351 Face To Face

    "Did father call after reaching there?" Yera asked while she and Xander were having a hearty meal with an ocean view. The sight was extremely relaxing and so serene that one could never get tired of looking at it. That day the ocean was particularly calm and serene.

    "He texted me as soon as she arrived at Chen's place last night. No calls yet," Xander answered and filled a spoon of rice to feed Yera. Both woke up late that morning, so they were practically having brunch at noon.

    "Regan gave me a list of places we can tour on this island. He said we can just call him when we are ready. He had given a lot of places to visit and see. There are actually a lot of activities we can do while we stay here." Xander relayed.

    Then his lips curled in a sexy grin as he teased, "You have to decide where you want us to go first and what we do first. Because if you will let me choose... then well, you do know that I only have one place in mind that I would prefer us to stay the whole day and night as long as we stay here..."

    Yera pressed her lips and muttered, "I will better decide okay! You're so hyper! Let's do a few relaxing activities first. We must make sure that you don't overexert yourself. For now let's stay here and enjoy the ocean a little more... Stargazing in the evening... Then sleep... I forbid you for getting intimate with me tonight..."

    Yera emphasized her last sentence with a heavy diction.

    Xander pouted his lips and did not react.

    Then his mobile phone rang and seeing the caller ID, Yera was the one who excitedly answered it.

    "Father how's your trip?"

    Senior Yang chuckled and said, "Good daughter. Everyone here is also nice."

    "Put it on speaker phone," Xander interrupted so Yera did.


    "Yes son?" Senior Yang asked at another line.

    "How is Aunt Liz? Are you not with her?" Xander asked.

    "No son, I'm back in my room. We just finished lunch."

    "Oh kay give my regards to Aunt Liz and her father. Make sure to enjoy your stay there. Go out and tour around there. I heard from Dion that there's a lot of places to see and enjoy."

    "Son... You've said that so many times. Yes, I will be okay... I don't have a short memory yet for you to keep me reminded." Senior Yang complained that made Xander laugh.

    "Alright dad. How about the other things? You're a free man, remember that so don't you dare hesitate to open your heart.."

    "Son, the line is garble. I will call you back soon. Bye!"

    The call ended and Yera shook her head. "See you shooed father away. Geeez, you're such a meddler son..." Yera remarked.

    "What? I have to remind him over and over so he won't forget that he's actually a free man and still alive. I know my father well darling... He tends to hesitate and let all opportunities pass by after my mom's death, he lived only for me. I really wish him to live for himself now..." Xander specified.

    When the sun was about to set, Yera pulled Xander towards the beach because of the lovely weather. She was in her bikini with a top while Xander wore his trunks.

    Yera brought a float and her sunglasses so she could rest her back cozily under the setting sun that was not too hot.

    "Don't they have a bigger one so both of us could fit?" Xander complained.

    Yera chuckled and said, "Just stay in the water and watch for me while I rest."

    "How about I pull you there?"

    Xander pointed out at one of the water villas that Regan said they had prepared already for them to use anytime they wanted. Ryu had three water villas. One is for their private use and the other two were for close family and friends who were fortunate enough to get invited to his private island.

    The luxury, tranquility and privacy of the island were something they acknowledged. The whole area was protected by a security fence and whoever got in touch with it would be electrocuted and remain unconscious for a minimum of eight hours according to Regan.

    The only place without the fence was the beachfront of the mansion that was well guarded twenty four seven by a huge number of armed men. Regan told no one was allowed to enter the premises without prior permission and trespassers if any, to be caught would end up in jail.

    "I really want a private island like this darling. This is good for our family. I will instruct Ron to look for one as soon as everything settles down." Xander commented. He was truly inspired with Ryu's Plumeria Island.

    "Dad called earlier and said there's positive feedback on Lucas' meeting with Ester Chang. So right now, dad will be waiting for the date, time and place of meeting with her." Xander whispered as he gently pushed Yera's float farther where the water level reached his chest.

    Yera laid on the float with her back on the sun. She removed her shades and looked at Xander with a smile. "That's good. We need to keep on praying for positive outcomes." she uttered and extended her hand to gently caress Xander's cheek.

    "Do you think we can see a lot of stars tonight?" Xander changed the topic. "We can only hope to see more later. Why?" Yera asked and moved to look at the sky but she got disbalanced and fell in her husband's embrace in the water instead.

    Xander caught her tightly and kissed her on her lips. His body was getting hot and he said, "I've never done it on a beach..."

    Yera was startled and she blushed hard when she heard her husband hummed his thoughts in her ear.

    Yera's eyes rounded at her husband and burst, "Don't tell me you have plans on polluting the clear beach!"

    Xander laughed and defended, "Why are you so mean. It's not pollution, you even swallowed it before and you're fine. It's environmentally friendly."

    Yera reddened hard because of embarrassment. She herself wondered if her husband's hyperactive sexuality was still normal or not. Xander seemed to read his wife's expression.

    "I just missed you so much and it's because of dad... Dad has started to harass me again for a grandchild, cheering me and reminding me everyday to make sure I'll be fruitful this time while we are staying here." Xander explained because it was true, though the main reason was that he was planning to leave soon.

    He wanted to leave Yera behind, in the island where she could be safe.

    The Yue Clan's only target was him so Xander was planning to go back to the City and fight them face to face alone while Yera would wait for his safe return till he came back to pick her up.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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