375 The Same Dilemmas

    Xander and Yera were having breakfast when Yera suddenly said, "Let's play hide and seek after breakfast."

    "Huh?" Xander muttered while he filled another spoon for his wife. They looked funny having their own plates but feeding each other instead of eating themselves. Yera just fed him with a spoon of rice so it was her turn to eat now.

    If only he could he would not let the day to end...

    "I will hide and if you can't find me in an hour then you will have to bring me with you wherever you go." Yera muttered in a serious tone.

    Xander felt nervous while he whispered, "Darling we have already talked about this."

    He was scheduled to leave tomorrow early morning before the sunrise.

    Yera had a blank expression on her face and she continued, "I'm giving you an hour. Don't tell me you can not find me in that span of time."

    Xander gulped hearing the challenging tone of his wife. "Alright... But if I find you in less than an hour... No ifs no buts... you have to do whatever I say and obey me unconditionally."

    "Deal." Yera simply answered before feeding him with the last spoon of his food.

    After some time the couple then started to play the hide and seek game where Xander counted loudly from the door and Yera would hide somewhere inside the mansion only.

    As soon as he counted to three hundred Xander checked his mobile phone and smirked.

    'She did not say anything about how I should not find her, so it is not cheating so...' he thought as he checked Yera's signal and his from his mobile where he could see if he was getting near her or not.

    Yera was not aware that her wedding ring and other accessories were installed with a tracker. It only took him ten minutes to know her location and it was inside their bedroom.

    His smart wife probably thought that it would be the last place that he would check since he would not expect her to hide there for sure.

    He quickly put his mobile phone in his pocket and quietly opened the door. He was grinning broadly thinking how he was going to scare her like saying, "Come out come out wherever you are..."

    But was shocked to see his wife sitting on the bedside table as if she was waiting for him.

    She was in her robe and Xander gulped when Yera looked at the wall clock and turned his gaze on .

    "That was quite fast darling. So how did you cheat?" Yera directly asked him though she already knew her husband could find her that easily.

    Xander grinned and unconsciously massaged his nape in embarrassment. He could not lie to his wife at all. A guilty expression was so obviously written on his face.

    "Come here..." Yera instructed with narrowed eyes and Xander obediently walked towards her.

    "Don't you know it's bad to cheat..." Yera scolded with arched brows.

    Xander pouted his lips and justified, "But when it comes to finding my wife I'm willing to do it by hook or by crook... fairly or by cheating..."

    Yera controlled herself from smiling and maintained her strict face while she said, "You should be severely punished for cheating."

    "Okay darling. But still I won and found you in less than an hour so now you will have to obey whatever I say." Xander reasoned.

    "Alright but since you cheated I will have to punish you now." Yera insisted.

    Xander gulped, wondering what his wife would punish him with now.

    Yera finally wrinkled her nose and said, "You have to do another strip dancing..."

    Xander opened his mouth and asked, "Seriously?" He felt that his punishment was too easy

    Yera nodded and even played a song for him to dance.

    Xander gave her a sensual smirk and started to shamelessly move and gave his wife a good performance.

    Yera could not help it anymore as she burst out in laughter. "Stop it already darling. You're so hyperactive..." she commented.

    "But I only removed half... Just my shirt... My short is still on..." Xander complained.

    Yera, with a seductive smirk, signaled him to walk towards her and when he was almost near, she grabbed the garter of his shorts to pull her husband.

    She touched him while not breaking her gaze at him. He groaned when she started to stroke him. This would be their last day and Yera wanted to please her husband well.

    She could feel him growing in her hands. She pulled his shorts and started to pleasure her husband using her tongue, mouth and hands.

    Soon her husband stopped her when he felt like he was about to explode.

    She was already naked beneath her robe and was ready for him so Yera removed her robe, laid on the bed and opened up for him.

    His husband's thrust was deep and sudden. Yera accepted him inside her wholly. Tears filled in her eyes because she did not want that day to end. She did not want to separate from her husband...

    "I love you..." Yera kept on whispering in her husband's ear while she danced in his rhythm of love.

    "I love you..." Xander whispered too all over again.

    Yera kissed him fiercely like there was no tomorrow. She felt her body tensed and so did he... Then both reached their pinnacle.

    Yera felt her husband's weight on top of her as she gently stroked his hair. Both of them were silent. Buried in each other's warmth. No one dared move because both had the same dilemmas...

    They did not want to get separated from each other.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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