is dark... I called Xander and it looks like the couple are enjoying themselves on the island."

    "My sister will be surprised when she sees us in the morning." Dion commented. They were all going to attend another wedding ceremony tomorrow. His brother-in-law's surprise ceremony for his sister.

    He smiled recalling how his jealous brother-in-law could not let them have their wedding ceremony before his sister. So Xander prepared it as a surprise for Yera and it was going to be held at Plumeria Island with just a few guests, only the very close family and friends of Xander and Yera would be a witness to it tomorrow.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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