365 His Poor Son

    Senior Yang and Liz got ready to go out for another date but this time it was just for a show. James was contacted by Lucas and he gave him the place and time to meet Ester Chang.

    "Are you nervous?" Liz asked, feeling James' hand that was holding hers was a bit cold than usual.

    James smiled and said, "Sorry it's a bit sweaty right?"

    "Yeah and sticky too..." Liz seconded with a grin.

    James was about to pull his hand away but Liz held it tightly and murmured, "I'm just joking. Relax hon... Everything will go well. I trust Lucas. He has assured our safety so no need to worry."

    James felt warm with her presence and a comforted grin danced on his lips when she used the word hon to address. He tightly held her and nodded at her.

    The car stopped at the meeting place... They were at one of the well known art galleries in the capital city that was owned secretly by the Quan clan and had a secret room for special meetings of the Quan Clan. This room was being used for confidential meetings and James was grateful that they let it get exposed to him and Ester so that the two could meet.

    James and Liz went inside. They saw many visitors inside who were apparently art lovers. Lucas had already instructed James on how he could proceed to the secret room using the restroom as one of the passages.

    The secret room had a few entries and one of the entries also was from another building for people who didn't want to appear in the same place to meet. This kind of setup was very meticulously built for maintaining secrecy as well as assuring the safety of the involved parties.

    Liz was left behind in the gallery to look around the art pieces as James went into the restroom where one of the Quan Clan's members was disguised as a janitress. James went in a particular cubicle at her signal and counted the tiles on the wall and pressed a pattern and the door covered with tiles suddenly opened swiftly.

    He immediately stepped inside and closed that secret door and walked into the passage as instructed by Lucas. There were other passages that probably led to other rooms or locations.

    He went as instructions were given to him and turned left after walking for 5 minutes and then turned at the second right after another 5 mins. After walking for a few more minutes he saw a door with special characters as told by Lucas and James entered that door.

    "Hello James... I'm Lucas." a man of probably the same age as him was sitting on the sofa and he extended his hand and introduced himself. James accepted his hand and thanked the man for his great help.

    Lucas smiled and said, "It was nothing. My father had been trying to maintain the peace between Clans before me, but it was too impossible because of Yun and Marcus... So we want to help you guys to bring them down and restore peace."

    Lucas looked at his watch..."Ester is supposed to arrive in the next three minutes." he muttered.

    While waiting, Lucas briefed James with things he knew about Yue Clan.

    "There are four siblings of the main King. Kanya's father is the oldest then Ester followed. Years passed and their father kept a mistress and the woman gave birth to Marcus and Yun. You see, there was a big age gap between Ester and Marcus. Marcus is just about your age and Yun is a year younger than Marcus. When the proposal of allocation of power came into question, that was when the conflict began in the family. In short, Marcus and Yun, neither of them are entitled to lead the clan." Lucas explained.

    Now, James could get a gasp of what was really goin on.

    Lucas said that Ester was a woman and was not killed since she could no longer bear a child when Marcus led the clan but her son was killed and her son's wife went missing but was found dead too. She had a grandson but Ester faked the baby's death for his safety and she lost him and still doesn't know his whereabouts.

    "That... look... I know it's quite impossible to believe what I told you but everything is true. All this fight for power, the killings, everything is real in the Yue clan. We all clans like to keep our privacy intact and hence all the killings happened in disguise, probably most of the clan people are also unaware of these killings... To be honest the only solution you have is for Ester to ask for an audience, where all clan leaders would be present. However, you will need to present a convincing evidence to prove her claim that the Yue Clan was eliminating everyone that had the real bloodline." Lucas continued.

    That was why James needed to meet Ester in person to convince her and join hands with her. They needed intel but the only safest way to coordinate with Ester was by meeting her directly. Lucas couldn't be a medium since he could only visit Ester with Chad once because of the upcoming election as an alibi but doing it twice would be suspicious already.

    Passing messages to each other was not that easy either.

    "It looks like she will not be able to come today seeing that she's already two minutes late. Go back to Liz... I'm sure something came up urgently or she was tailed for her not to proceed. I will contact you should there be another opportunity. I'm sorry James." Lucas explained.

    James shook his head and said, "Don't be Lucas. Helping us like this... My son and I are more than grateful..."

    James went back and when he saw the green light on the spot where he came from he pressed the button to open the door to exit. He was back in the restroom and was washing his hands when a man entered.

    James dialed Liz's number and said, "I'm sorry Liz... My stomach is acting up on me. Is it okay if we leave soon and go back home instead. Where are you? I'll be going out of the restroom now."

    It was just an act in case they were being tailed.

    James went to where Liz was and the two went out to go back in their car.

    Looking at James downcasted look and dropped shoulders, Liz no longer needed to ask the result. She grabbed James' hand and gently pressed it. "It's okay... I'm sure at some other time everything will go as planned..."

    Liz instructed her driver to stop over at a pharmacy so she could buy a stomach medicine for James. It was instructed by Lucas because they were for sure being followed or monitored somehow.

    James watched Liz go out and sighed. His poor son... his Xander... His heart was aching badly hearing Ester's story from Lucas and the thought that the same thing would happen to his son and his grandchild.

    "Oh God..." his lips were trembling in fear. He would do anything. He would beg Ester with bended knees just so she helped him for that audience Lucas was suggesting.

    He wanted to save his son... Tears fell from his eyes but he quickly wiped it seeing Liz was now walking back to the car.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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