350 Twisted Rules

    At Country V

    At Chen's Mansion

    Senior Yang woke up early and prepared himself to have a walk outside the mansion. He usually jogged or walked at that hour in his mansion while savoring the fresh air and watching the sun rise.

    He went out and walked in the hallway. He was startled when a door opened and Liz came out.

    "Sorry did I scare you." Liz mumbled with a grin seeing that Senior Yang had an expression like he almost had an attack.

    "Follow me. I'll jog along with you too." Liz energetically said. Senior Yang did follow her and the two walked outside.

    "Lucas will meet Ester today. He will call as soon as the visit goes well." Liz said while they finished one round jogging circling the huge track in the garden and sat on the bench panting as she looked at the sun rising.

    "Is that safe? Aren't they at war?" Senior Yang asked. He was worried.

    "Of course... They are not allowed to hurt each other openly especially in one's territory. That's so against the rules. Those clans all have two faces. You see them smiling at each other even though they are entangled in internal fights..."

    They paused for a while thinking about what to speak.

    "Isn't it a great view?" Liz commented while she looked at the sun rising.

    "Yes it is." Senior Yang turned his head in the direction Liz was looking at and agreed, while he prayed that Lucas' meeting would be a success. He himself had never met Lucas yet but he was briefed that he was the current King of Quan Clan.

    "Whenever you see the sun rise. What do you usually think of or say in your mind?" Liz asked out of curiosity.

    Senior Yang chuckled and answered, "Another morning is here and..."

    Senior Yang paused because he was about to jokingly say, "and another day without 'you'."

    He referred to his late wife about the word 'you'. For some reason he became sensitive not to say it infront of Liz.

    "Why did you cut it?" Liz complained with a smile.

    "Hmm I forgot what I was about to say next. How about you Liz?" Senior Yang asked instead. He wanted to know what Liz was thinking at that moment while she watched the sun rise.

    "Another morning and another loveless life?" Liz jested and followed it with a loud laugh.

    "Seriously?" Senior Yang mumbled and Liz nodded.

    "So how about helping me out from this thoughtform so I won't be loveless?" Liz candidly stated that made Senior Yang gulp.

    "Liz... I ... I really don't know what to say..." he muttered.

    Liz grinned and said, "You don't need to say a thing James. You also don't need to answer me. I just want you to know how I feel just in case you have a low EQ because of being alone for so long."

    She was glad that James was not apologizing to her and she took it as a positive sign. He did not say sorry so there was a possibility that the latter was considering her feelings.


    At Yue Clan's Territory

    "It's been a while Lucas. Oh your son, time flies by so fast. I'm rooting for your son and trust me I will support him this coming election," the old woman smiled while she poured tea for the two gentlemen before her.

    "Thank you Ester. To be honest we came here to talk about something else and not about the upcoming election." Lucas pointed out.

    "Kanya's husband would like to meet and talk to you," Lucas continued.

    Ester's hand trembled so she immediately put down her cup. Her eyes suddenly became glossy hearing the name.

    "Lucas, what are you doing? Do you want to see me dead" Ester whispered.

    "Ester, I will make sure the meeting is confidential. No one from your clan will find out. He just wants to find out the truth about Kanya. They need help Ester. His son is in danger. His son is the only one living with real Yue blood. The real successor Ester. You once said to me that if given a chance you will correct everything and do something. This is now the time Ester to do what is right. He is your brother's grandson... Your blood... It's time to revise the rules, those twisted rules... While the King is still not awake Ester... " Lucas convinced. He was aware that Ester had been suffering for years already for being a prisoner in her clan, not in the literal sense but in emotional and mental sense.

    "Where is he?" Ester whispered, hesitation still evident in her eyes. She already lost her son too for these rules and her own grandson is also missing. She did not even know if her grandson was still alive because she didn't bother to look for him, afraid that he would have the same fate like his father when he was found, so she faked her grandson's death.

    Ester couldn't help but cry as the pain pierced her heart into pieces. Lucas was right. She had got nothing more to lose but to fight back. She was old already and before she died she should at least try to correct what was wrong for their clan's sake.

    "I will meet him Lucas. Set up everything according to what you think is best. I know that Yue has been bullying your clan for sometime now and they are trying to frame your clan for their wrongdoings. I will do what I can to get some evidence while I'm inside..." Ester added.

    Lucas was startled by that and said, "No Ester, that's too dangerous. We can handle everything on our own. I'm only asking you to help Kanya's kin before it's too late. Please don't get involved in our fights with your clan. Freeing yourself from the past would be enough. Help Kanya's son survive this time. A lot of innocent blood has been shed already. Let this man live Ester."

    "Thank you Lucas, I will do everything in my power to help them out." Ester answered with conviction.

    Ester watched the father and son leave. There was a silent war going on between her clan and the Quan clan but the two clans remained casual to each other as if nothing was going on. So casual visits like this was nothing, especially now that the election was nearing.

    She hoped that Lucas' son would win this fight because this way they could finally achieve great change and real peace.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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