347 Family Of Troubles

    After the celebration, most of Xander and Yera's guests got ready to leave.

    Senior Yang hugged the couple and whispered to his son, "I will expect good results from your honeymoon here." Xander grinned because his father was back to being his alarm clock, he might as well not disappoint him.

    "I should expect good results to add to your stay in country V. Have a safe trip dad and remember to also enjoy your stay there." Xander countered, enjoying the embarrassment of his father.

    Yera elbowed him and scolded, "Stop teasing father." Yera waved as soon as Senior Yang left to head in the car and bring him to the private airport. He would travel directly to country V.

    The Kens were about to leave too. Yera looked at the adorable couples and thanked them for all their support and help.

    "We are so glad that you have found your happiness dear. Please do not hesitate if you need help Yera. We heard Xander's life is in danger so Ryu made sure that this place is secured well. If you tell us everything we can arrange more help in finding out who is behind all this." Old Master Ken stated.

    Yera shook her head and said, "Keeping us safe here is more than enough. We will take care of the rest grandpa."

    Yera then looked at Stephen and smiled. He had a great life now with his wife and everything went well for him. She was not used to calling him with his new name though because it was too long. The Kens decided to change his name and give him an entirely new identity to make him start anew.

    Yera could not simply bother them anymore and put anyone of them in danger by involving them in the Mirage. The family deserved the peace they had now and getting involved in Xander's case would destroy that peace, because as high and mighty as their all connections were, Mirage was not a simple matter to get involved with at all.

    She strongly believed that they could handle everything with the help of the military alone. Yera waved goodbye as the Kens left.

    "You did great." Xander whispered in her ear and hugged her from behind. He too would not want to involve any more innocent people in this matter. It just so happened that Zach had a connection because the military was already investigating the terrorist attacks that were connected to the triad that was eventually linked to him.

    "Let's go darling, Gavin is waiting..." her husband murmured and Yera nodded.

    Xander and her have planned an exclusive interview with Gavin in which everything about the repeated attacks on Xander would be disclosed. The motive of the attackers and the reason why Xander was their target, along with the evidence they had will all be shown in it. Cooper network would release the said interview only if the situation became worse, as exposing the Yue clan would put them in trouble according to their own laws.

    While Gavin meticulously prepared appropriate questions for the expose, and when Yera and Xander sat down they very swiftly were able to present the evidence they had confirming everything was not an accident... Mirage and the three Clans were mentioned in that interview with little bit details of their whereabouts too and the letter from Xander's mom was shown.

    Keira would keep the copy of the said interview as well as Dion, Rui and Yera herself.

    "Can I also have a copy," Gavin asked once the interview was over and his request startled the group present.

    "And why?" Keira chanted.

    Gavin smiled and said, "You know I'm about to write my next novel and I got inspired with your cousin's story. Besides, it's better that at least someone except the family members or close friends must also keep a copy, just in case..."

    "In that case then you can keep a copy but it might put your life in danger if the Yue Clan or Mirage triad finds out that there's a video that could jeopardize the triad. You see they are very strict about maintaining their privacy..." Xander commented.

    Gavin laughed and said, "How would they know? We are the only ones who know about this. I will surely seal my lips because I still want to live long..."

    "Alright then you can have a copy." Xander agreed.

    Keira heaved a long sigh and snorted, "Hopefully we won't need to release this video. I just hope this ends soon so you two can be at peace... I thought I'm the only one unlucky, attracting trouble every time turns out it is destined to run in our blood huh?"

    Xander grinned and said, "Well mine is not intentional. I didn't ask to be born with their blood you know. While you... You're always in trouble because you often ask for trouble."

    Keira's face twitched when her husband seemed to be agreeing with her cousin in his expression.

    "Okay family of troubles... Let's wrap up now because I'm sure our newlyweds now want to have some time alone and rest by now guys," Rui interrupted because he already had so much bantering already while being the host of the party.

    "That's a good idea my friend. Thank you all for everything. Me and Yera are really happy today and are very grateful for everything. You can now all shoo away and go back to your own endeavors... Enjoy the remainder of your stay said Ryu since it's his place not mine... Haha. Me and my wife will leave now..." Xander shamelessly said and pulled his wife that instant from the function room.

    "Look at those two... Especially my cousin. They don't look worried at all," Keira commented with a sigh.

    "Were you worried at that time Keira when you jumped into troubles for the sake of Zach?" Rui denoted with a smile.

    "Geez, you... Stop being a psychiatrist..." Keira grumbled and Rui laughed.

    "That's the irony of being with the person you love. Danger seems nothing as long as you're together." Rui stated.

    "Wow, hearing that from a single person who has never been in a relationship is just wowww." Keira teased that made Rizie and Dion laugh.

    Rui's face crumpled... How come that day turned out to be such a cruel day for him because everyone had been bullying him for being a single.

    "Being single is life!" he exclaimed before walking out of the room and leaving everyone that was still inside laughing.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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