349 Denial Mode

    Senior Yang tried to rest while on flight heading to country V. His thoughts drifted to the wedding ceremony of his children and a satisfied smile crept up on his face. He too had good fun with everyone during the wedding and was now a little tired.

    This trip was going to be decisive in their fight with the evils of the Yue clan. A lot was running on his mind and thinking about his handsome son and beautiful daughter-in-law he slowly drifted to sleep.

    After hours, Senior Yang was awakened by a loud energetic voice inside the airplane.

    "Where is he?" he heard the familiar voice as he opened his eyes. The first thing he saw, no not a thing but a woman, was Liz and her sparkling beautiful eyes and her ear to ear smile, flashing her perfect white line of teeth.

    Senior Yang shook his head to snap himself out by just giving a lot of adjectives to describe Liz. "Good morning I should say... Seems like you were really tired and didn't enjoy your trip well, you did not even feel your plane just landed. Anyhow, I'm here to pick you up so let's go."

    Senior Yang stood up from his chair while Liz instructed the flight attendant to give all his luggage to her men waiting outside.

    "You don't need to bother yourself and pick me up yourself," Senior Yang sniffled.

    "But, I wanted to be bothered... Besides, your son will kill me if something bad should happen to you while you stay under my protection." Liz mumbled. They went down the private plane and Senior Yang's mouth twisted seeing armored men outside.

    "Isn't this a bit too much?" Senior Yang commented and Liz laughed as she defended, "Not really... It's better safe than never James. Relax okay and just enjoy your stay while we wait for a response from her." Liz simply answered.

    It was already past midnight so it was dark as they travelled towards Chen's mansion. Senior Yang felt bad that he couldn't see the scenery as they travelled from the airport. It was his first time being in country V and he had heard that the landscaping along the way and trees were breathtaking and worth a stop over.

    Liz grinned and said, "Don't worry I will tour you around soon but first have a proper rest."

    Senior Yang smiled and said, "Thanks Liz."

    After an hour of travel, they reached the Chen's Mansion. As soon as they were inside, Liz and James were both startled seeing Old Master Chen sitting on the sofa waiting in the living room.

    "Dad, what are you doing here so late at night?" Liz exclaimed.

    Old Master Chen grinned and murmured, "I heard your special visitor would arrive around this hour so I had butler Sam set the alarm for me to wake up. Ohh he's handsome I must say..."

    Liz's eyes widened hearing the blunt comment from her father. She immediately looked timidly at James who too had turned crimson red as he awkwardly responded, "Thank you sir for your kind gesture."

    Old Master Chen laughed out hard and said, "Try calling me father from now on because I can feel that you will become my son-in-law soon..."

    "Dad!" Liz burst out.

    "Sorry James, butler Sam will assist you to your room. I'll just bring dad to his room first..." Liz apologetically said and quickly pulled her father to his room.

    "Dad... You're scaring James! Stop that. If I fail it will be all your fault!" Liz cried.

    Old Master Chen laughed, seeing his daughter in panic. "I guess you really like the man Liz. seeing you react that way, getting affected by his discomfort tells a lot dear. Before whenever I teased you in front of other men you just laughed off and never pulled me out like this."

    "Yes dad! I like him very much, so please be a little cooperative and help me instead of scaring him away dad," Liz almost begged Old Master Chen who lightly shook his head as she helped him settle on his bed.

    Liz kissed her father's forehead and whispered, "Sleep now dad. He will stay here for a few days so there's a lot of time to meet, talk and get to know more about James. Gosh, why are you too excited. I will leave you now and turn off the lights."

    "Liz..." Old Master Chen called as Liz was about to turn off the lights.

    Liz turned around and smiled, "Yes dad?"

    "I love you and I want you to have someone beside you when I'm gone so please hurry up..." Old Master Chen jested.

    Liz's face crumpled including her lips. She put her hands on her waist and complained, "If you speak nonsense words like that again... I will never talk to you ever again dad!"

    "Okay I understand, you can leave now because I'm sleepy already..." Old Master Chen winked at his daughter who turned off the lights and left.

    He closed his eyes and heaved a long deep sigh. He was getting old. He was not afraid to die but the thought of leaving his daughter alone scared him the most. She was alone for all her life with only her son to live for. Well, he knew Dion would surely take good care of his mother yet Old Master Chen knew how busy his grandson was, not to mention the time constraints when he finally settled down.

    "Liz, I hope you do well and make the man fall for you," he mumbled before dozing off to sleep.

    Meanwhile, Senior Yang was assisted by butler Sam into his room. He already messaged his son about his safe arrival to his destination. He would call the couple the next morning since it was not an appropriate time to call them, as it was already three in the morning.

    He heard knocks on his door, so he stood up and opened the door to find Liz standing there with her evergreen smile on her face.

    "Are you good? Is there anything else that you need?" Liz asked as soon as he opened the door.

    "You also go and take rest now Liz. Everything is fine here and thank you." Senior Yang said with a smile.

    Liz stood there as if she had more to say so Senior Yang said, "It's okay Liz. Don't think too much about what happened downstairs. It's nothing. You know how elders like to tease their kids, so I understand purely.."

    "Alright James. Go rest now. I'm sure you're tired and have a good rest." Liz said and was about to leave but turned back and added, "James, honestly, my father meant every word so he was not just teasing... Good night..."

    James was taken aback by that, wondering if Liz was just joking. To be true he could feel that something was going on. He was not born just yesterday to not notice it all but he was still in denial mode.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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