361 Intruders

    "Isn't it amazing... Come to think of it, how our lives were destined to be entangled with each other!" Yera murmured as she and Xander enjoyed fishing while they were onboard one of Ryu's private yachts.

    Yera and Xander chose to do activities that were relaxing because they were planning to have a baby so most often than not they would just walk around the area, swim and enjoy the breathtaking views while reading books or chatting about various things.

    "Yes indeed. Now your brother is my brother too, not just a brother-in-law. Geez, we're growing in numbers and it's indeed overwhelming..." Xander commented happily while he moved on his side to face his wife to lovingly touch her belly. "I hope I didn't miss this time... Hehe..." Xander grinned and looked at their fishing rod that was still not moving.

    Yera blushed and whispered, "Hopefully... But we will still have a lot of time once you come back so you have to promise me that you will come back for me and keep yourself safe."

    "Of course I will, so don't worry too much and have a great time with dad and aunt Liz on this island soon. I heard the Kens will also visit you here soon..." Xander reassured and touched Yera's cheek and gently caressed it before grabbing her hand and kissed it.

    "Our family is being blessed with so many wedding ceremonies, some done, some to happen... and guess what I heard just a while ago..." Xander added.

    "Rui is in a dilemma." Xander started with a laugh recalling how troubled Rui was.

    "His father had set him into an arranged marriage forcefully and guess who it was?" Xander muttered.

    "I hate guessing," Yera complained as she moved sideways and faced her husband who seemed to be enjoying the fact that Rui was in a dilemma.

    "Well, it's Cali that his father set him up with. The funny thing is, Cali had given him an offer that's good enough for Rui to consider." Xander added.

    "That girl likes giving offers to everyone..." Yera commented recalling how Cali offered to Dion when her grandfather forced her earlier. Xander laughed and excitedly told her wife how Rui was complaining on the other line.

    "That's so easy for him. Why can't he just turn it down. Rui is capable enough and can live on his own." Yera commented.

    "That's what I said but Rui has always been a very obedient son. He always wants to please his father, so he will inevitably agree on it and accept Cali as his partner. His plan right now is to leave to some other place while they are engaged because he thinks Cali is too young to be tied down in a relationship so early in her life. So he will let Cali bloom first and enjoy her youth while he wanders around the world." Xander narrated.

    Keira's face creased, confused she asked, "You mean he will still be forced to marry Cali in the end?"

    Xander had a smirk plastered on his face and commented, "You know darling... I know Rui very well. We grew up together and I can practically read his thoughts. Though he is a loyal son and an obedient one on top of that, he will never agree to something if he himself does not find it to his liking. Rui is a calculative person behind his jokes and smiles. He has a lot of tricks up his sleeve so in short it is too easy for him to get out of that arranged marriage if he wanted to... I think he is into Cali but is unable to accept it somehow."

    "I thought I saw something between him and Dr. Yao... the way they always bickered and he kept her under his watchful eyes..." Yera could not help but voice out.

    "Hmmm... He is afraid of her I think. Hahahaha." Xander answered with a loud laugh.

    "And you?" Yera asked with raised eyebrows.

    "Me? I'm also too afraid of her, you know because of her I always get into trouble with the only woman I love. Geez, I'm even traumatized recalling how you punished me because of her. Can we change the topic now darling, I don't even want to recall those traumatic days?" Xander pleaded because just hearing the word 'Dr. Yao' seemed to be a plague to him.

    Yera chuckled seeing how grumpy her husband was so she pinched his cheek and said, "So sulky... I was just playing with you."

    "Ohhhh... The fishing rod string is moving!!!" Xander blurted out and immediately stood up from his seat. But the couple were startled as Regan's men surrounded them suddenly.

    "Sir please get inside!!!" shouted Regan and a few men moved to cover Xander and Yera.

    "What's going on?" Xander asked, a bit alarmed but he tried to ask calmly seeing his wife's panicked expressions. He felt their yacht start to move.

    "A yacht was heading towards our territory without warning so we have to head back while the patrol checks everything..." Regan explained because it was said that their patrol warned the yacht to stop but it was not stopping at all.

    Yera suddenly paled and got nervous. Xander noticed it so he immediately embraced his wife for comfort.

    "It's just nothing I'm sure... Probably a tourist who got lost in an open ocean darling." Xander whispered.

    "Don't worry the patrol would take care of it and no one would be allowed inside that easily." Regan reassured, seeing the worried Miss.

    "I thought I almost caught a blue marlin... Geez those intruders jinxed my fishing. How dare they," Xander jested to lighten up his wife's weariness because he could feel the sudden coldness on Yera's hands and body despite the hot weather.

    He felt Yera inhaled and exhaled exasperatedly before whispering, "how about we just stay inside the mansion. There are a lot of indoor activities there..."

    "Hm, that's a brilliant idea darling... Let's actually stay inside our room only the whole week instead..." Xander jested more.

    He felt Yera gently hit his chest and muttered, "You're full of jokes..."

    Xander chuckled and pinch Yera's cheeks. "And you darling worry too much and easily get nervous..."

    All the more Xander thought that his decision to leave Yera behind would be the best... He would be out as the target often, and he could then not afford being with Yera and seeing her worry that much...

    Xander hugged his wife while he looked in Regan's direction who looked serious while talking to his men on the radio.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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