356 Let’s Make A Baby

    At Plumeria Island

    "Why are you being so clingy and touchy?" Yera asked suspiciously because Xander was practically almost always around her, holding her hands or wrapped her around his arms. He only let her go whenever she would need to use the restroom and Yera started feeling that something was going on in Xander's mind because he seemed restless too.

    "What's going on darling?" she pondered, while pressing Xander's hand that was holding hers tightly.

    Xander was sitting right beside her with his head resting on her shoulder while they enjoyed watching the night sky with one more night of stargazing because it was just too beautiful combined with the soothing, relaxing and gentle waves of the sea. They were sitting inside the floating villa, in a room where they could open up the roof for a very clear night sky view.

    Xander was contemplating whether to tell Yera about his plans or should he let her find out once he was ready to leave. He had five more days to spend time with her and enjoy the bliss of her love, and five more days to decide...

    Xander playfully poked on Yera's cheeks and changed the topic by saying, "Do you think we can successfully create our little Xander or little Yera while we stay here?"

    Yera laughed and said, "Yes, there's really a very high chance since this week I have my fertile days."

    Yera squinted her eyes and questioned him, "You did it on purpose, right? You planned and set our vacation here while I'm fertile to reap the most benefits from me."

    She was aware that her husband was tracking her cycle and he even had his own application on his mobile phone for it.

    "Well, it's not mine but your father-in-law's idea you know. I'm just simply complying with his desperate advice." Xander defended with a grin.

    "She's probably watching us right?" Yera suddenly murmured softly, referring to the baby they lost.

    "Yes, she's cheering us right now and I'm sure also praying for her parent's safety this time around. She definitely understood our situation." Xander comforted his wife.

    Then added, "Why she?"

    Yera chuckled and said, "Because I want a baby girl?"

    "Hmm, little Yera is a good idea. Let's work harder, who knows we may have triplets along the way. Keira's twins will be no match to my triplets then," Xander jokingly mumbled and quickly rolled over his wife on their bed.

    Yera no longer stopped her husband whenever he would ask for it, seeing his health was already perfectly fine and besides Xander were very gentle in his movements not to make her worry.

    If possible, Yera wished to stay there for a longer period of time. Hide in there where they were safe from the chaos outside, but she knew that they could not hide forever. Somehow they must put an end to things for a peaceful family that she and Xander wanted to build. She did not want to lose another baby nor lose her husband at any cost.

    Yera wondered what was bothering Xander so while Xander was busy showering her neck with his gentle kisses she reopened the topic and asked, "I feel that something's bothering you. We can always talk about it... I want us to relax while we are here and waiting for results... I know it will be difficult not to get concerned about things but I hope you can share it with me. I don't want you to carry all the burdens on your own."

    Xander lifted his head and with pouted lips complained, "Darling... Are you trying to coax me so that I'll allow you to take a rest and not make love?"

    Yera chuckled and shook her head. "We sure can make love, but after you tell me what's bothering you. Didn't you know that you're completely transparent when in front of my eyes? I can easily read you Mr. Xander Yang!"

    Xander massaged his nape and gave his wife an awkward smile. Then he sat straight on the bed and pulled Yera in front to face him.

    'Maybe it would be better to tell Yera about it now itself.' He thought looking at Yera's curious eyes because his wife would definitely not stop asking also until she was answered.

    He was such a bad actor when in front of her and couldn't even hide simple emotions from her. She was always able to catch him, even his miniscule emotions of being restless and looking bothered about whether to tell Yera his plans or not.

    Xander held his wife's hands and started to open up to Yera and briefed her about his dilemma of leaving her alone on the island.

    "We all think that it would be the best if we both are not together darling..." Xander explained as his heart started to palpitate because of Yera's complete silence.

    She had an expressionless face that was hard to read or maybe he couldn't find out because the night sky and the moon was not bright enough for him to get a clear view of her reaction.

    "You will not be alone darling, dad will stay with you here and aunt Liz too if she happens to accept dad's proposal and the two finally end up together. Dad then will be accompanied by aunt Liz, will be here to stay with you," Xander explained. It was the initial plan that his father would stay with Yera at Plumeria and hopefully aunt Liz too.

    Yera still did not respond so Xander started to get worried for her.

    "Darling... I know you want us to be together in every condition, but it won't be wise seeing our current chaotic  situation..." Xander continued, trying to convince his wife that it would be for the better. He too did not want to be away from her so it was a very hard decision to make.

    "I understand." Yera finally muttered.

    "When will you leave?" she whispered next.

    "Next week. We still have five more days to enjoy each other's company so please understand why I'm always around you and stick with you darling... hehe." Xander winked as he justified his clingy actions lately.

    "You. If I didn't ask, did you even have any plans of telling me about it?" Yera appealed.

    "Hmm, I'm not sure because I was really hesitating." Xander truthfully answered.

    "You thought I would insist on coming with you?" Yera asked. She knew she was stubborn at times but she understood the situation well enough. She touched her belly... She would make sure she would get pregnant and this time she would keep her baby safe and wait for Xander to come back and pick her up.

    She had trust in Xander and above all she trusted the people who were helping them. Now they knew who was the enemy. It wouldn't be a blind shot anymore from their side this time around and she knew everyone, including her husband would make a wise and strong plan to make those evil doers pay for their deeds.

    Yera hugged her husband and said, "You have to remember to report to me at least three times a day. If you miss a single report, expect me to not to wait in here..."

    Xander chuckled and nodded. "Yes darling!"

    "Let's make a baby now." yera whispered and pounced on him.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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