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    [Warning: Explicit mature scene - skip if you're uncomfortable or underage!!!]

    Rizie woke up with the tingling feeling of little kisses on her back. She moved a little and felt pain in her nether region and entire body. She was suddenly reminded of what all happened the day before and a sweet smile crept up on her beautiful face when she recalled her first night spent with her husband. The feeling of belonging and being one made her heart swell with happiness.

    "What time is it love?" she sluggishly whispered. They both were supposed to go to work early that day, but her entire body was sore and she felt too lazy to even open up her eyes.

    Dion heard the word love from her mouth early in the morning and instantly was filled with overwhelming emotions. His feelings for her ran deep in his heart and even after a night full of passion and making love with her several times, he still didn't feel satisfied and wanted to stay stuck with her endlessly.

    He kept kissing her on her bare back and said in between his small kisses, "It's already five in the morning. You better just rest in the bed some more. I have already informed Shan that you will be taking an off today. I think I have drained you too much..." Dion whispered. He wanted to get up and get dressed but seeing his sensual wife lying on the bed alongside him, her soft skin brushing against his and just the image of her without anything under those sheets was driving him insane.

    While he was so lost in his imaginations and kissing her, he heard her weak voice saying very sweetly to him, "Yeah you did drain me but I loved being drained by you my dear husband... and i can feel that you're planning to drain me some more again..." Rizie jested with eyes still closed as she turned around flat on the bed and hugged her husband who was too busy kissing her.

    She was too tired and sleepy but her husband was igniting fire inside her body that she could not help herself but answer his kissing and touching with her moaning. She pulled him closer and deepened the kiss, savouring every inch of his mouth and enjoying every touch of his hands on her breasts and back. Dion suddenly moved and took her left breast in his mouth sucking the soft pink areola and biting it gently making her hiss and then moan in the painful pleasure.

    Dion spread her legs wide and sat in between to rub his hard erect shaft on her moist and sticky entrance, taking it up to her hard nub and sliding it back to her welcoming valley. Rizie was moaning in pleasure and biting her lips in order to keep herself sane and not beg him to enter her and fill her with himself.

    Seeing her frustrated looks Dion smirked and asked in his husky voice, "Say that you want me inside."

    Rizie, who was waiting for his thrusts, looked at him with her requesting eyes and open wet lips. "I want you inside me love." she moaned, obeying her husband's order.

    Immediately Dion thrust his shaft deep in her and they both moved together to bring each other to the pinnacle of ecstasy. Rizie came first and Dion also immediately came inside her, filling her again with his liquids. Dion lied down, holding her in his arms. He was panting hard as he tried to bring his breathing to normal.

    Dion earlier thought of not disturbing her in the morning and just left the bed after giving her a kiss but he ended up doing more than that and took her once more, lured by the soft and tempting body of hers behind those sheets.

    He stayed with her for a while and then got up making her sleep in a comfortable position.He covered her with a comforter properly before he went to clean himself, took a bath and got ready to leave for the office.

    "Sleep more, and be fresh by the time I come back so that we can restart with our sessions my wife." he whispered before giving her a kiss on her forehead and hurrying up to leave for work or else he was afraid he would again be tempted to miss an important meeting just to stay with his wife under those sheets.

    When Rizie was finally awake, it was past noontime already. She smiled seeing a flower was kept on the other side of her bed. She was still sore from an overnight love making exercise, but it was worth it. She was aware Dion had left early because of an important meeting. Her husband was full of energy the entire night and he even made love to her once before leaving her snuggling in the bed to go to his office.

    She was so tired that she didn't bother to get up when he left, but slept more. "He must have put this before leaving..." she thought as she sat on the bed and grabbed the flowers.

    "They're so beautiful..." she whispered and noticed a card inside.

    [Our marriage happened so suddenly, so please forgive your husband for this plain present. These flowers are like your presence in my life... because you bring colors in my dull life Riz. Thank you for taking me as your man. I know it was a struggle for you taking up that courage and I'm really grateful that you overcame that... Thank you for loving me back... Thank you for marrying me... I love you Rizie... Let's grow old together...]

    She grabbed her mobile phone to message Dion and giggled seeing she had an unread message from him.

    [I will be home as early as I can. Don't skip meals... I have already cooked brunch for you, just heat it up and eat and... wait for me... I love you too much...]

    Rizie's face reddened as she anticipated another passionate union once her husband arrived.

    "Ouch..." she cringed with pain as she moved out from the bed. She felt so sticky so she decided to wash herself first and then go to the kitchen to eat. As she stood up she felt her legs shiver and weak, and walking the first few steps were a task for her. She cursed her hyperactive husband for luring her again and again the whole night while going to the restroom directly.

    As soon as she was cleaned up. She walked out of the room and noticed that everything was already clean and tidy. "Wow such an efficient husband," Rizie muttered and a sweet smile crept on her glowing face. She then headed to the kitchen since her stomach was already in protest.

    Rizie heated the food and as she sat down to eat, the last night played like a movie in front of her eyes and involuntarily, she blushed deeply. She started missing her husband again and felt really lucky. "We would definitely grow old together, love." She mumbled before digging on the food her husband cooked.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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