369 Blood Sisters

    At Lim Villa Hotel \u0026 Resort

    "What? Are you sure?" Josh burst out as he listened to his assistant's report.

    "Have you investigated properly about that?" He reconfirmed and his assistant Leo nodded.

    Josh crumpled his face... The owner of a villa not far from theirs had sold his villa to someone and Leo said that the new owners were planning to build a ranch too with hotel and resort just like the Lims'

    "They still have a long way to stabilize themselves," Josh muttered with arched brows.

    "Do you want to see the new co-owners?" Leo asked, informing Josh that the said project was a business partnership between two people.

    "Are they around the area?" Josh asked and Leo nodded. "The project has already started and they are here to check how the renovations and constructions are going on." Leo explained.

    Josh immediately jumped in his car to go and have a quick look at things there. He reached the place in less than thirty minutes. Like their villa, that place was actually a very good spot to compete with them.

    He stepped out of his car to have a closer look at the things. The construction was ongoing as Leo said. He thought he really needed to prepare himself for the incoming competitors. His eyes narrowed when he saw a familiar figure not too far with a helmet on her head and was talking to one of the workers.

    "Cali?" he mumbled in shock as he blinked his eyes several times to make sure that he was not just hallucinating.

    "Isn't she a real beauty and worth drooling?" Josh heard the voice not far from him and he unconsciously mumbled, "Yeah..."

    Then he realized what he said and also that the voice was familiar so he quickly turned at his side. He almost lost balance as he stepped back and terror crossed his face seeing the evil grin on the woman's face.

    "You?!" he gasped in shock.

    "Yes me, bullyman... Did you miss me?" Shane mumbled with a wink, enjoying the alarming and frightened look of Josh.

    Josh's face paled. Shane was a beautiful woman but behind that mask of beauty hid a scary tomboy. Yes she was a tomboy who talked and moved worse than a man!

    "What's happened to you? You look as if you've seen a monster. Do I look like one?" Shane asked with pouted lips and knitted brows.

    'Yes you are! You *ss hitter!' Josh wanted to yell recalling how the woman spanked his butt when he met her for the first time at the airport. She really treated him like he was a horse.

    Instead, Josh kept all his thoughts in his little heart and gave her a half smile.

    "By the way, wipe here..." Shane added signalling him to clean the corner of his mouth.

    Josh unconsciously touched it at the thought that there was something but he saw Shane giggled and whispered, "Right there... A lot of smudge from drooling just by looking at Cali."

    Then a loud laugh followed that made Josh's face turn crimson red.

    Josh immediately composed himself seeing Cali was approaching. Shane looked at him with sympathy while she shook her head.

    "Are you aware that Cali is now engaged to Dr. Rui Dee? A formal engagement ceremony will take place this weekend." Shane nonchalantly commented as she smiled to Cali who was waving at them.

    Josh's face paled once more, hearing that information.

    Shane sighed, pitying Josh, she added, "Well... I think it's still possible between you two as long as they aren't married, you might stand a chance. I haven't met that Rui yet but I have heard a lot of good things about him from Cali..."

    "Why are you telling me all this?" Josh whispered, thanking that Cali stopped walking towards them to talk to another worker.

    "It's because you look so pitiful? Well good luck bud..." Shane mumbled as Cali finally reached them.

    "Are you already that well enough to go out like this now?" Josh asked Cali in a worried tone when she reached near him.

    "Of course yes. By the way why are you here?" Cali casually asked.

    "I heard that a new villa resort like ours will be... Wait..." Josh paused realizing the knowing look and meaningful exchange of glances from Cali and Shane.

    "You two are the business partners?" Josh grunted in disbelief.

    "So now you are spying on us?" Cali asked with a knitted brow.

    "The heck... Why here of all places but? And why almost the same establishment as mine?" Josh complained.

    "Why not dude?" Shane scoffed.

    "Geez, stop calling me dude. It sounds so awful hearing it from a woman like..." Josh could not help but voice out. Looking at Shane who dressed like a prima donna like Cali. She talked in slang and it was irritating him.

    "What's wrong with calling you a dude? I like it..." Shane teased, giving Josh a mischievous grin.

    "To answer your question why here, is simply because I find it nice here... I noticed your family business is doing well and I happened to see this area was on sale so I thought why not ask my grandpa about this land and then convinced Shane to be my business partner since she's a business admin graduate." Cali explained as she looked at the vast land with shimmering eyes.

    Josh sighed. The two girls were best of friends and claimed that they were blood sisters. 'Even in business they wanted to become sisters!' Josh mused.

    "Shane... You haven't seen Josh's villa right. Let's go and visit his resort to get a few more ideas." Cali said as if Josh was invisible and could not hear their morbid plans.

    "Josh, show Shane your success and tell her how and what all you did in growing your business. Come on. Did you know how hard I have tried to convince her to partner with me in this business? I need her to get inspired by seeing your villa resort," Cali encouraged with a smirk seeing how Josh's face soured.

    Josh's eyebrows arched as he muttered, "My family will be happy to see you."

    "I hope so... A few days ago I asked Rizie to explain to them my entire situation so... I'm not sure if they will be happy to see me..." Cali whispered with a sad tone.

    "You mean they now know you're not my girlfriend?" Josh reconfirmed and Cali nodded. No wonder his family suddenly was not pestering him about Cali.

    Meanwhile, Shane shook her head once more, looking at Josh. She knew the feeling in Josh's heart right now, so she could not help but pity the man.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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