345 To Do More**

    [Warning: The chapter has mature content so you can skip it if you're not comfortable with detailed content! LOLS - It's Shan and Ron.]

    Ron and Shan watched the wedding telecast live on their television at home. Both wanted to physically witness the event but it was decided that it would be best that they stay in the Capital City.

    Shan heaved a sigh as she forked an apple perfectly cut by her husband for her as dessert. "Too bad we did not see this in person. I bet that island is too good to be true. My ma'am Yera is looking so stunning and so in love. Look at their smiles... so lovely." Shan dreamily exclaimed.

    Ron noted how his wife was so engrossed in watching the ceremony. Commenting on every single detail that she noticed about the wedding like Yera's wedding dress and the nice arrangement of flowers on the venue. Ron suddenly felt guilty for rushing Shan into marrying him without any ceremony, so he murmured, "I'm sorry."

    Shan was startled by that and swiveled at Ron who was sitting beside her on the couch. "Did you do something bad?" she asked, puzzled why would her husband all of a sudden apologize.

    Ron's eyes darted at her as he explained, "About our wedding ceremony. Ours will be very much delayed."

    "Better late than never. Hehehe. Look at how delayed our bosses wedding ceremony had been too. Anyway, it really doesn't matter even if we won't proceed with a ceremony. What matters is that we have already registered our marriage and we're together like this." Shan declared with a smile.

    Ron did not respond but in his mind it still mattered because he wanted to give Shan an extravagant wedding ceremony too, just that this time was not the appropriate time.

    Ron felt Shan's lips brushed onto his. "A penny for your thoughts?" Shan whispered as she made an inch distance between her face and Ron.

    "Hmm, I love you..." Ron whispered instead. He did not want to promise anything to Shan but would prefer to just surprise his wife with actions like what his Boss did to Madame Yera but of course not as grand as his Boss since the diamonds he gave to madame itself already cost a fortune.

    Ron's eyes blazed with desire seeing the slightly opened lips of his wife who was lovingly staring at him. Before he could drown himself in those lips, his wife already captured his lips, sucking on them hungrily like she was starved from it.

    Ron could feel the thunder striking his whole body as Shan continued to devour his lips and pushed him to make him lie down with his back on the sofa.

    Her kiss was making him feel drunk, with her tongue dwelling deep inside his mouth challenging him for a sword fight of their tongues.

    'Who wouldn't want to hurry in registering their marriage to get the certificate first, before doing a wedding ceremony, when you could often have this kind of love making for a lifetime with your partner, the woman you love?

    He groaned when he felt Shan's hand traveling inside his shirt pulling it up to undress him. Ron watched with dilated pupils while his wife undressed herself. He remembered at first  his wife was so shy, but now she was no longer as bashful as before so he teased her, "How come you're no longer batting an eye as you parade your nakedness before me?"

    Shan blushed and chuckled as she pulled Ron's boxer shorts. "Why should I when you have already seen and kissed every part of my body. You only said you have already memorized all my moles and even counted how many I have."

    Ron groaned as the electric sensation ran through every part of his body when Shan started to caress his manhood. It felt great, being grabbed and tugged by Shan's soft palms and hands.

    Shan bit her lips hearing her husband moan as she began to gently rub his already hard shaft. She was feeling aroused just by hearing her husband call out her name in his hoarse voice. He cried in ecstasy when she lowered her head and began to playfully lick its tip, trailing its length with her tongue.

    Ron unconsciously grabbed his wife's hair as he lost control and started to meet Shan's mouth's rhythm sucking in and out of his length.

    Shan abruptly stopped and sat on Ron's lap when she felt that Ron was near his climax. She had his shaft enter her already dripping cave and dug herself as deep as she could.

    Both of them moaned as Shan started her movements, riding her husband hard and as deep as she could. Ron watched Shan's breasts bounce and he raised his hands and cupped them in his palms, gently squeezing their roundness then pinching her round peaks once in a while.

    He controlled his release as much as he could so his wife could reach her climax first. Ron slightly bent forward to reach out for Shan's peaks with his mouth. He stuck out his tongue to lick each nipple alternately then sucked and fed on them upto his heart content, making them sore and looking more protruded.

    Shan was moaning hard as her speed accelerated in riding her husband back and forth, twirling and consuming his full length deeper in her cave. Ron's playful tongue nibbling on her nipples was making her go crazy and she cried out loud as her body jolted before him. She was still trembling while her juices watered Ron's still hard shaft that was now continuously thrusting in her.

    A few more deep and faster thrust, Ron reached his climax too, spilling all his seeds inside his wife.

    "I love you too..." Shan whispered at Ron's ear, still panting and shivering with her second orgasm. She hugged Ron as tight as she could and whispered, "Don't think too much about holding the wedding  ceremony for me. You should know by now that I'm just a simple person who wants a simple life and a loving complete big family of my own. Let's focus more in building up and making our own family."

    Ron kissed Shan and nodded. "We have to do more love making to achieve that goal of having a big family," Ron whispered and Shan felt her husband's length was growing bigger once more..."

    Shan chuckled and began to kiss him instead.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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