348 Sturdy Enough*

    As soon as they were back inside their room. Yera locked her husband in a very tight embrace.

    Tears started to shimmer in her eyes as she whispered, "Thank you."

    Xander absorbed his wife's mesmerising scent and warmth. This lingering feeling was more than enough. They stood there hugging and saying the words 'I love you' to each other over and over.

    No one was willing to get defeated because they both wanted themselves to be the last to say those words to one another.

    "Darling, let's now move forward to our bed?" Xander, who was laughing, suddenly lifted Yera in his arms and walked slowly towards the bed, carrying her close to his chest.

    Xander put Yera tenderly on the bed, staring at her glowing face and sighed as he laid on Yera's side, with his elbow on the bed supporting his head up sideways for a better view of his wife.

    "You look so stunning. Diamonds make you look more beautiful..." Xander whispered as he gently touched the diamond necklace on Yera's neck. Yera turned to face him and murmured, "I love you."

    Xander chuckled and said, "Alright, you win..." Because Yera would answer again if he responded with 'I love you' to her again, and they would end up exchanging "I love you" the whole day.

    Yera had a wicked smile on her face and she quickly rolled over on top of him. "I want to please my husband for giving me such a wonderful and unexpected wedding ceremony. I'm a bad wife for being such empty handed." Yera murmured with pouty lips. She had prepared nothing for her husband while her husband showered her with everything she could ever imagine.

    "Don't you dare call my wife bad! She is the best woman I have ever met. Yera, darling, just having you by my side is more than enough for me. In fact I feel that I have been redundant lately so don't make me repeat myself over and over again. But if you really want to please me... I won't stop you at all and by all means please do what you wish to do." Xander teased with a wink.

    Yera shook her head but did not complain instead she began to shower her dear husband with sweet kisses all over his face. She slowly unbuttoned his shirt and kissed and caressed every part of his exposed body with her hand followed by her lips. But Xander stopped her and sat on the bed when her hands reached on his belt.

    "Darling, I really don't want to lose control and have a release if it's not inside of you. I don't want to waste my seeds. I really want it to be fruitful so I will strongly object on this..." Xander said in a serious note without blinking.

    Yera controlled her laughter but found it hard to do so she burst out laughing and mumbled, "Why are you spoiling it? Okay, Don't worry... I will immediately take you in if I feel like you're almo..."

    Xander's face crumpled and said, "You see I'm having a hard time controlling it today." He was referring to his own expulsion because unlike every other time he was having problems controlling himself and he felt if his wife gave him oral he would release earlier than he thought.

    Yera, who was sitting on his lap, cupped his face and said, "Alright... I will not kiss you there... Just hold."

    Xander watched his wife undress him. Then Yera went out of the bed and stood in front of him. She grabbed her mobile phone and played some music.

    "What are you doing?" Xander hummed in anticipation hearing a sexy tune playing on her mobile phone.

    "Wait there... I've been practicing this for a while now because my husband does a good striptease and always entertains me so well, while I had never given you a show..." Yera mumbled as she grabbed a chair and kept it in the centre of the open space near the bed.

    She had watched the steps online and tried to memorize them so she could use it someday. She pulled Xander from the bed and made him sit on the chair.

    Xander was amused looking at her serious face. He was the one naked so it felt awkward for him.

    Yera started by giving him a sensual smile as she began to walk slowly around him while brushing his head and shoulders with her fingers. She stopped in front of him and turned her back towards him and then slowly moved her hips in a circle, slowly, sexily and playfully pulling up the hem of her dress as if going to take it off, but then she just hooked a part of the side linen in her panty showing her sexy right leg to Xander.

    Xander gulped. She slowly moved towards Xander once more and grabbed the armrest of the chair to slide herself up and down in front of him touching his body lightly, making electricity run through him. Then she ran her  hand from his head all the way down his thigh, increasing contact.

    Seeing her husband's member growing hard as it could, made Yera triumphantly smile. She now pulled and removed her gown from her body before sitting on Xander's lap, brushing her breasts up against him. She still wore a pair of her underwear and the diamonds on her neck and wrist added up to make her more alluring.

    Yera stood up when Xander was about to grab and kiss her. She winked and with one leg on the ground, she raised her other leg and gently brushed Xander's member. Then she moved sexily with music and bent forward in front of him.

    She swayed her body while removing the remaining clothing on her and then stood straight.

    Xander's was almost losing his breath at that point. He was dripping wet while watching his wife biting her lip and touching herself up before lowering herself until she's nearly sitting on his lap. She was grinding away on his lap and almost lost her balance and fell down, if not for his quick reflexes that made his arms encircle her waist.

    "Enough darling... I told you I don't want pre-ejaculation but with what you are doing I'm almost near to my release," Xander whispered in his hoarse voice. Yera smiled and sucked his lips hard like she was having her lollipop while she kept grinding herself on her husband.

    She could feel him damp so she lifted her buttocks up to give him what he was begging for. Letting him bury his member and thrust it inside of her as deep as he could.

    Xander was groaning hard as his wife started to move on his lap. He only hoped that the chair he was sitting on was sturdy enough to cater to their wild movements.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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