353 Yes Or No

    Senior Yang closed his eyes and let out a long deep sigh after he received the call from Dion and Rizie. They detailed everything and then Rizie told him about their idea of keeping away the suspicions of the Yue clan. She started explaining to him why and how that idea was best and easy to follow.

    Rizie emphasized that they could not afford any loose ends and give the enemy any hints to what they were doing.

    "But pretending at this age..." Senior Yang whispered while he was in his room. At his age, pretending was not the case because he should take full responsibility for his actions.

    Liz would be put in a tough spot if he only pretended to be in a relationship with her and later left her tainted with a scandal lurching on her head. Liz was not just a nobody but she had a reputation to hold. Senior Yang knew that Liz had faced enough backlash when she continued her pregnancy while unmarried and gave birth to Dion without a father so another backlash where he would be the culprit was not fair for her.

    'There will be no backlash if you will remain by  her side and make the pretending real.' His inner self reasoned out but he was still hesitant.

    Confused, he grabbed his mobile phone and called his son to make himself clear over the matter. Xander was not aware yet about the plan as no one had informed him about it yet. Rizie also emphasized that it would be best if he would be the one to talk it out with Xander, so both of them could think more or probably came up with a better solution.

    Xander answered and Senior Yang narrated to him about his talk with Rizie.

    "How about I move into another place and just have our own security to guard me?" Senior yang suddenly thought.

    Xander's eyes widened as he burst, "No dad! That's more dangerous and too suspicious! They will all suspect you as to what you're doing there alone in the first place. This will make their suspicion confirm that you had gone there for nothing else but to spy on Mirage and the clans so that's a big NO dad."

    Senior Yang heaved out a long sigh and so did Xander on the other line.

    After a few moments of silence, Xander broke the silence and said. "Rizie's suggestion is the best we could follow right now. I'm sure aunt Liz won't mind this..."

    Senior Yang's face darkened and he explained his sentiments to his son how he felt bad for putting her reputation at stake at this stage and hence he was uncomfortable to pretend and cause any mishap to Liz and her name.

    Xander exhaled loudly before he firmly answered, "Then don't pretend dad."

    "Dad... Please honestly... I mean I will ask you something and I want you to answer it with all honesty. You said we two are the only ones to take care of each other so there shouldn't be any secrets between us. I had always been an open person to you dad. You know me inside out, and so have you been for me." Xander started.

    "Yes son," Senior Yang murmured with a sigh. He readied himself for whatever it was his son would ask.

    "Dad, do you find aunt Liz attractive?" Xander started to ask.

    "Yes... But I'm not sure..."

    "Dad, no explanation. I just need you to give me a Yes or No answer as simple as that." Xander commanded.

    "So do you find aunt Liz attractive?"

    Another sigh before Senior yang answered, "Yes."

    "Do you like to spend time with her?" Xander probed.

    "What kind of question is this son?" Senior Yang was feeling embarrassed by this probing now.

    "Just say yes or no dad!"


    "Dad, don't feel guilty and don't think that you are betraying mom when you think of aunty Liz. Don't think and consider mom in this situation please, let's face the fact that mom is no more and can no longer be physically present with us. Tell me dad, can you see aunt Liz as a wife material? Like, your wife, living with you?" Xander asked next.

    "Xander!" Senior Yang cried because he found it too difficult to answer.

    "Dad, don't make me repeat myself... It's not a difficult question at all. Just Yes or No. So can you see or picture aunt Liz as your wife, dad?" Xander impatiently stressed.

    Senior Yang's forehead creased as he muttered, "Yes."

    Because Liz was a nice person and they had a lot in common. He was actually comfortable with her around... He felt at ease and comfort with her... Perhaps because Liz was a bubbly person who always smiled and gave him a sense of support.

    "Will you be sad if you see her with another man at this point?" Xander asked next.

    Senior Yang cut off his tongue and tried to analyze himself and the situation. If he would give an honest answer, it would be a YES. he knew in his heart that he would be sad.

    "Yes." Senior yang whispered.

    "Did you miss her when she went back to her country?" Xander asked, hoping by now his father could get a grasp on his true feelings.

    Xander knew his father well and he knew that somehow aunt Liz had managed to leave a good impression on him. Aunt Liz had managed to imprint herself in his father's mind, and she did hold a special place in her father's heart. It was a good start he should say. A good start to open again his father's heart.

    Xander controlled himself from teasing his dad for the several sighs he was hearing on another line.

    "Yes..." Senior yang answered. He did miss Liz's company, her laughters, smiles, jokes,  her standpoints and visions in life...

    Senior Yang's eyes widened as the realization dawned at him more clearly.

    "Dad, so now I think I don't need to ask you the last question? Don't hesitate dad. Don't let an opportunity pass by you. Don't let the pass cage you... Mom will be happy seeing you happy. I, your son will be more happy seeing you with a companion, seeing you with someone you like and love. Life is so precious that hesitating in holding on to happiness is not worth it.  As long as you're not hurting others in pursuing your happiness, you deserve it."

    "Thank you son." Senior Yang whispered as tears started to well up in his eyes. He was too proud of his son. Xander had grown up so well.

    "No worries dad, I'm great you see because I happened to have a great father. The best father in the world. Dad let's end this call before we become too dramatic. It's not in our character because both of us prefer to smile and laugh. Hehehe" Xander jested before saying goodbye and ended the call.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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