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    "Mom, calm down okay. I can hear you perfectly so please don't scream." Dion complained. Dion's ears almost deafened with the excited screams of his mother on the other line, informing him of the details of Senior Yang's proposal that had already been circulating online.

    "Sorry son. Just that I'm so happy... Oh you should visit here soon with Rizie now. Your grandpa can't wait to meet her also." Dion heard his mother say next. They talked about a lot more things before ending the call.

    Dion, who was sitting on the couch in the living room of Rizie's condo unit was grinning happily as he rewatched the video of Senior Yang's proposal to Liz.

    "Dinner is ready," Rizie called him but got curious about what Dion was watching with such a happy face. She wrapped her arms on Dion's neck, resting her elbows on his shoulders from behind while her cheek brushed on his cheek.

    "Isn't uncle James so sweet. He is looking so handsome even at this age. Aunt Liz is already so beautiful. They both really look good together. You know, I saw this coming Di. I wonder if bro Xander is also watching this right now. This video is proof that uncle James's coyness when courting women is fadeless..." Rizie mumbled with a giggle.

    Dion was highly distracted with Rizie's gesture and he turned his head to face her. Rizie's eyes met his. His gaze swept down on Rizie's lips and without a warning captured her open lips with his own.

    Both did not mind their uncomfortable position as long as their lips were locked together. Dion slowly pulled Rizie's petite body on the couch and made her sit on his lap to make her more comfortable and deepen his kiss with her close proximity..

    No one among them wanted to break the passionate kiss and gradually both of them were getting carried away in the lingering passion. They both were longing to get intimate with each other and their kiss was breaking the chains of restraint that held them back.

    "Lets go and eat," Dion whispered huskily, breaking the kiss in between.

    "Uhuh... noo" Rizie answered with a moan and pulled him back. She didn't want the kiss to break and they continued because none dared to pull back first now.

    They were both yearning for more and plain kissing was not enough to quench their thirst now. Their hands started to move on their own, touching and caressing each other's body.

    Rizie started unbuttoning Dion's long sleeved shirt while Dion's hands were already inside Rizie's shirt, groping her and caressing her back and soon he unhooked her bra.

    Not very long, both were already topless. Rizie arched her body as Dion's lips first pulled back from hers to attend to her neck next, leaving hickeys and making her squirm in desire and then went to her breast.

    He made her go mad whenever he did that... Teasing and playing with her tits, making her release soft moans of pleasure.

    If they continued further, Rizie would not want him to stop. She was too ready to surrender herself wholly to the man she loved without hesitation.

    "Take me now..." she offered in her firm tone followed by sweet moans as Dion teased her peaks with his teeth and tongue.

    Dion paused and met her eyes when he heard her words. He was burning with desire and unwavering passion.

    Rizie moved her fingers to caress his bare chest, not leaving his gaze for a second...

    Then her fingers trailed up to Dion's lips and the latter subconsciously sucked it in his mouth, making Rizie gasp and more aroused.

    *Ding * Dong * Ding

    The intimate moment between the couple was interrupted by the buzzing of Rizie's doorbell.

    "You're expecting someone?" Dion asked in panic.

    "No!" Rizie quickly answered and jumped out from Dion's lap to pick-up Dion's shirt on the floor and threw it at him to wear.

    "Get dressed quickly!" She mumbled and immediately put her shirt on.

    *Ding * Dong * Ding

    Rizie cursed because the buzzing of the doorbell would not stop and she knew who it could be. There was only one person who loved to push her doorbell and annoy her; it was none other than her nosy neighbor and sister Lyra.

    "I'm coming," Rizie grumbled and quickly opened her door.

    "What took you so long? I brought you dinner." Lyra said and directly strode to the dining area.

    "Oh you have already cooked? You have a visitor?" Lyra asked seeing two plates were prepared on the table.

    "Dion is also here, he is sitting in the living area. Give me that and I'll serve it. Call him and let's eat dinner together." Rizie said. Her big sister Lyra would always drop by her unit whenever her husband was out.

    "What's wrong with your shirt? How come you are wearing it's design at the back? The back is at front?" Lyra asked.

    Rizie flinched and quickly defended, "Oh... I did not notice. Sis go and call Dion now. He must be starving.

    Lyra's brow raised as she had a suspicious grin plastered on her face. She chose to let her little sister go this time so she could start teasing in front of Dion.

    Lyra excitedly went to the living area to greet her future brother-in-law and call him out for dinner.

    Rizie immediately cursed when she realized she was not wearing her bra and that must be somewhere in the living room, so she ran towards the living room.

    "Forgot these?" Lyra was grinning at her while her bra was in her hand. She looked at Dion who was too red because of embarrassment.

    Dion himself was caught off guard too and didn't even know what to say when Rizie's sister noticed the bra beside him. He was too busy with his own buttons that he failed to notice it.

    Rizie's face crumpled and she immediately grabbed it from her sister's hand who laughed hard.

    "Be grateful your brother-in-law is absent or else he won't stop bullying you until you cry and beg him to..." Lyra teased as she walked past Rizie.

    "Little sis... I'm easier to please than your brother-in-law you know..." Lyra added with a grin.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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