374 A Quickie**

    [Skip if you're uncomfortable... Mature content ahead.]

    "Shall we tell everyone about our marriage?" Dion asked Rizie when his wife brought him some tea in his office.

    She sat on the couch to check the files she was working on the table then answered, "Hmm, I think it's not necessary. They will only tease us."

    A few moments later, Rizie did some stretching and looked at her husband.

    Their eyes met and Dion winked at her before moving his neck and massaged his nape.

    Rizie suddenly had a naughty smile. She then stood up and walked towards her husband to sit on his lap.

    "Someone might come in..." Dion hoarsely hummed when Rizie sat on his lap and seductively wrapped her arms on his neck.

    Rizie pouted her lips and gently massaged his neck and shoulders.

    "Feeling tired?" She whispered with a smile as she continued to caress and massage his shoulders.

    Dion groaned because Rizie's hands were relaxing however he was getting aroused at the same time.

    He could feel his groin was swelling while his imagination was starting to go wild. He still felt like he was starving for his wife still and irrespective of how many times he took her he could not get enough of her at all.

    Rizie on the other hand also had that feeling and wanted to get intimate with her husband as much as when she got any chance. She bit her lip and her face reddened while she bluntly suggested, "Let's have a quickie. I have already locked the door and even turned off the cctv camera."

    She would usually do that whenever she would get some alone time with Dion in his office because she longed for some privacy between them especially when Dion was not expecting any visitors.

    Dion felt his blood boil in passion again. Perhaps his wife could read his body language. "A quickie? I'm not familiar with it. How about you teach and guide your husband about it?" He teased with his sexy smile.

    Rizie wrinkled her nose with her husband's teasing while her cheeks were like ripe tomatoes already. "Stop playing innocent. Hmmp." She scolded while running her fingers from her husband's chest down to his trousers.

    Dion growled when he felt his wife's hand gently caressing and squeezing his groin.

    "How come it's already hard like this. I'm yet to start." Rizie whispered in awe.

    "Just your skin brushing against mine can make it swell like that. Don't you know by now?" Dion whispered with a grin.

    Rizie had actually anticipated doing wild things such as this in the office and her wildest fantasy was about to come true at that moment.

    She watched her husband close his eyes while she started to unbuckle his pants to remove his hard little brother from inside it.

    His length was fully erect once more, waving at her to take it and play with it. She tugged it and gently stroked it with her hands. Hearing her husband growl in pleasure made her smile with satisfaction.

    "A quickie should be fast right? How fast do you think we should do it." Rizie murmured, busy with stroking her husband's length with her hand and playing with its tip with her fingers.

    She was startled when Dion grabbed her waist, pulled her a little up and pulled her panties down and quickly placed her on his lap.

    "It should be fast like this..." Dion whispered while he raised up the hem of her dress exposing her entire legs.

    Rizie gasped when she felt Dion grab her breasts. He removed her coat and unbuttoned her shirt while unhooking her bra,  exposing her breasts before him without undressing her fully.

    "Start now love..." she heard Dion begged. She bit her lip when Dion's attention was focused on her breasts... Feeding on them and making her wet between her thighs. She moved her buttocks up to slide his length in her but she missed, and  brushed into her slick folds.

    She felt good so she brushed it more followed by a moan as soon as it slipped inside her opening. Her husband kept on nibbling on her nipples left and right making her ask for more.

    "Maybe we shouldn't make it quick. I want to make it a bit long..." she panted while she gently rode him on his chair. She wanted to prolong it because the pleasure was just so great while her husband squeezed the cheeks of her buttoks, then simultaneously licked and sucked her nipples.

    Dion would actually burst out soon but hearing his wife moaning in pleasure and begging for more, he tried to control himself as much as he could.

    Rizie was burying herself deep, moving in speed... Up and down then she would swirl that Dion could almost see the star in her beautiful face that stared back at him.

    Their misty eyes were not breaking its connection with each other. Dion pulled Rizie's arching body to claim her lips. He could hear her sweet moans of ecstasy in between his kissing.

    He could feel her inner muscles tightened, contracting... Giving him more pleasure...

    Soon both reached their climax at the same time...

    They were panting hard while hugging each other. "That's not a quickie..." Dion whispered with a chuckle, calming his breath down.

    Rizie laughed and said, "put your clothes back on quick! Maybe that's why it's called a quickie because we have to compose ourselves quickly."

    Dion knitted his brows but instead of putting his lower clothes back, he put it on the couch and even removed his top to follow his wife inside the bathroom.

    Rizie who just finished at washing herself up was startled to see her husband who had a naughty grin or his face. She looked down and her eyes rounded seeing his length was hard once more.

    "I will teach you how a quickie is properly done love..." Rizie heard him speak.

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