357 Happiness

    Senior Yang and Liz went out for sight seeing that day. Senior Yang was not able to find out the right opportunity to tell Liz about the situation and his true feelings towards her.

    He did not want Liz to misjudge him, neither did he want to hesitate and keep his true intentions from Liz. He in fact wanted to tell her about his feelings as soon as possible.

    Though it all started as a suggestion from Rizie to ward off any suspicions of the Yue clan, Xander had helped him open up his heart and encouraged him to listen to what his heart said.

    His intentions were clear now and his feelings towards Liz were real. The chaotic situation of his family became a way for him to realize his feelings and gave him the courage to move forward.

    "You okay?" Liz asked with a puckered forehead as she noticed James was a little out of himself.

    James smiled but sweat started to form on his forehead. "Yes, I am fine Liz." he answered and turned his head to watch the beautiful sunset scene in front of him.

    "Today I will treat you to dinner Liz, let's go straight for dinner after the sunset."

    Liz nodded and agreed and soon they reached their destination. Liz could not help but admire his ability to find out the best place in even an unknown territory.

    They were at a high class, elegant restaurant that James had instructed his assistant to book a reservation with.

    "By the way, how did you know this restaurant is the best in the City?" Liz asked as she cut her steak.

    "I asked my assistant to have me booked at the best restaurant in your City. This is the least I can do for the good treatment I'm receiving from you and your father," James voiced out his feelings. But the truth was far from it, he actually had chosen the place where he could properly propose to Liz.

    Liz on the other hand was squealing inside because the restaurant they were at was the most romantic restaurant in the city and was a kind of place where they could be serenaded by great musicians and also dance in the center like a couple, not to mention the romantic view of the city from the highest floor of the restaurant.

    "James, is this a date?" Liz candidly asked with her bashful smile. She just wanted to make sure that she and James were on the same page.

    She did not want to misinterpret things on her own. She also wanted to realise how much she now weighed in his heart and what value she has in James' life. Though she was certain that she had accumulated some volume of his heart already, yet she wanted to be sure about it.

    James looked at her deeply in her eyes and whispered, "Yes. It's our first date Liz."

    Meanwhile, James was in a dilemma about how he should start to express himself and what to say to her first. Liz seemed to have read his thoughts and she was sure James was in some kind of dilemma so she broke her silence to help him out.

    "Dion told me about Rizie's suggestion and I accepted it okay. I can see that you're having a hard time delivering this to me..." Liz exposed with an assuring smile.

    "Oh" Senior Yang gasped and almost kissed Dion in his head for helping him out about this so now he could focus on his real confession.

    The music became romantic and most of the couples got up and went to the center for a dance.

    Senior yang gulped because it was a cue for him.

    He stood up and extended his hand to Liz. "Would you like to dance with me?" he asked with a smile.

    Liz immediately raised her hand to accept him and let James pull her towards the center. She gasped when she felt James hold her arms boldly and guided her to put them around his neck. He then kept both his hands on her waist and slowly wrapped her waist in his arms, pulling her a little closer to himself.

    Liz was shocked. She almost choked and was not able to breathe at all because of the proximity between them and because those entire years... She had never been close to any man like this.

    She laughed inwardly as the butterflies in her stomach seemed to be in chaos while her heartbeat was becoming irregular. So she was still capable of feeling something like this despite her age!

    James was reading her expressions and was amused by her reactions and felt all the more happy about his decision.

    Liz looked up to find out how he felt and her eyes met James. 'He looks so serious,' she silently thought.

    "Liz.. Actually..." Senior Yang spoke but paused.

    "To be honest there's more to it..." he continued.

    "Huh?" Liz was a bit confused but she smiled and encouraged James to continue by saying, "James you know you can openly talk to me like I talk to you all the day round, so don't hesitate and speak up. What is it?"

    'That's true.' James thought. Liz was very open with him. She was a completely transparent person and that was one of the many things he found attractive about her.

    He gave Liz a timid smile as he said, "I talked to my son and he helped me realize that I should not let happiness pass me by..."

    Liz's heart was pumping hard against her chest hearing those words. 'OMG!' she was screaming inside as she kept her ears wide open for his next words. If she could she already would have shouted the DJ of the hall to turn off the music so that she could hear James better.

    "Yes, I must confess that it all started when Rizie suggested that solution. At first, I didn't agree because I knew it would be highly unfair for your side. In whichever way things turned out to be, it would look like I used you to get help in our situation for my son. Your name would have to face another backlash like what you encountered while you were pregnant with Dion." Senior Yang explained.

    Liz bit her lip because she was surprised that James really listened to all her stories during her stay with him. She thought he was letting it all out from his other ear because she talked a lot while he was only quiet during those times...

    The suspense of James's pausing in his deliberation was killing her, she wanted to interrupt and ask him to say the words in one go but she wanted to hear everything out so she patiently waited.

    Meanwhile, James paused to get some more air and courage because he was really nervous.

    "But I want you to know my true heart Liz... You're the happiness that I will not just let my life pass by..."

    Jame's picked-up something from his pocket and bent on his knees in front of Liz. He opened the small box and a sparkling emerald ring was brought in front of her... Her favorite gem... James even noted that...

    "Liz Chen, will you be my happiness for the rest of my life?" James asked with his lovely eyes directed towards Liz' glossy eyes that started to tear.

    "Oh God! YES!"Liz almost shouted and pulled Jame on his feet to give him a tight hug while she kept on saying "Yes! Yes! Yes! I will be your happiness until we grow old!!!!"

    The crowd that witnessed it clapped their hands and whistled and some took photos and videos not to mention the restaurant itself captured those sweet moments. Another trending couple... Another sweet proposal inside their restaurant...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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