368 We Are Now One**

    [Warning: Explicit mature scene - skip if you're uncomfortable or underage!!!]

    Rizie was too excited to get home. She first decorated her condo unit with candles and rose petals as she wrote some naughty notes for Dion and placed them all for him to pick easily.

    She had long thought on how to make their honeymoon exciting so she was very much prepared except that of course she did not expect it to be in her condo unit but she did not mind.

    "This is it! The long awaited moment..." she mumbled with a giggle. When everything was ready she cooked a quick meal but she doubted if they would even feel the hunger later. Rizie squealed at her own silly thought.

    She would light the candles once Dion was almost near the area. Rizie immediately ran into her bathroom to clean herself well and jump into the lingeries her sister-in-law Keira gave her. She had gifted Shan the same because she got the idea from her sister-in-law who gave her the things but hers was different from Shan.

    Rizie wore her floral bouquet lingerie embroidered with gorgeous and oh-so bridal white lilies with a garter belt that looked so alluring and seductive on Rizie's perfectly shaped body.

    For a touch of the bridal look... Rizie put on an allover lace, floor-weeping beauty of a stunning white robe.

    "Perfect!" Rizie praised in satisfaction seeing her own reflection in the mirror after fixing her hair making them flow down on her shoulders, with a bit of messy style that made her look more seductive. She even pouted and bit her lips to practice her expression as soon as her husband arrived.

    She then proceeded further and set up an auto repeat of a sensual piece of the music on her music system too... Soon, she got a call from Dion who was on his way to her apartment. She bit her lips unconsciously as she felt her heart begin to throb and her stomach crunched.

    After a while, she received a call from the lobby as soon as Dion entered the elevator to go to her floor.

    "This is it!" Rizie echoed as she positioned herself on the bedside of her bed. She sat with a sexy pose, crossing her legs and exposing its smoothness. Her hands were leaning on the bed while she slightly arched her body exposing a bit of her cleavage.

    Not so long later the door opened and she saw her man rushing inside in his briefs.

    He paused seeing her on the bed. She could see his eyes blazing with flames of desires. Rizie gave him a seductive smile and whispered, "Come here..."

    Dion gulped while his breath ragged seeing how his wife was looking so hot at that moment. He moved and gasped when Rizie touched his chest with her playful fingers down to his brief. Rizie bent and Dion could feel her warm breath on his belly button.

    He growled when he felt her teeth screeching on the garter of his brief. He was dripping already when Rizie pulled it down with her mouth and hands.

    He could no longer take it so he immediately pulled her up to kiss her lips and quenched his thirst or else he would burst.

    Rizie worked her way to touch Dion while he kissed her. He was groaning where her hands tried to tug his hard shaft. It was damp already and she felt Dion stopped her hand.

    "You look so lovely..." Dion gasped in his hoarse voice as he began to lick and suck on her neck and touched her body as soon as her robe fell from her body, claiming each part of hers as his.

    Rizie moaned when she felt his hand caress her breasts that were still covered with a bra. He immediately removed it to feel her warmth.

    She arched her body when his tongue trailed his way down. "Ohhh..." Rizie moaned, feeling Dion's fingers teased her peaks then sucked it in his mouth. Her hands started to grab his hair for support as her body arched for more.

    Her husband never failed to do wonders in pleasing her hard peaks. She felt her body gently laid on the bed while Dion removed her remaining undergarments with his teeth then hands.

    Rizie was holding her breath as Dion's mouth lowered. Her legs were on his shoulders and she groaned in ecstasy as his tongue started to lick her sweet folds.

    "I will make you scream love..." Rizie heard Dion whisper and Rizie bit her lips when she felt his tongue licking her small nub then sucking it alternately.

    She was already screaming his name in pleasure that her hips were moving on its own, dancing with the fingers she felt Dion thrust inside her opening while his mouth was still taking care of her little nub.

    Soon Rizie's body convulsed as she reached her first orgasm. She pulled Dion and begged, "I want you now... please... take me complete me Di..."

    Dion who was also dying to claim his wife immediately positioned himself between her thighs. "I will be gentle and tell me if you want me to stop." Dion whispered before he gently pushed his shaft inside Rizie's tight opening.

    He paused hearing Rizie's discomforted moans and feeling Riizie's nails dug on his back.

    "Don't stop..." he heard Rizie whisper as she pulled him down for a kiss before she arched her lower body to signal Dion to continue. Rizie felt the pain but the thought of uniting with her husband quickly replaced it with an overwhelming desire.

    She tightly wrapped her legs onto her husband and danced with his gentle rhythm that gradually accelerated. She was too wet while Dion continued to suck on her nipples alternately while each thrust of his shaft was giving her mixed pain and pleasure.

    They were both moaning in pleasure and ecstasy... Rizie reached her second pinnacle and Dion quickly followed... Bodies both trembling while still entangled with each other. Both were catching their breaths as their lips met again...

    "I love you..." the two whispered in chorus.

    Rizie hugged her now husband tightly and whispered, "We are now one..."

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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