362 Your Little Innocent Brother

    As soon as Yera was settled in their room, Xander left her for a while to talk to Regan and monitor what happened.

    He went into the control room of the mansion where Regan was.

    "Who were they?" Xander directly asked.

    "Just a couple on their honeymoon. Their yacht has a problem. They are from the nearby island. The tugboat is now towing the yacht back." Regan explained.

    "Don''t worry... No one could enter Plumeria island that easily..." Regan was reassured because he was aware that the couple was in danger and was hiding at his Boss' Ryu's strictly guarded island for safety.

    "Thanks Regan," Xander muttered and tapped Regan's shoulders before leaving the control room.

    Xander's own security team was outside and he instructed them to coordinate well with Regan. He wanted full protection for Yera and his family once he left.

    Xander sighed because he only had a few more days.

    When he was back in their room, he saw Yera sitting on the bed, crouching.

    "Darling... Do you want to play Jenga?" said Xander as he quickly arranged the board game on the floor. Yera stood up and sat down crossed legged beside her husband as she watched him arrange the blocks.

    While Xander was building up the blocks into a tower, he reassured Yera that there was nothing to get worried about and it was just a tourist's yacht from another island that had a technical problem.

    "Is there a possibility to get photos of those tourists?" Yera mumbled, for some reason she still felt uneasy.

    Xander chuckled and said, "Yes don't worry, they have taken copies of their IDs and have already confirmed their identities."

    He heard another distressed sigh so Xander purposely messed up Yera's hair.

    "Darling, let's ask each other a question before we remove a block. I will ask first before you remove a block." Xander suggested then continued, "What was your first impression the first time you saw me?"

    "Annoying." Yera simply answered and proceeded to remove a block.

    "For real?" Xander gasped in disbelief. Yera chuckled and added, "Yeah, stubborn, persistent and annoying. You said to give an honest answer... So I did. Well, for a moment I also thought you're Bernard who had come back to life..."

    Xander pouted his lips and muttered, "My turn ask me a question."

    Yera grinned and said, "How about me? What was your first impression of me?"

    Xander had a wide smile... 'It's payback time,' he thought as he quickly said, "Ice queen. insensitive and grumpy."

    Yera did not comment because it was true. She just moved and focussed on removing a safe block.

    "Wait, what will happen if the blocks crumble?" Yera asked.

    "A slave must follow whatever it is the master wants. Just as simple as that..." Xander replied with a mischievous grin

    "Ohhh I see..." Yera nodded with a determination to win. She still had days to keep her husband enslaved if she won, and that would be total fun.

    Xander smiled as they continued because Yera was thoroughly enjoying the game and her face had brightened up already with her anticipated win and she was fully focussed in making sure that the blocks would not crumble down whenever it was her turn to remove a block.

    It was Xander's turn and he looked extremely focused but in reality he purposely made a mistake while removing a block, making the entire tower fall on the floor. Yera jumped out on her and screamed, "I won!!! Yeye..."

    Xander intentionally showed his displeasure and scratched his head, acting like he was not happy at losing.

    "Can we play one more like the first three?" Xander asked.

    "No..." Yera firmly asked. She stood up and crawled on the bed. "Come here and give me a good massage..." Yera mumbled but at that time Xander's mobile phone rang.

    Xander put it on speaker phone seeing it was Dion.

    "Hey Dion..."

    "How are you guys there?" Dion asked.

    "We are enjoying... Don't worry bro. Oh wait... By the way, how are you going to address me now? Big Brother or Brother-In-Law?" Xander teased on the other line that made Yera chuckle.

    "How about I call you by your name, Xander? You're just a year older than me so maybe it's better to just say Xander?" Dion answered with a cringe face.

    "Well, it's up to you, as long as you behave like an obedient younger brother I will be good to you, since I'm also your brother now... But if you try to be a little smart with me then I know how to bring you back on track," Xander bantered then added, "How about giving some free time to Rui and let you take care of Yang Globals too? You are capable enough... right... Work out on the merger..."

    "Oh God no..." Dion pleaded and Xander laughed.

    "I don't want to get divorced even before getting married BRO so please NO. I'll call you brother, big brother... so be good to your little Bro, okay? Take care of your little innocent brother properly and don't exert too much work on this poor little thing," Dion begged on the other line because managing Life Hospitals group alone was not an easy task alone for a rookie like him.

    "But I must say... Your genes really come from uncle James..." Dion teased.

    "Hah! You better practice calling him father or dad from now on or else he will get sulky and he loves to punish his son..." Xander scolded.

    Yera chuckled every once in a while hearing all the bantering between the two of them. They continued teasing and talking the same way for a while and Yera's mood lightened listening to their talks.

    "Hang in there Bro. Everything is well here so don't worry and just enjoy your stay there." Dion said before bidding his farewell to the couple.

    "Where were we again darling?" Xander asked with a mischievous smile as soon as he kept the phone.

    "Please prepare a relaxing bath. I will try to give you a good massage like what you did to me. I need more practice..." Yera muttered with a grin seeing how Xander's face crumpled. Why? Because his wife sucks at giving a massage, and she was so rough and presses wrong pressure points as well making your body end up aching badly.

    "Darling... How about I give you the massage instead? I thought that's what you initially requested." Xander tried to convince his wife but Yera nodded.

    "Yeah but I have now changed my mind. Why? Are you complaining?" Yera mumbled with knitted brows.

    "No Master!" Xander answered and immediately went into the bathroom to prepare the relaxing tub.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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