360 Better Late Than Never

    At Chen's Mansion

    Liz had been inside her walk-in closet for almost an hour now, trying to decide what to wear for her date with James. She looked at the clock and panicked because there were only thirty minutes left for her to get ready and she still had to apply her make-up.

    She quickly moved and finally picked one of her designer dresses that she liked a lot. The dark maroon low cut dress was an elegant combination of fashion and style. She then applied a very light make-up before going down in a rush because she did not want James to wait for too long.

    She saw James was already waiting for her in the living room and was dressed in one of his casual outfits. He was talking to her father about his chain of hospitals and Xander.

    Liz gasped as her love struck heart raced when she saw the handsome figure sitting there, her cheeks flushed and she thought, 'Geez...' She was scolding herself for holding on her breath like a teenager who saw her crush at the campus.

    James was in his fifty eight years and yet he looked dashing and young at his age. His slim but well sculpted figure showed how much he took care of himself with regular exercises to keep him fit and lean. Liz's face reddened as she gently patted her cheeks to control her blushing.

    Jame's gaze went to hers and their eyes met. 'Oh God!' another gasp escaped from Liz when James gave her an ear to ear smile and stood up from his chair.

    She timidly walked towards him and she heard him whisper, "You look so gorgeous."

    Old Master Chen shook his head with a broad smile on his lips. He was pleased to see his only daughter in bloom, though it was a bit delayed in her life yet... he was happy that things happened, better late than never.

    "You two enjoy and have a great day. Don't worry about me I will sleep early tonight and won't even wait for you to come home," Old Master Chen teased with a grin.

    "Dad!" Liz's wide eyes scolded but her playful father only answered her with a shrug and even signaled her and James to leave already.

    "Don't waste time and off you go. Shooo.." He said wiggling his cane to send them away that instant.

    Liz bit her lip when she felt James hand grab her and pulled her out after bidding farewell to her father. The tingling feeling where his hands touched were a new experience for her and her entire body felt light tremors of electric current when his thumb grazed the back of her hand. She wondered what was actually making her heart flutter like a teenage girl...

    'What an amazing feeling?' Liz inwardly thought as she looked at her hand that James still held in his own, even when they were inside the backseat of the car. Liz couldn't believe that she had missed simple things like these in her life. She wasn't even aware that simply holding hands together could feel that great too.

    They went to one of the biggest malls in the city, to watch a cinema together.

    "Hmm, so... what do you want to watch?" James asked while his eyes moved around to look at the screens to check out the movies currently playing in the theatres.

    "I want to watch a horror thriller so that I have a reason to hold on to you while watching the entire movie," Liz voiced out without her knowing that made James laugh out hard.

    "You can hold me anytime and anyhow, even when we watch drama, romance or comedy movies and even when we are not watching movies... am all yours to hold now... I really won't mind," James teased, finding Liz's reaction too cute and adorable. Liz and Dion together were like siblings and not mother and son because Liz, at the age of fifty were incredibly young looking and stunning probably because she was a bubbly person who loved to smile.

    At this moment, realising her charm has captured him completely, James felt so lucky and blessed for having a chance to meet such an exceptional person like her.

    "Let's watch that. I still prefer horror so it's more convincing to get more clingy..." Liz muttered in a jest but she was sure James knew her well enough by now that most of the jokes she played were usually her way of lightly expressing herself and what she truly meant.

    James only grinned at her brazen words as he bought the tickets and their drinks. He could feel an indescribable emotions rising in his heart, something he had not felt for over a decade, all that he buried with his wife Kanya, Liz was able to stir up those emotions in him

    Inside the dark cinema, Liz's mind was going wild with various thoughts. It was her first time watching a movie in the cinema with a man and she had heard a lot of things that could happen in the theatre... like her first kiss?

    'Oh James will be the second since Dion's father was my first kiss. I almost forgot!' Liz thought.

    The movie had started already and in the first scene itself Liz almost jumped out of her seat with fright if not for Jame's holding her so firmly in his arms.

    "That really surprised me," she defended with pouty lips and she heard James chuckle.

    "Then I shall take this opportunity to hold you like this until the end I guess for you not to jump from your seat since you get startled so fast..." Liz heard James huskily breathe in her ear.

    How she thanked the darkness inside the cinema to hide her for sure rosy cheeks at that time. Jame's warm breath was making her shiver.

    'Aren't I too old for this kind of feeling?' she assessed in doubt but then she was really feeling such, so she guessed she was still allowed to feel those kinds of feelings at her age.

    Meanwhile, James felt very comfortable with Liz's warmth in his arms, so much so that he did not want to let her go despite the uncomfortable position he was sitting in.

    The movie was really scary and he could not help but laugh whenever Liz would cringe in his arms.

    Liz crumpled her face and tilted her head up to look at James as she confronted him in whisper, "What? What's funny there? Isn't it too scary for me to be afraid?"

    "Because you're too cute." James answered in whisper also but Liz could not hear so she moved closer and asked, "What?"

    It was a bit dark and so Liz did not notice that she had moved her head so close that her lips touched the corner of Jame's lips.

    "Ohh sorry," Liz whispered in embarrassment and was about to quickly abort but James firmly held her nape.

    Unexpectedly, Liz felt James move and the next thing she knew was there were a pair of soft lips crushing hers...

    'OMG!' Liz wanted to scream out loud, she even secretly pinched herself to make sure that she was not hallucinating.

    James Yang was kissing her for real!!!

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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