Yera's lips lifted up into a sweet smile, with eyes still closed. Then she chuckled recalling the night she and her playful husband shared together. She slowly opened her eyes. Sun rays were beaming inside their room. She pouted her lips seeingXander was no longer on the bed but instead there was a rectangle box behind her.

    Yera's eyes widened and she quickly sat up on the bed to check the note stuck on top of the box.

    [Nah... Don't open this yet! First, eat your breakfast on the bedside table and have a shower then open the box and get ready... I am waiting for you downstairs.]

    A line appeared between Yera's perfect brows thinking what her dear husband had been up to now. But then curiosity was killing her, so she immediately grabbed the tray of food and dug in. Afterwards, she took a quick shower and had her hair blown dried by a blower.

    "Are we going to have an early morning date?" she voiced out seeing the beautiful dress in white inside the box. Her heart started to beat fast as she realized that the dress looked more like a beach wedding dress than a casual one.

    But then she grinned thinking that she and Xander were the only ones present on the island at that moment, so a wedding was not possible. Maybe her naughty husband wanted to try something new? Yera, instead of thinking too much, started to wear the ivory soft tulle off-the-shoulder dress that fitted her perfectly,  partnered by a flat comfortable sandal that she could wear and walk comfortably on the sand.

    Yera smiled at her reflection on the mirror. She looked so fresh and natural with her hair down and a bit messy. She applied a light make-up and lipstick before walking out of their room.

    Her eyes rounded and she felt touched when she saw white petals on the floor as if serving as a pathway, guiding her where she should walk to.

    "Wow! What kind of lovely surprise is this?" she mumbled as her heart kept on drumming in her ribcage because of excitement and anticipation.

    She suddenly stopped in her tracks when she saw Arya, Denise and Rita sitting in the living room as if they were waiting for her.

    "What are you all doing here?"

    Arya smiled and got up on seeing her there and reached out to her with her open arms and hugged Yera. Then she took out a diamond necklace and put it on her neck.

    "Your husband wants you to wear this dear. You look so stunning in this dress." Arya said after taking a good look at her.

    Yera was confused and stared dumbfoundedly at her. "But... this... why...!!!"

    Before she could find words to speak, Denise came forward and opened another small jewellery box and put earrings on her both ears and said, "These will add glory to your already pretty face."

    Yera could just stare at them and fiddled with words in her mind...

    Before she could utter another sound from her mouth Rita reached upto her and put on a dazzling bracelet on her arm.

    Yera was completely lost in all that was happening, amazed at the exquisite pieces of jewellery they put on her one by one. Each piece of jewellery was made in diamonds, glistening and sparkling inside the room, making already pretty Yera look all the more beautiful.

    "Yes, and Xander said... diamonds are forever... like his love for you is FOREVER." Rita even cringed as she said the words. Yera's husband was too sweet.

    "Ants will start crawling here soon if we will keep standing here... so better follow the petals now and don't ask us what's going on." Denise said grinning so Yera proceeded to walk and followed the petals on the floor.

    "What's going on?" Yera still asked. Arya, Rita and Denise only gave her a smile and both said, "Follow the petals..."

    The petals lead outside and Yera saw Dion next. "What are you doing here?" she gasped. "Since when did you arrive?" She asked next but Dion only gave him a grin and said, "Hey, can't you notice the bouquet I have for you to hold and guess? These flowers are sword lilies also known as Gladioli sis."

    Dion handed her the bridal bouquet and added, "Bro wants you to hold this because he said these flowers symbolize strength and integrity, just like how strong you are..."

    Dion signaled her to wrap her arms on his as they walked. "I, your brother, will now bring you my dear sis, to you impatient husband who has been waiting since long for this moment." Dion said grinning.

    The rhythmic sounds of ocean waves filled Yera's ears as she walked on the path shown by the petals. The weather felt perfect, not too hot or cold. She then heard a sweet heart strumming music playing not so far, blending with the sounds of the ocean waves.

    Yera kept walking, with every step she took, it became more clear what was happening and just as she felt, she could see they were headed into a perfectly arranged beach wedding set up prepared by her husband as a surprise for her. She started to tear up when Dion left her halfway, where she was about to walk towards Xander who was waiting for her on the aisle. Her eyes never left his.

    Her husband looked so handsome in his simple white shirt and grey pants. His bright smile was too lovely. She laughed seeing her husband grab his father's handkerchief to wipe the tears that were starting to fall out from his eyes.

    Yera saw Rui, Rizie, Keira and Zach were there too. Only the closest friends and family were present around. She saw Gavin also who seemed to be broadcasting the wedding live.

    Yera was hugged by her father-in-law as soon as she reached the aisle. "My child... My daughter... I'm very grateful that you came into our family especially into my son's life. Thank you for staying with him and loving him so dearly. This is quite a delay but..."

    "Father please... This is more than enough for me. Just adding the name Yang in mine is more than enough for me. Being your daughter and Xander's wife is happiness overloaded for me father." Yera interrupted.

    Then Xander held Yera's hands and they both faced the wedding officiant who was about to begin with the ceremony.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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