343 Comes From My Hear

    The wedding ceremony went smoothly. But when the part of the couple to say their wedding vows arrived, Yera complained to Xander in a jest, "This is unfair... I'm not prepared."

    Their guests laughed including Xander because of how cute her darling wife was at the moment.

    "Just saying you will only love me and you will stay by my side forever will be enough darling," Xander suggested without caring whether their guests were hearing him.

    Another series of laughs were heard from their few guests and of course from the people who were watching on their television sets at that moment.

    Xander smiled and held Yera's hand to give her another wedding ring with a huge solitare surrounded by many small blue sapphires in her other hand. Xander looked into her eyes and said, "In struggle and success, in fight and make up, I will always be there to love and grow old with you. Knowing there are still trials along our way, rough roads along our journey... I will always be by your side and will always love you for the rest of my life..."

    Yera inhaled and exhaled loudly before putting the ring on Xander's finger. She gave her husband a sweet and loving smile before saying, "Your deep, bright and clear eyes gave me the courage to take the world head on. In your arms, I feel safe and secure. I love you Xander Yang. You are my home darling and I definitely want to stay in this home forever."

    "Ooww!!! That's so sweet!!" Rizie who was among the guests could not help but comment. Tears were rolling down her cheeks so Dion gave her his handkerchief.

    "Will you give me a sweeter vow than sis later?" Dion teased. Rizie giggled and playfully whispered, "How about a sweeter  and wilder action in our wedding night..."

    "Alright, I will count more on it. Nevermind the vow. I prefer sweeter and wilder action on our wedding night." Dion excitedly hummed.

    "You two... since when did you become so mean. Talking so vulgar in my face as if I'm not even sitting beside you guys!" Rui complained while Dion and Rizie both laughed.

    "You... you are both intentionally doing this to me!" Rui whined and added, "How come all the invited guests are couples here? It's only me who is single and am alone! I hate Xander and Yera. I should have not come at all!" Rui whimpered.

    Dion laughed and said, "Stop whining. You were the groom's bestman so you had to be present."

    Rizie teased more by saying, "Dr. Dee... How about catching sis' bridal bouquet later? You know the saying that you'll get married next once you catch it?"

    "Stop Riz, how can he get married when our friend here doesn't even have a bride... How about I ask one of the ghosts that I can see to be his bride or be his date today?"

    Rui's face crumpled as he scoffed, "How about I just ask Yera to hand me the bouquet since I'm the only single person in here? You can keep your ghost friends with you..."

    "Ah ah... Uncle Yang is still there to compete with you on the bouquet catching! So no!" Rizie burst.

    Dion almost died laughing because of that.

    Meanwhile, back with the couple at the aisle, Xander wanted to kiss and hug his wife at that moment but controlled himself because it was his turn to give his vow.

    Xander cleared his throat before saying in a jest, "I thought you're not prepared darling. How come your wedding vow sounds so good..."

    "Because it comes from my heart," Yera whispered but was heard by the guests too since the microphone was clipped in her dress.

    That instant, without even waiting for the wedding officiant's signal, Xander swept his wife in his arms and gave her a heartwarming and breathtaking loving kiss in front of everyone who graced them with a round of applause and whistling.

    Everyone gathered around to take a picture as they all congratulated the couple.

    Keira watched as Gavin led the coverage of the wedding live at Cooper's network. The guests' faces were blurred in the live telecast, except for the bride, the groom, Senior Yang and Dion, no one else could be recognised.

    Xander had requested for a live telecast because he wanted the whole world to formally know that Yera was his legally wedded wife.

    Keira had especially requested Gavin to handle the particular event. Everything was confidential and their transportation was secured by Zach. They chose only a few members in the crew to accompany Gavin, only those Keira knew could be trusted.

    "You surprise me darling. I never thought that this will be possible in our current situation," Yera whispered as they proceeded at the reception hall for celebration.

    "Your brother is going to get married soon. How could I let him do it first? I've been wanting to give you a grand wedding desperately but we have to be careful. You deserve a wedding ceremony darling if not only.." Xander was unable to continue because his wife already silenced her with a kiss.


    Meanwhile, people both at Yang Globals group and Life Hospitals group were too shocked as they watched the live telecast of the wedding between the Yangs and Hans.

    "It is an exquisite beach wedding right? Where do you think they held it? Dr. Yera looks so pretty in her dress. Too bad no one is invited from among us," Dr. Rio from Yang Globals commented with a sour face.

    Dr. Gong laughed hearing that and said, "Don't worry I heard assistant Ron has arranged something for us all to celebrate the wedding with them even if we are not present. I bet the same goes at Life Hospitals group too..."

    "Wow that's so considerate of our Dr. CEO... We should also understand that his life is in danger, maybe that's why everything happened so suddenly and seems to be secretly prepared. Didn't you watch the news? Everything that happened to our Dr. CEO was not a mere accident but a plot to kill him." Shaira commented and the others nodded in agreement.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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