373 Kissing Is Done Like This

    Rui dropped off Shane first to her home and then drove to Cali's home afterwards.

    He was about to go out and open the door for her when they arrived but Cali stopped him.

    Rui looked at her and asked, "what is it?"

    Cali gave him a timid smile and bravely said, "I told you earlier also that I like you, I really do... but I don't want you to feel burdened by this fact... If you are uncomfortable with whatever I'm doing or what I am about to do please don't hesitate in telling me otherwise. As you must have seen, I'm a carefree person and I want to do whatever I wish to everytime."

    Rui suddenly got nervous seeing Cali's serious expression. 'Why do I feel like I'm digging a pit for myself?' He thought.

    "Hmm, I wanna try other things also with you. Honestly, I want to do a lot of things... But most of them... Uhm... most of those things that I want to do are such that I want to try  with the person that I like... so... if you don't mind uhmm..." Cali was stuttering as she put forward her feelings.

    She had already practiced her words many times but delivering it actually in front of him seemed to be a bit hard.

    She cursed herself as she reddened. She considered messaging Rui about it in a text message instead but then she thought that it would be best to tell him in person because she wanted to see his expressions when she told him her heart out.

    "Cali..." Rui whispered. He couldn't find the right words because he himself was confused about a lot of things but he was sure of something... That was, that he was not ready for getting into a relationship right now.

    "You see I'm not ready for a relationship..." he started.

    Cali quickly answered, "Yes I know Rui, so I'm not demanding anything at all. Just let me do what I want to do. I told you I'm an easy person to talk with and would never mind whatever you said. Again, if you're uncomfortable with whatever I'm going to do then you can tell me directly and I wiĺl stop right there."

    "Alright." Rui simply answered. So far there was nothing to be uncomfortable with. To be honest, Cali was like a breath of fresh air to him and he was enjoying her company.

    Cali timidly smiled. She wondered if she should ask permission first for what she was going to do or just simply do it. But then it must be best to say it to Rui first lest he got mad.

    "I am going to do something right now because I'm really willing to and curious about doing it..." Cali said as she leaned closer to him.

    "Huh?" Rui was confused by what she was saying.

    Cali gave him a mischievous smile and moved closer. Her face was only an inch closer and it made Rui's heartbeat skip a beat...

    "I just want to try that intense kissing like I see in the movies. Teach me..." Cali whispered. Her warm breath touching his parted lips in awe.

    What happened next really caught him off guard and he was left completely stunned.

    'Oh My God!' Rui was frozen and didn't know how to respond, he was almost panicking as he felt warm and soft lips on his own. This was the second time Cali had attacked his lips but this time was different than the first one.

    Her lips were lousily moving on his mouth, gently sucking his upper and lower lips. She even paused in between for a few seconds and then moved her lips again.

    She obviously did not know what she was doing. She was just an ametuer.

    He arched his brows and was still trying to figure out his feelings when he felt a wet tongue sliding inside his parted lips.

    Rui was in a dilemma at that moment. There were two voices buzzing each in his left and right ears... one was telling him to push Cali away while the other one was telling him to pull Cali in his embrace. It was more like an argument between his mind and body.

    His mind wanted to remain rational but his weak body wanted to surrender and correct Cali's mistake and teach her how a kiss should properly be done.

    Rui's entire body wanted to react whereas his mind rejected his urges. He was undergoing extreme torture at that moment.

    Cali on one side showed immense courage and went forward to kiss him. On the other hand she was feeling embarrassed because she knew what she was doing was very immature and in a very unskilled manner given that Rui was not responding at all to her kiss, so she stopped and started to pull away.

    With an inch away from their lips, she stopped and whispered with a bashful smile, "It's my first time ever kissing and I know I'm a pathetic kisser..."

    She was about to retreat when she felt Rui's hand slide on her shoulder, reaching to her nape and heard him whisper, "This is not how you do it . The proper intense kissing is done like this."

    Cali opened her mouth to say something but Rui's lips already crashed on hers. Her heart was in turmoil inside her chest with that sudden attack of sensuousness.

    She closed her eyes and unconsciously wrapped her arms on Rui's neck, tightly sticking her entire body with his.

    She was shivering as she felt all the fireworks were rejoicing with her at the back of her head. She could feel the butterflies fluttering inside her stomach.

    Rui's mouth moving on hers felt so good that she copied what he was doing and a soft moan unconsciously escaped her when his tongue slid inside teaching her tongue how she should probe deeper and fence with him in a sensual way.

    She could taste him... Well they had the same dish so they probably tasted the same but for some reason... It tasted sweet. 'Wait what sweets did we eat?' She mused, recalling they also drank wine so maybe that was why she felt so drunk with his way of kissing.

    Without her knowing, Cali was already on Rui's lap when she accidentally pushed something with her elbow leaning making Rui's car honk.

    She quickly opened her eyes and jumped back to her seat. Rui too came back to his senses... But before he could talk, Cali quickly gave him a peck on his lips and said, "Thank you. I'll head back in now. Drive safe!"

    Dumbfounded, he watched her jump out of his car and ran inside their mansion door.

    "She could trip... Why does she have to run like that." He muttered with a creased forehead. Then cursed while he started back the car's engine.

    "I must leave as early as possible," Rui worriedly mumbled.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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