346 Who Do You Love More

    At Plumeria Island

    At the function room with the caribbean theme decorations, the celebration continued. This was no longer televised live but was still recorded by Gavin's team for a special telecast later.

    Everyone enjoyed the scrumptious meals. The room was filled with freshly cooked seafood and various other dishes cooked by Ken's exclusive chefs in the island resort that truly satisfied the tastes of the guests.

    Yera, who was not a foodie, ate a lot too. While the guests were having a dessert, Rui  hosted the program with games and activities prepared by Rizie and Dion for the guests, including the bride and groom to enjoy.

    One of the favorite games during the weddings was the shoe game for the couple where Yera and Xander seated back to back in front of their guests. Each of them had one of their shoes and one of their partners and one would hold up one of the shoes to answer the questions to be given by Rui.

    Rizie was curious to find out more about the love story between Xander and Yera so she  wrote a lot of questions for the couple.

    Rui shook his head as his eyes focused on the paper he was holding. "This questionnaire must have been prepared by a gossip monger seeing there's a lot written in it. Rizie, I heard this game should be at approximately fifteen minutes only but seeing you have a lot of questions in here I'm afraid it would take us an hou..."

    "Shut up Rui and start asking the questions..." Xander complained.

    "See how impatient the groom is to get out from his guests and be alone with his wife," Rui mumbled with a twisted face that made the guests laugh.

    "Alright, I will now begin... Raise the shoe of your answer." Rui reminded the couple.

    "First question is who said I love you first?"

    Xander and Yera both raised Xander's shoe.

    "Okay next question. Who made the first move?"

    Both raised Xander's shoes.

    Rui chuckled as he commented, "This question is too easy because we all know Xander stalked Yera for days." Another laugh from the crowd seeing Xander had a gesture of throwing his shoe at Rui.

    "For those of you who are watching this right now. Let's all not judge our groom with his actions but understand our groom because he had just recovered from a brain surgery..." Rui laughed but quickly countered his words that he was only joking and he and the groom were always like that with each other.

    "We show love to the other like this only," Rui added with a wink.

    Rui's forehead creased seeing the next question as he said, "Rizie for real? You really wanna know who has better handwriting? You know they are both doctors so both their writings sucks for sure!"

    Yera laughed at that because it was true. Her and Xander's handwriting were both very ugly.

    "Oh I like this question. Who is the better dancer?" Rui asked next.

    Yera and Xander both raised his shoe..

    Rui laughed and approached Yera to ask, "Tell us Yera... How is Xander a better dancer? I'm really curious to find out what kind of dance he does and what type of music he's good at because I never saw him dance since we are young."

    Yera blushed and timidly answered, "Strip dance."

    The crowd laughed so hard hearing that. Rui's eyes rounded so he subconsciously muttered, "Can we have a sample of that dance?"

    Xander laughed out hard and proudly announced, "Sorry to disappoint you guys but those kinds of dance are for the eyes of my wife only. Next question please."

    "Who dresses better?" Rui simply asked. Both agreed it was Xander.

    "You look so proud Dr. CEO by raising your arm with your shoe so high," Rui scoffed.

    "Who initiated the first kiss? I'm not surprised seeing it was Xander. Rizie how come you don't add hard questions here like who has poor hygiene? Who is the best CEO? Who snores at night? Who farts often?"

    "Rui just get on with what's listed there, time is clicking." Xander complained.

    Rui twitched his mouth and replied, "This impatient groom! Alright who says I love you more?"

    Yera and Xander raised his shoe.

    "Hmm, I personally was not surprised with it. Xander loves being vocal guys so much so that he even says 'I love you' to me whenever he's in a good mood. And trust me guys, he's always in a good mood." Rui nonchalantly commented. Xander threw his other shoe at Rui who dodged it quickly. Yera and the guests laughed at the two friends bantering.

    "Whose phone battery always has more charge?"

    Both raised for Xander that made Rui laugh.

    "That's what a henpecked husband would do. Don't you all agree with me, all the husbands out there? I'm sure you will die in the hands of your wives once you say you have a low battery in the phone especially when the wife's call can't get through." Rui remarked and most of the husbands among the guests hooted in agreement.

    "We are proud to be a henpecked husband!" Dean Ken even shouted that made everyone laugh out hard while his wife reddened and gave a timid smile.

    "Who is more likely to be running late?" Rui asked next.

    "Oh no raising of hands because both of them are punctual I must say." Rui commented as he proceeded to the next question.

    "Who is the better cook?"

    Yera blushed and raised Xander's shoes.

    "Wow... Our dear Xander is a perfect house husband." Rui jested.

    "Oh I like this one. Who got the best grades in school?"

    Both raised Yera's shoes.

    "Well that one is expected," Rui snorted.

    "What do you mean by that? I have good grades too, you know just that I don't take school that seri..." Xander explained and Rui interrupted, "Yeah yeah... we all know that you rarely became serious your whole life."

    Most of the people who knew Xander laughed at that because it was true. Dr. CEO Yang was always bubbly and an easy going person.

    "Who do you love more than anyone in the world?" Rui asked last and the couple both raised the shoe of one another, Yera raised her husband's shoe and Xander raised his wife's shoe.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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