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    Liz could feel the weariness of Senior Yang who went directly inside his room as soon as they were back home.

    She immediately grabbed her mobile phone and sent a message to James.

    [I'll be there in five minutes, if not, read this again...]

    Then Liz grabbed some ice cream from the fridge and quickly headed back to James' room after five minutes.

    She knocked on the door and when the door opened she smiled and said, "Ice cream?"

    James smiled as Liz went in. Her text message made him chuckle too. Liz went directly to his balcony and gave him a bowl of ice cream as they sat beside each other.

    Liz heard James sigh so she grabbed the ice cream from him and fed him by her own hands instead.

    "Ahhh...Open your mouth so you can concentrate on sighing while eating the ice cream..." Liz said in a jest and James was obedient enough to follow whatever she said.

    "I don't know how relaxing it is for men but eating sweets helps me so much in lightening up my mood and lessening my distress... back then, I ate a lot of ice creams, cakes and desserts when I found out that I was pregnant with Dion and that his father was already married... After eating a lot of ice creams and desserts for a few days my mind calmed down and I could think with a light heart. Then I decided to keep Dion and raised him on my own. I really had a rough time throughout. I bet all parents have a rough time raising their child though..." Liz narrated as she continued to feed James.

    "Dion grew up to be such a fine man... And I'm sure he's very proud of you..." James commented.

    "Yes... Same with Xander. He's definitely so proud of you James. You are doing your best for him. Do not fret because your son is strong and a fighter. We parents could not help but worry too much when our children are in danger. Even seeing a single scratch come on them can make our heart cringe in pain. I know you're worried right now James and that's natural..."

    "But I want you to know that, I will be here for you... I'm always here to share your burden with. Whatever it is that's in your mind or in your heart, you can always confide in me. Use my shoulder to cry on, if you need to. Don't keep it in yourself because letting it all out will help you breathe better...." Liz added and she felt James' head rested on her shoulder.

    She could feel his warm tears falling on her shoulders.She turned towards him and hugged him while she gently patted his back.

    "That's okay... Everything will be fine soon. Let's keep on praying and trust God will be in control of all these things," Liz whispered and gently stroked James' hair too.

    James felt warmly comforted, for so many years he did not realize that it would be much better if you have someone to share your problems and griefs with. He rarely ever cried because more often than not he tried to laugh and smile off all his problems.

    He felt his heart lighten as he cried all his pain out for the first time in comfort of someone's presence.

    "Thank you..." he whispered to Liz while he sobbed.

    Liz continued to gently stroke his back. She loved to stay with James and it was a privilege for her to be his comfort at times like this.

    "How about we go and watch a comedy film in our mini theatre later?" Liz jested.

    James chuckled and jokingly answered, "How about another horror thriller film instead?"

    Liz reddened as she recalled what happened in the theatre recently.

    "You naughty..." she teased and continued to pat and stroke James back.

    James gently pulled out from her embrace. Liz raised her hands and wiped the remaining tears on his cheeks with the back of her fingers.

    "You feel better after crying?" Liz asked in a low and soft voice and James simply nodded.

    "You know, we can also try shouting at our mini golf yard if you want to vent out your frustrations... I do that too. I even throw plates and cups and break them too sometimes... Haha thinking they are my enemies, those bashers, who threw a lot of bad words at me and judged me like they knew me so well. Later, do you want to try it? You just think they are the bad guys who want to hurt Xander. Oh, I see boys try the baseball bat, and keep on hitting the ball thrown towards them, maybe that's best suited for you since throwing plates are more for women like us... Hehe." Liz suggested.

    James smiled and gently caressed Liz's cheeks. "Thank you," he lovingly whispered.

    Liz wrinkled her nose and bashfully leaned in to give him a peck on his lips. "That's nothing... I want to do everything I can for you James. I love you..." Liz muttered.

    James kissed her forehead and pulled her in for a warm embrace. He was still a little hesitant in saying those words to Liz but in his heart, he could feel that there were more feelings towards her than just liking Liz, a deeper feeling...

    "Shall we try the baseball bat thing next?" Liz muttered in excitement, seeing how James would flex his muscles.

    James chuckled, still hugging her tightly and savoring her sweet scent.

    "I don't think that is needed. I feel much better now and besides..." James paused.

    "Besides what?" Liz asked.

    "Hmm, besides I prefer to watch a horror film with you... for more cuddling and smooching!" James candidly whispered in her ears.

    Liz's cheeks reddened because her heart couldn't take such straightforwardness from him...

    She was a bit shy but she managed to murmur, "Alright... Let's do that then. I prefer it too than watching you hit baseball balls. Cuddling and smooching sounds really better..."

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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