352 More Attractive

    At Keira and Zach''s Residence.

    Chad, also known as John, directly met Dion at Keira's place as soon as he arrived at country D. He had some business dealings too but he prioritized seeing Dion and visiting Keira.

    "It's been a while!" Keira burst out and hugged John so tight. Rizie and Dion were already at Keira's place waiting for his arrival.

    Dion shook hands with Chad while Rizie was about to hug Chad too but Dion held her wrist and stopped her from running to hug him. Rizie caught his jealous expressions so she murmured, "My boyfriend is a bit too possessive, so let's just shake hands."

    Keira laughed hearing that. Dion's face twisted and mumbled, "Fiance Riz not boyfriend. I'm your fiance." Dion was giving a heavy tone on the word 'fiance'.

    Chad chuckled and said to Rizie, "Who would have thought you would be getting married so soon. Earlier I just had often seen you bantering with your siblings and bullying them whenever you could."

    "But in a cute way right? Gosh, you look more handsome and with the way you dress now... Future Mr. President... Wow!" Rizie could not help but comment. Chad looked so manly.

    "Well, it's his destiny to be a leader." Keira added and let him sit while she asked her helpers to serve them snacks and juice.

    Then Keira continued,  "I am sure you will win the election Mr. President. I heard that you're doing good in the poll ranking. By the way, Mara was here last week. She would be happy if she found out you're here. You should see herrr..."

    "Please no..." Chad quickly discouraged. Keira sighed and nodded in understanding but she felt frustrated. Chad gave her a reassuring smile before changing the topic to why he wanted to see Dion as well.

    "The meeting went well and we'll schedule Senior Yang and Ester's meeting very soon just that we need to make a precise and solid plan to avoid any suspicions. By the way, we need a good alibi just in case... So Senior Yang's sudden stay at Chen's territory won't cause any idea or suspicion in Yue Clan's side." Chad stated.

    They had already asked Senior Yang the same but both him and Liz could not come up with any idea at all. They couldn't link it with business matters because Liz' and Senior yang were in different kinds of businesses to talk about business.

    Rizie's face crumpled as she said, "That's too easy. How come all of you are having a hard time thinking about this? Geez... Don't tell me I'm the only one who would have  thought of this idea?"

    "What is it?" Dion asked, wondering what was Rizie's idea that it sounded so simple to her.

    "What else can be a better idea than both of them being romantically involved with each other? I'm sure those Yue evils are aware that Dion's mother had already stayed at Han mansion and she and Senior Yang used to go out a lot during her stay in this country..." Rizie wryly addressed.

    "What? Am I wrong" Rizie asked, seeing the conflicted expressions on the face of two men and Keira.

    "Rizie, what you are suggesting will be an easy request for younger generations but you're asking the oldies. Do you think they  will agree with that? Oldies are serious about matters like those dear. I think no one will be confident enough to ask uncle James about this thing. Even I will hesitate in asking him something like that." Keira stressed out.

    "We will never know if we won't try," Rizie insisted. She was sure Dion's mother would love the idea but of course she did not voice it out. The only question was about Senior Yang.

    "It's for his son's own good so I'm confident he will definitely agree with this." Rizie insisted, trying to convince them.

    "Okay, if you all are hesitating then let me be the one to talk to Uncle James about it and reason it out to him. I think it will be better if I do it than any of you or even bro Xander. Time is ticking fast so if there are no better ideas from bro and sis or Rui, let's try mine." Rizie offered, standing firm on her idea.

    "We will start spreading rumors in both hospitals that Dion's mother and uncle James are in a romantic relationship. I'm sure there are informers in both hospitals from the Yue clan and they will do the rest for us and the info will reach the enemies ears very soon." Rizie added seeing everyone seemed to be now agreeing on her idea.

    She was sure the enemies planted spies inside the hospitals so creating that rumor was good.

    Rizie and Dion soon left Keira's residence after some more chatting.

    Inside the car, Dion asked, "Do you think uncle James will agree?"

    "Hmm he would. I'm sure about it..." Rizie replied as she selected some songs in the car's music system. She noticed a new card on his rack and picked it up.

    "Fitness instructor?" she murmured with a creased forehead.

    Dion smiled awkwardly and quickly grabbed the card from Rizie's hand.

    "You are hiring a fitness instructor?" Rizie asked, shocked that she was not aware of it because she was handling all of Dion's schedule and whereabouts.

    "Uhmm yeah.." Dion hesitated and then accepted.

    "Why?" Rizie asked.

    "To get fit of course." Dion simply answered.

    "Huh? You're fit already Di, so why waste time and energy into it? You're too busy already and your health... I don't think it would be good for your health. Work-outs are tiring and physically exhausting..." Rizie chided with collided brows. She was worried for Dion's health, especially now that he barely got enough rest and she wondered why he still wanted to do more work-outs?

    He was already mentally exhausted and she did not want him to push his body also towards exhaustion.

    "I thought you like muscles." Dion whispered that Rizie barely heard at all.

    "What?" Rizie chimed.

    Dion heaved a long sigh and repeated, "I said, I thought muscles attract you and I don't have a muscular body, so I wanted to work-out for having one like..."

    Rizie got it now and she tried her best not to burst out in a fit of laughter.

    "Like what?" she innocently asked.

    "Like what Chad has... Those abs and hard muscle arms..."

    Rizie could no longer take it and the inside of the car was filled with her loud laughs.

    Dion was so embarrassed that he pursed his lips and tried to focus on driving. He felt Rizie's arms on his with her head resting on his shoulder.

    "I prefer this... My Di... Not those hard muscles... Well, they are attractive but not as fluffy as your arms and chest. I feel more comfortable with the kind of body you already have, so don't you dare try working on abs or muscles and become stiff and uncomfortable to hug and sleep!"

    "But you said they are attractive." Dion pinpointed.

    "Yeah but your body is more attractive so listen properly to me okay?"

    Dion's face flushed as a bashful smile curled up on his lips.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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