371 Observant Pair Of Eyes

    At Lua's Residence

    "Do you like him that much?" Shane asked while she watched Cali bake some sweets and cookies for Dr. Rui Dee in their kitchen.

    Cali gave her a cute wink and several nods that made Shane laugh.

    "Yeah I shouldn't even ask since it's too obvious seeing you're sparing a lot of efforts to please him and get his attention directed towards you." Shane commented because Cali was the most lazy type of person she had ever seen and would not often make efforts for anything since she could just ask her nanny or other helpers to do it.

    "I know right? I feel so inspired that I bother to do things with my own hands for him. It's because I'm in love, Shane. I am really in love with him. Rui probably doesn't feel the same way yet but I know he likes me..." Cali whispered.

    "Hmm, just the age gap between you both... Anyway, we'll see. Let me rate him once I meet him later. Isn't he busy today?" Shane asked.

    "Aunt Jean said, he will be free for lunch so I called him to ask and he agreed to have lunch with us." Cali excitedly announced.

    "Haha... Geez you even call the assistant aunt..." Shane teased.

    "Aunt Jean is like his second mother already. She's not just an assistant but is very respected by him. She's even more close to Rui than his real family." Cali mumbled while she put the cookies in the box.

    "How did you know all this? Did Rui tell you everything?" Shane asked as she tried a piece of Cali's cookies.

    "Nope... Aunt Jean told me his story..." Cali whispered and a glimpse of sadness reflected in her beautiful eyes.

    "She trusted you that easily?" Shane muttered and was about to get another one but Cali hit her hand.

    "Stop eating... It's for him. I'll just buy you better ones, our favorite cake later..." Cali scolded that made Shane twitch her face.

    "I don't like Rui!" Shane grumbled.

    Cali's brow arched and asked, "Why?"

    "Because you forsake your sister for just one cookie because of him." Shane mumbled because the cookie did taste so good so she wanted to have more.

    Cali laughed and pinched her face. "You... Stop overreacting and support your sister. How about I treat you later at dinner at your favorite seafood place?"

    Shane did not budge so Cali handed her the box and said, "Here get as many as you want."

    Shane grabbed the box but Cali seemed to have a hard time letting it go so Shane rounded her eyes and said, "He still has one more box full here! Don't give him a lot of sweets or else he will blame you for having a high sugar level and gaining weight!"

    Cali crumpled her face and released her grab on the box. She watched Shane eat her cookies happily. She bet it tasted good. She pictured Rui eating those cookies like how Shan was eating them. For some reason, she wanted to give Rui a lot of happiness just with simple things.

    She too was startled when Aunt Jean seemed to trust her enough to almost tell her about Rui's life. Aunt Jean said that she could feel that Rui also trusted her that's why she felt happy and relieved that it was her who Rui's family agreed to marry him with.


    At Plumeria Island

    "That's good then. But then Mara probably has her own complicated story if she is indeed connected to Dr. Yao." Yera heard the conversation of her husband on the mobile phone.

    As soon as the call ended, she called Xander back on the blanket they spread on the grass. Yera took out the food they had brought in their baskets to prepare it. They were having a picnic at the wide farm on Ryu's island under the mango trees.

    "That was Keira's call. She had received Dr. Yao's sample for DNA testing. I wonder what would be the result..." Xander muttered as he sat down beside his wife.

    "Hmm, it would be good if the DNA matches, it would mean that Mara happens to have a family of her own. Anyway, let's go eat lunch now. I cooked this all for you, so you have to eat it all. I don't want to take any food back and I want to bring empty baskets as we go back..." Yera mumbled as she handed her husband the bento box.

    Not far from their resting place, they could watch a few workers who were very busy in harvesting and farming. Regan said that the island workers also lived on the island with their families. Ryu's island was a completely developed place and also had a community area for worker residents with a hospital too to accommodate their workers who would get sick.

    "Everyone knows each other here... So you don't need to worry." Xander heard his wife speak upon noticing that Xander was observing the workers too much.

    Xander sighed and continued eating. He was still not feeling at ease and his gaze again swept past all those working people. Though Regan had reassured him too that no one could get in and out of the island without being checked but his heart today was not at ease.

    The weather that day was very nice and pleasant and everything was too peaceful. Xander finished his food and so did Yera then he lay down for a little rest with his head on Yera's lap while his wife gently stroked his little grown soft hair. Yera smiled gently looking at the handsome face of her darling, his hair was growing and that made him very happy. As Yera streaked her fingers in his hair Xander opened his eyes and looked straight into hers.

    It felt so good just smiling and staring at each other like that. "Are you sleepy?" Yera asked lightly. Xander smiled and nodded.

    "Then sleep for a while..." Yera whispered while she hummed a song and looked at the workers. Her husband would leave soon and she would be alone on the island while she waited for her father-in-law and soon to be mother-in-law to accompany her.

    Yera shifted her gaze back to her husband whose eyes were closed. He was breathing heavily already, indicating he had already dozed off to sleep. She grabbed her mobile phone to get some shots and selfie with her sleeping husband.

    From afar, a very observant pair of eyes stared at the couple resting under the big tree. "I haven't seen you before." One of the workers asked.

    "Yes, I'm one of the new doctors... I was lost while strolling around and saw the fields and you all harvesting and farming here."

    The worker smiled and showed the new doctor on how to go back to the hospital.

    The new doctor turned a little and swept a quick glance at the couple under the tree and with a smirk commented, "Aren't they a feast to the eyes, so good to watch. Such a sweet couple."

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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