344 His Blood

    At Yue Clan's Headquarters

    Yun clenched his jaw as he watched the scene playing on the screen before him. "Get me Dalgon now!" he shouted, his veins almost popping out on his neck.

    "How dare that bastard outwit me!" he was furious, cursing hard at the man, who was smiling ear to ear in front of him as he exchanged vows with the woman in front of him.

    He couldn't believe that Xander Yang had the nerve to trick them. He was sure his bitchy niece was laughing at him right now! He thought Xander went back inside the mansion but it turned out that they had been played!

    Dalgon arrived and stood in front of him. The remote of the TV flew on his face.

    "They are doing a live telecast of their wedding! How come none of you were able to find out about all this! Go now, search for him. Search every single place with a beach! Prioritize all the people close to that bastard... and the properties of all his closest friends and relatives!" Yun shouted, reverberating the living area with his anger.

    He was surrounded by a bunch of idiots. He didn't see this coming. Xander was out in the open, a good opportunity to kill him! The clock was ticking and again many hours had been wasted.

    Raine watched her uncle stomping in madness from the first floor.

    "Tsk... He's too old already. I wonder why he's still as healthy as a bull? Usually those who have bad anger management like that, often end up having a stroke. Or perhaps, it's my uncle's vitamins that in the contrary gives him more lives to live." Raine hated her family. She thought that why was it that theirs were the only clan as messed up and as complicated as this, where everyone wanted the other's life to end.

    "Weeds don't easily die Raine..." Tyron, who was also watching beside her, whispered.

    Rain chuckled and asked, "So are you saying that I too will live longer?"

    "Probably because bad people live longer." Tyron straightforwardly answered.

    Raine smirked at that. "We'll see then, how long I will last..."

    "Don't worry... No matter what happens, I'll always stay by your side." Tyron murmured.

    Raine flinched and quickly changed the topic by saying, "You see what's wrong with him Tyron? He only instructed his men to look for the bastard's side and not to dig in his wife's side more. I bet they will select a less suspicious place to hide. He should have instructed them to look into Yera's side more. Perhaps it's a sign of aging. His brain and tactics are becoming rusty as he gets older. Not that I'm complaining because I know it's an advantage for me."

    "I have already found out where they are. I'm just checking out all options to quietly penetrate the place." Tyron murmured.

    "Good. That's why I'm not kicking you out yet. You're quite useful to me Tyron. Always remember that if you become useless to me... You no longer have a purpose... I don't have to stress out what will happen to you right? I don't like to keep useless things and the same applies to people. I see people as mere things." Raine muttered before she turned her head to give him a flash of her cunning smile.

    Tyron hated those kinds of smiles from her. He let out a long deep sigh as he watched Raine leave.

    "Yes, I perfectly understand. I can no longer stay by your side if I become useless..." Tyron whispered as sadness swam in his eyes. So no matter what happens, he should stay useful at her at all times. He was well aware of it.

    Tyron turned around and looked at Yun whose wrath was falling like fire on all his men. He knew, sooner or later Yun would find out the place too because Dalgon had the capacity to do so, though he is not as smart and as quick as Tyron was.

    The couple was at Plumeria Island, Ryu Ken's island. It was a very well guarded place and it would not be easy to penetrate the security of that island. He had an idea to do it and make it possible, but it would be too dangerous and could be considered as pure suicide so he needed to think of a more safe way for Raine to enter the island.

    Yun would soon think of some ways for Xander to come out from where he was hiding if he became more desperate. If not only for Raine who often slapped the possible dire consequences on his face, he would have made a bold move already like hurting people close to Xander and Yera to make them come out wherever they were hiding.

    Raine went back inside her room. She sat on the couch and restlessly leaned back and rested her head on the headrest, staring unblinkingly at the ceiling.

    She was in deep thought, she cocked her neck and stared at Xander's photo on her board. Xander Yang was her enemy that she should eliminate, but she was stalling time to do so. She was indeed contemplating killing the man. Probably because she was envious of him. He had the freedom she could not afford to have. Xander was living in a world she wanted for herself to live, but couldn't afford to. He practically had everything that she wanted.

    She raised her arms and watched her hands above. Her hands were stained with blood. No matter how many times she washed it, the blood still remained in her eyes. The smell of blood had been haunting her since the day her mind grained. She wondered if she could ever escape the smell and sight of the blood.

    Frustration crept into her heart again. A few more seconds passed and she picked a knife and threw it. It landed exactly where she had aimed it and pierced straight on the photo.

    "Should I kill you?" she mumbled with a heavy sigh. If Xander would not be able to solve the puzzle in time...

    "Should I wait more?" Raine whispered as she threw another knife on the board. Her father would wake up soon and if by then Xander was still unable to get through in getting her uncle down... Then his blood would be hers to spill...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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