364 The Floor Will Be Very Uncomfortable

    Assistant Ron received a call from Dr. Yao that evening, informing him that she would cooperate and was willing to send a sample of hers for the DNA test that Keira was asking.

    "Thank you Dr. Yao. CEO Yang would be pleased to know that you would be cooperating and are so helpful." Ron said on the other line.

    "No worries Ron. Please also send me the photos and profile of Mara. I want to check and see her too. I will contact you as soon as I'm back in the country," Dr. Yao said and ended the call soon enough.

    "Where is Dr. Yao?" Shan, who also became curious about the look alike case she heard from Rizie, asked as soon as the call ended.

    "She is on a family vacation she said but she was willing to send her sample to ma'am Keira, so they could check her connection with Mara." Ron answered as he prepared the table for dinner.

    "Rizie told me they are really like identical twins, but they found Mara on an isolated island so how is that even possible?" Shan concluded. Like Rizie, her interest was too piqued up about those two women because it was exactly like in dramas where Mara could be a missing or abducted child or something.

    Ron laughed seeing the anxious look of Shan who tried her best to come up with a better conclusion. "You and Rizie should stop wasting your brain cells thinking about it... Let ma'am Keira, Dr. Yao and Mara solve the puzzle. You both should focus on assisting Mr. Dion properly because he's still very new in this role..." Ron scolded because he heard that Dion was having a hard time in handling everything.

    Shan sighed and said, "I know right. We are not as competent as you so CEO Dion is really struggling a lot unlike Boss Xander and Boss Rui."

    It was true, both Shan and Rizie were so unlike her husband Ron who was too competent and very reliable to be left alone as an officer in charge while CEO Xander was away.

    "Let's eat and talk later. Don't sulk there... I'm more experienced of course, so don't compare yourself and Rizie with me. You two will surely learn very soon and be better than me after a few more years in the company besides you know I'm almost always with CEO Xander at all times..." Ron encouraged and filled Shan's plate with food.

    Shan sighed and started to eat. After eating, she stood up to clean and wash the dishes.

    Her thoughts were still about Dr. Yao and Mara then shifted on how she could help their Boss Dion like how Ron was doing at Yang Globals group for Xander and Rui.

    She should take a special lesson and tutorial from her dear husband on the ways to deal with all the work in the office. She hurriedly wrapped up the kitchen work to follow her husband into the living room where he usually still does some of his work.

    "Let me join you..." Shan muttered as she took her laptop and slumped on the floor alongside her husband. Ron had a study area so she did not understand why Ron always preferred to sit in the living room for doing his office work, so she asked him.

    "I'm more comfortable slumping on the floor like this and working, resting my back on couch legs spread in front like this and my head resting like this whenever I get tired," Ron explained by leaning on the couch and leaning his head on where he was supposed to sit.

    "But you can also do the same in your study room. The chair there is more comfortable," Shan murmured, not convinced with Ron's explanation..

    "Hmm, well maybe because of flexibility? I mean I can work anywhere so I probably got used to uncomfortable positions?" Ron explained further.

    Shan was finally convinced, recalling how Ron had the back of his car converted like a bedroom office too. Ron watched his wife who, like him, started working on her laptop...

    'She looks so adorable.' Ron thought and was tempted to pounce on her and wrap her petite body in his arms.

    Shan noticed him staring at her so she asked, "Why? What happened?"

    Ron, with a serious face, signalled with his finger and instructed her, "Come here."

    Shan, although confused, followed. She put her laptop down and crawled towards her husband who unknowingly got aroused with the way she crawled on him.

    Shan's face was close to Ron as she asked, "What happened?"

    Ron lifted the corners of his lips up and pulled her closer and she ended up falling on his lap. Shan grinned when she finally got what her playful husband wanted.

    "Do you wanna do it here?" Shan whispered while she rested her arms on his shoulders.

    Ron pursed his lips and lifted her up while he sat on the couch. "Let's do it on the couch silly... The floor will be very uncomfortable." She heard Ron murmur while he began to shower her with sensual kisses.

    "It's okay... I really don't mind as long as I'm entangled with you," Shan answered with a giggle. The tingling sensation was starting to engulf her body when Ron's hand went inside her shirt.

    "Ron," she moaned his name to tell him something.

    "Huh?" Ron asked, too busy in caressing her mounds.

    "I have started to take pills because I think it's not a good time to have a baby..." Shan informed him because she often forgot to tell Ron about it.

    She felt Ron stop and gently pulled her. "Why not?" Ron asked in disbelief. He wanted a baby soon.

    Shan gave him an awkward smile while she said, "Let's wait a little more? Until everything is fine. I feel like it won't be a good timing to conceive given that we are both extremely busy with our companies. We have the rest of our lives to plan a baby so I think it's better not to have it right now."

    Ron heaved a long deep sigh understanding Shan's point. "Alright..." Ron muttered. He should wait for everything to go back to normal soon.

    He decided he should pester Ralph more to make sure to catch the bad guys soon!

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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