354 Arranged Marriage

    At Dee's Mansion...

    "Your mother has arranged a lunch meeting for you tomorrow." Rui's father authoritatively said. Rui did not comment and continued to eat dinner.

    He shook his head... No wonder he was asked to dine with them tonight because they had something they needed from him.

    "I'm sure this time you will like this family. I believe you also know them enough." his father continued. Rui had no interest in hearing this nonsense at all. He put down his spoon and fork and stood up.

    With soulless eyes, he looked at his stepmother and said, "You can just message me the place, date and time from next time, instead of calling me over. I'm done with the dinner. Thank you for the meal."

    "Sit down!" Rui's father yelled. Rui saw his stepmother comfort his father as if consoling him and let him slide this time. 'What a poker face!' Rui wanted to shout in her face. Only he could see her real face behind her meek and tamed mask.

    Rui heaved a controlled sigh and went back to his seat. "Is there anything else father," he asked in almost a whisper.

    "Finish your food child. I heard you've been busy recently tending help to your friend! When will you get out from the Yang's shadows? You���re a Dee yet see how do you live? You've been wasting your time either roaming around everywhere or getting involved with that Xander Yang like his sidekick!!!" Rui's father hissed. His face was red with anger and he was venting it all out on Rui right now.

    Rui balled his fists, he tried very hard to control his emotions, to calm down as he always did. HIs father was too old and not in good health now to get angry like that. He looked at his two older brothers who lived in their own worlds and were too busy to bother with whatever was going on.

    "What's wrong with being a sidekick? Let Rui do what he wants dad. He has no capacity and is very incapable anyway to help with the company matters. I can manage the business all by myself." his older brother proudly announced.

    "Yeah right... That's why we are facing a lot of lawsuits nowadays..." his second brother exclaimed.

    That was why Rui hated his family. There was nothing like a family between them. He never felt at ease being with this so called family of his and even today he wanted to leave early, just as soon as his father disclosed his intention of calling him for dinner. He did not want to witness how much more messy things could be between everyone.

    That was also the main reason he didn't want to get involved in the family business because he was aware once he agreed to step in there, he would have three freaking enemies to be wary of, his stepmother and two half brothers.

    He was like the Cinderella in the Cinderella fairytale except that he was a male. His major concern and only enemy when he joined them for a meal was his father's incessant nagging.

    He really should ask Zach if the military had any technology or certain kind of transparent earphones that he could put on his ears next time he visited them to avoid hearing all those annoying words his family rambled during a meal like this.

    Rui heaved a long sigh of relief as soon as he managed to get freed from his family. His father had given him an ultimatum for the so-called arranged marriage. He would be wiped out from his family if he did not follow his father's orders.

    Not that it really mattered because Rui knew he definitely could live better on his own but for some reason he couldn't... He was afraid... He was scared of not having a name he could use... A name where he felt he belonged to... He was scared and afraid of being abandoned by his own family... being left alone.

    He chuckled on his own thoughts as he drove his car to his place. Had Xander witnessed everything and was able to read his thoughts right now, Rui would surely be scolded nonstop.

    "He would have asked his dad to adopt me for sure." Rui mumbled with a soft grin on his face.

    That would be really nice if it could happen, but for fulfilling his promises he could not let that happen. He had promised his mother before she died to stick with his father and obey him, no matter what.

    "Mom, see how loyal your son is to you! I'm complying to my promise... no matter the amount of pain I suffer..." Rui whispered, his eyes focussed on the road.

    Rui heaved a long deep sigh. His stepmother was annoyed with him so he expected a horrible date would be arranged for him this time.

    'Maybe I should just fake my own death mom, the only way I could get rid of all these nightmares?' Rui mused with a crumpled face.


    The next morning, Rui received a message from his stepmother.

    "What the heck," he mused reading the message. The meeting with the family was set that same day at lunch. Rui cursed when he read the next message.

    [Come in time because if you're late by even just a second, I will tell your dad how you sabotaged this meeting.]

    He looked at his watch and cursed again as he rushed out from his office and ran towards his car to reach the meeting place in time.

    He almost hit the nearby car when he abruptly parked his in the parking lot of the restaurant. He looked at his wristwatch and literally ran inside the restaurant to reach well in time. He smirked seeing he was still five minutes early.

    His step mother thought she could bully him that easily again. 'She just messaged me thirty minutes before the meeting, yet I made it in time. Huh... I sure know how to torture you my dear MOM.' he hissed as he walked inside the restaurant.

    He could almost see his stepmother's poker smile at him from afar so he dismissed the waitress who was about to guide him with the reservation.

    Rui's forehead creased, seeing a little familiar piece of cloth of a woman who his step mother seemed to be talking with.

    'Cali?' he mused as he walked closer. Then he suddenly recalled his father mentioning that he probably knew the girl they had arranged for him.

    'It can't be...' Rui wanted to dismiss the possibility.

    'No they won't.' he argued to his hunch, thinking Mr. Lua would not dare agree with another arranged marriage after everything that had happened.

    "Oh, my son is here." Rui heard his step mother say using her honey dipped fake voice.

    Rui quickly looked towards the woman sitting in front of his mother and his eyes widened seeing the angelic face of Cali smiling ever so sweetly at him.

    "Cali?" Rui burst in shock.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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