355 A Marriage Proposal


    Cali gave Rui an awkward smile as she murmured, "Dr. Dee."

    "Oh I see you two know each other. That's good then." Rui's stepmother commented with a chuckle.

    "Are you here with your grandfather?" Rui asked as he looked around.

    "Yes I am, but he had to leave in a rush... There was some emergency..." Cali explained but paused when Rui suddenly pulled her wrist.

    "Son.." Rui's stepmother grunted. Rui gave her a wink and said, "We would prefer to go on a date alone, MOM."

    Cali noticed how sarcastically Rui uttered the word 'mom'. She gave the old lady a nod and a sweet smile. "Let's see each other again auntie at some other time." she quickly whispered while Rui was pulling her out from her chair.

    "You wouldn't need to see her anymore," Rui mumbled. Cali could sense the irritation on his stern face as he led her to his car, opened the door and signaled her to get inside.

    "Did you agree to this under pressure? Is your grandpa trying to force you again with some kind of tricks? I will help you to get out of this Cali so don't worry." Cali heard Rui insist.

    Cali bit her lips nervously. She felt her tongue was cut off and she was unable to speak another word.

    'Should I tell him that it was my idea? But what would he think of me if I did?' she debated with her inner self about what she should answer Rui.

    "Where are we going?" she muttered instead.

    "I'll bring you home Cali." Rui plainly answered.

    "I don't wanna go home. It's too boring over there. I will go crazy if I stay there alone for too long." Cali mumbled.

    She heard Rui sigh before asking, "Where do you want me to drop you off then? Do you wanna visit some friends of yours? How about I call Rizie now and..."

    "No! I told you I won't meet any of my friends until my hair grows long enough. You said to your mom that you are taking me on a date." Cali innocently reminded Rui.

    Rui pulled the car at the side of the road in haste. He looked at Cali with his stern face and asked, "What's going on Cali?"

    Cali turned to meet his gaze and without a second thought she leaned forward and gave Rui a quick peck on his lips.

    "I think this explains everything I had to say to you, because I feel too shy in saying everything to you in person."

    Rui was stumped by that action of Cali and what she said next fused the entire wiring of his brain.

    "Do you know who was the girl that your stepmother was originally going to set you up with? Had it not been me then you would have to agree with that ugly arrangement of your mother and it seems you had no choice but to agree to it."

    Cali then specified the name of that girl. Everyone knew that woman because she was often involved in romantic affairs with rich families and tycoons.

    In short, the woman his stepmother wanted to set him up with was a leech that was famous for destroying many lives already and next would be Rui's life if not for Cali and her grandfather's interceptance.

    Rui's face was still faint. He wasn't expecting what Cali did though he already understood that Cali adored him.

    He composed himself and looked Cali straight in her eyes and said, "It's none of your business Cali whoever my family wants me to get married with. It's my own problem and I will handle everything on my own."

    "You mean you prefer her over me?" Cali felt her world crumble. Rui did not exactly say that but she felt that what he just said had the same meaning.

    "But Rui, I like you... I really do" Cali bravely confessed.

    Rui sighed frustratedly as he looked at downcasted face of Cali. She was clearly upset by his words and tears started to well up in her eyes.

    'Oh God!' Rui mused as he continued, "Cali, I am not telling you my preference, what I'm saying is that you're still very young and you should enjoy your youth more. Marriage is not just a simple thing, it is a commitment for life. What you probably feel right now is just a crush on me and it may not last long. And that's pretty normal to happen. You like me for certain reasons so you simply adore me. Having a crush or liking someone is much way different than being in love. You should enjoy your life and you deserve to fall in love and to be loved..."

    Cali stared at him with pouted lips and said, "Okay. How about this Rui, let's accept the arrangement between our families right now. That way you can buy more time for yourself. Let's get engaged for a long time. I will enjoy my youth during that period just as you said... I will not interfere with you in that span of time that we're engaged. But, after I have enjoyed my youth and you're still single and I'm still not in love with anyone... We will proceed to marriage."

    Rui's jaw dropped when he heard her words. He could not believe that he was given such an offer from Cali. She played the same tactics with Dion and now it was his turn. But why did he feel like her offer to him was more like... a marriage proposal?

    Rui emitted a sigh of defeat.

    Cali was triumphantly smirking inwardly. She anticipated this scenario so she had already prepared her back up plans. With the right opportunity and deliberate actions, she knew her tactics would definitely work-out.

    She was a hopeless romantic person and an avid fan of romance books, so much so that she dreamt of experiencing the same things that they often described in the books. Since she felt it for the first time, she would not let the opportunity pass by. Dr. Rui Dee had to be hers...

    Cali gave him a timid smile and said, "I think I'm good at offering proposals. Are you busy today? Can we at least go somewhere? I'm really bored..."

    Rui exhaled loudly before saying, "Alright where do you want to go?"

    "I'm hungry..." Cali mumbled, rubbing her stomach.

    Rui laughed and started the engine and turned the steering wheel to go back on the road.

    "Alright let's eat first then you can decide where you want to go or what you want to do." he murmured. He agreed that Cali was indeed smart and proposed such conditions that were hard not to be considered.

    Whichever way he thought, what Cali proposed was best plausible way to escape torture from his family and indeed a good offer for both sides. He raised his eyebrows at the thought that Cali may be young but she was pretty quick witted and ang a clever young lady on top of that.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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