358 A Lovely Scene

    At Chen's Mansion

    Everyone was sitting in the living room for some tea and casual talk when Old Master Chen could not help but voice out the thing he had been noticing with his daughter since morning.

    "Dear, Is this a new ring? I have never seen you wearing this before." old Master Chen casually asked. Liz's face blushed as she timidly looked at Senior Yang.

    Old Master Chen lifted an eyebrow as he looked at his daughter. When he shifted his gaze to Senior Yang he blinked several times seeing the man's red face too.

    "What's going on?" Old Master Chen encouraged, hoping what he was thinking was right while reading the identical bashful expressions of the two people sitting in front of him.

    Senior Yang coughed a little to clear his throat and built up some courage before he said, "Sir, I would like to ask for your daughter's hand in marriage."

    There was a long silent pause... Senior Yang bit his lip as he waited...

    Then he saw Old Master Chen smile at him and mutter, "Start calling me father now..."

    "Thank you sir..." Senior Yang stood up and bowed before Old Master Chen.

    "Uhuh! No sir...father... and please get back to your seat." Old Master Chen reminded.

    So Senior Yang quickly responded, "Yes father. Thank you so much father..."

    Senior Yang smiled as he went back to his seat. The nervousness he was feeling quickly dissipated seeing the positive feedback from Liz's father.

    'It was faster than I expected.' Old Master Chen mused but he was glad his daughter succeeded in a short span of time.

    Senior Yang was a reputable man and Old Master Chen knew he did not need to worry for his daughter anymore now because he could feel that he was the right one for his daughter... Someone he could trust his daughter's welfare and happiness with...

    Old Master Chen could not help as tears started to fall down from his eyes. Liz immediately stood up and sat beside her father to hug the latter.

    "I believe these are the tears of joy dad..." Liz jested as she too sobbed.

    Senior Yang quietly watched the comforting love of the father and daughter. That moment, James vowed to himself that he would do his best to be the best husband he could be for Liz and the best son-in-law he could be to Old Master Chen. And of course before he forgot... The best father he could be to his now second son... Dion...

    He had not updated Xander yet about the successful proposal to Liz, but he planned to tell him soon since he had already conveyed his intention to Liz's father.


    Meanwhile, in an open ocean... A luxurious yacht was drifting on the ocean waves with a few people on the deck...

    "I saw this coming..." Raine murmured, while looking at the photos of Senior Yang stationed in country V. The sun was particularly hot at that point, beaming it's burning rays on Raine's skin as she laid comfortably on a chair on the deck of her private yacht.

    She was currently at a beach for some fresh air because she could not stand to see her uncle's rotten face anymore. She was on a beach... Not far from Plumeria Island's territory.

    "Did you find out if there was any other reason for his staying at the Chen Mansion?" Raine asked Tyron who tapped on his tablet before he handed it to Raine to show her something.

    Tyron wondered if Raine had applied a sunblock on her body because the heat of the sun would surely burn her skin leaving rashes seeing she only wore her bikinis.

    "This video circulated online last night..." Tyron explained, still bothered with Raine's skin under the sun.

    Raine creased her forehead and smirked as she watched the video, "Wow, what a romantic scene for our seniors. What a lovely scene. It's just like I'm watching a movie. Did uncle see this already?"

    "Yes he did so security for Senior Yang was loosened from his side. He now wants his men to focus on finding where Xander is hiding... Soon he will find Xander too..." Tyron commented with a sigh.

    "I'm sure Xander's father is not there just because of some tickling romance in his life. I want you to report to me every detail of the old man's movements. Especially when he goes out... My gut is telling me that he has some other agenda behind his stay here. Make sure your movements are discreet such that not even my uncle can find out what you are doing." Raine instructed and heard another sigh from Tyron.

    "Your sighs are reverberating everywhere Tyron! We found Xander first so that's good enough. I can kill him before my uncle does..." Raine murmured and handed back the tablet to Tyron.

    Tyron's face twisted because it was not because of Xander that he was sighing but it was Raine's skin he was worried about.

    "Did you even put a sunblock before sunbathing like this? The temperature today is quite high and your ski..."

    He paused seeing Raine's raised arm, signaling him to leave.

    "Meddler," Raine muttered, annoyed that she often encountered a lot of men who seemed to meddle too much in her life. "What a distraction!" She hissed.

    Her annoyance changed into a warm smile when she felt the fur of Draki on her legs and her pet wolf woofed and pounced on her. "Do you want to swim again?" Rain asked with a smile but furrowed her forehead seeing a bottle of sunblock lotion in Draki's mouth.

    "What? Is he your boss that you are following his instructions instead of mine?" Raine dryly scolded her pet who shoved the bottle of sunblock from its mouth in her lap. Draki stared at her and nudged its mouth on the sunblock as if instructing her to put it on her body.

    Raine turned around to look at Tyron who quickly avoided his glare and looked in another direction then talked to their men as if instructing something.

    "Such a nuisance..." she mumbled and opened the bottle to apply some sunblock.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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