363 Join Hands To Kill Me

    Rui was startled when he saw Cali standing on the entrance of his office. He was even more surprised to know the reason behind the sudden visit of Cali at his office.

    "Hi Dr. Dee, I brought you lunch so you won't have to go out. You see, I've been learning to cook lately to quench my boredom. Grandfather is too busy nowadays in helping Dion with matters at Life Hospitals that he doesn't even have time to taste what I make, so I thought to come over and ask you to do the tasting. Just try a bite and if you do not like the food then we can go out to dine." Cali explained in a row while she prepared the table in Rui's office.

    Rui was speechless and just said, "This is so sudden Cali..."

    "Yes I know, I am sorry about dropping by suddenly like this. But I had already checked with aunt Jean and she said that your schedule today is not very tight..." Cali answered with a grin. She liked Rui's assistant. She heard that she was also like a mother to Rui and found Jean very nice and accommodating.

    Rui gulped because he could now realise that Jean liked Cali seeing she let Cali invade his space.

    Rui smiled at Cali and rose out of his chair to join her on the couch. He felt touched by simple gestures like this. Someone who actually took time to bring him self-cooked food and take care of him was something new for him to experience. It was the first time that anyone tried to show adoration towards him and he couldn't help but appreciate this gesture of Cali in his heart.

    "You didn't have to bother though..." he whispered while he watched Cali put the food in his bowl.

    "I told you I'm bored at home and this is my time pass. It's just a friendly gesture and don't think ahead like I'm doing this to get you to fall for me hard, alright. I mean we have an agreement, and it would be best if we can know each other well and become friends too. So I am trying to know a little more of you." Cali explained. She tried not to stutter.

    Of course she had other motives but what she said was also true. She wanted to start off as close friends at least and know each other more as time goes by.

    Rui was silent because he himself had his own plans. Yes he did agree with Cali but after everything had been settled on Xander's side, he would soon leave Cali without a warning and give her time to understand her real feelings. Because he thought it would be best in their current situation as Cali was a very naive girl who could be impulsive.

    He did not want Cali to hold onto him. He wanted her to spread her wings since she was still young. He wanted her to experience a lot of things while he was not around. That way, Cali could decide wisely whether to end the engagement or not because as long as he would be around her... Cali would definitely hold onto him.

    "Try it.." Cali murmured as soon as he had the bowl and the chopsticks.

    Rui did...

    Cali kept staring at him without blinking and eyebrows arched up, waiting for his reaction on her cooking.

    Rui could not help but grin inside, seeing the frustrated expression of Cali. 'She's really a cute girl.' he inwardly thought, amused with Cali's frowning.

    "What?" Cali impatiently asked because Rui ate another spoonful as if trying his best to double check on the taste.

    "What's this... You're not commenting anything at all. Is it that bad? Leave it, let's just go out and eat somewhere outside." Cali mumbled, feeling a bit disappointed at the thought that the food tasted bad or was not to his liking.

    She stood up from her seat and was about to go when she felt Rui grab her wrist and she was pulled back on the couch. Cali was caught off guard while she felt her heartbeat palpitating erratically once more.

    She cursed as she tried to remain calm and composed because it was just a freaking wrist that Rui held for that short period.

    "I was just joking... Why are you so impatient... Of course it tastes good. You should have guessed that since I took another bite," Rui muttered, grinning.

    Cali crumpled her face and with pouted lips said, "Nanny Shine also said it tasted good but whatever I do it's always good to her so I don't trust her jurisdiction that well. Hmm, Rui... how about I bring you lunch every now and then if you're not busy. Will you mind being my taster?"

    Rui noticed the excitement in Cali's voice so he nodded. It could be a great help to Cali and she would start going out instead of always staying inside her house.

    "How about you visit friends too Cali like you usually did." Rui murmured and prepared a bowl for Cali's meal to join him.

    "Yup I will soon see Shane after lunch..." Cali answered with a bashful smile. Shane was her best friend who was out of the country for a long time. She was arriving today so she would be going personally to pick Shane at the airport.

    After a while, Cali already left Rui's office since the latter had a meeting soon and she then headed towards the airport directly.

    She was waiting at the greeting area for Shane to come out when she heard a man's voice coming from behind.

    "Cali?" It was a very familiar voice. Cali turned and her face cringed seeing it was Josh standing there.

    "What are you doing here?" Josh asked, a bit startled seeing Cali out because the last time he saw her was when she was too adamant on not going out.

    "I am here to pick up a friend of mine." Cali simply answered.

    Josh nodded and stared at her shawl. He had come to drop his mother and stepfather off for their vacation and he seemed to be lucky to accidentally bump into Cali at this point.

    While they were talking he suddenly felt his ears almost deafened hearing a woman scream not very far from him.

    "Caliiiiiiiii... Oh God you bratty ass! Oh God, thank God you're alive," yelled the woman who approached Cali with a tight hug and even lifted up Cali for a swing.

    He saw Cali was crying as she muttered, "Shane! What took you so long! I hate you!"

    Josh gulped because he thought he was seeing a romantic moment between two same sex people at that gesture.

    'Do women have that kind of closeness?' he thought staring at the woman who also looked elegant and beautiful but had a somewhat strict demeanor and harsh voice.

    He blinked several times staring at the two women and was more shocked when he saw the other woman cupped Cali's face lovingly while Cali's arms were still wrapped on the woman's face.

    "Look at you... You lost so much weight dumbass! I should scold nanny Shine later..." the woman whom he heard being called Shane by Cali remarked before kissing Cali's cheeks and pulled Cali once more into a tight hug.

    Cali remembered Josh was still there so she wiped her tears and then introduced Shane to him.

    "Oh this is that bully man!" Shane exclaimed with a twitched face and added looking at Josh, "How about let's all have a cup of coffee together so I can bully you ten folds on behalf of my sister..."

    Josh gulped seeing the evil grin on Shane's face while looking at Cali's who seemed to be pleased seeing him got pale.

    "That's a good idea. Let's go Josh... We will treat you today," Cali muttered.

    'Treating me for a coffee or you two are planning to join hands to kill me on the spot!' Josh quietly thought while he prepared himself to run away but his arms were forcefully caught from both sides and he was dragged by the two women towards the coffee shop with mischief written on their faces.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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