376 Chaos In His Peaceful Life

    At Lim's Villa Hotel and Resort

    Josh almost felt his heart jump out from his chest seeing Cali's number blinking on the screen of his mobile phone.

    "Is she really calling me?" he whispered. He was feeling nervous and overwhelmed at the same time because it was the first time Cali contacted him first and called him like this.

    He immediately answered it with an ear to ear smile, excited to know why Cali called him.

    He coughed to clear his throat before answering, "Hello..." Then hearing Cali talk on the other line without a pause, what started as a gust of sweet wind ended in a burst of shock, "What?! No way! Seriously?"

    When the call ended, Josh's shoulders dropped in disappointment. Apparently, Cali called him to ask for a big favor. Josh unconsciously cursed his twin sister who started everything. People now often ask him for favors!

    'What do they think of me? Their lackey or something?' he mused as he walked towards the reception area of his hotel to fulfill Cali's request.

    'They are trying to compete with me in business and now even asking me for favors like this? Shameless! Do they think I'm a good samaritan, huh?' he continued to complain inwardly. Still blaming his twin sister inside his head who sent chaos in his peaceful life. As if Cali was not enough, and she even brought another chaos with her.

    He was giving instructions to his manager when minutes later, his gaze shifted at the woman who was now approaching the reception of his hotel where he was at. One of the chaotic souls who would surely bring havoc to his peaceful life was smiling widely at him at that moment.

    "What a good timing," he fizzled, wondering if he would ignore Shane who was with her luggage and was about to approach him.

    "Are you disappointed?" Shane greeted him with a sweet smile and blinking eyes. ���I'm sorry about it but it's the safest place for now. I promise I will behave under your mercy comrade Josh," Shane added with an awkward smile seeing the crumpled face of Josh. He was obviously not pleased to see her. Well, she could understand since she had bullied him a lot whenever she got the chance to.

    But now she would not do that because Josh had agreed to help her and let his resort become her shelter and safe grounds.

    Josh sighed and looked at his manager and scorned, "She would stay in one of my private rooms. Treat her like she did not exist..."

    "Huh? I'm sorry, Sir?" his manager asked, wondering if their president was serious or not.

    "What I mean is make sure that her stay here is confidential. She's in hiding, remember that... We're in code red until I lift it up." Josh muttered before guiding Shane to her room.

    "What does code red mean?" Shane asked as they walked to the hallway.

    Josh's hotel was not just a simple hotel given that the previous owner was his older brother Zach who was now in the military. There were a lot of secret areas and secret passages for important gatherings and confidential meetings. They also used the private rooms as a safe house. This resort was made exactly with the mind of an army general...

    Cali was aware that they have private rooms that were good to be used as a hiding place since she occupied one of them before but Cali of course was not aware of their other uses.

    "It means a criminal is in hiding," Josh scoffed before entering one elevator that would bring them to a private floor that was not accessible to other guests.

    Shane pouted her lips and mumbled, "Why all your jokes are not funny at all. Cali hates such empty jokes."

    Josh opened the door with his fingerprint in the biometric scanner before saying, "It's not a joke, Shane..."

    Josh narrowed his eyes while he tapped at the door's keypad, then pulled Shane's hand to place her fingers in the biometric scanner then he opened the door to enter the room that was a spacious suite.

    Josh signaled Shane to sit on the couch and he sat down on the opposite couch to face her. "What did you do this time, Shane? Cali told me you will explain the details once you arrive. So tell me now..." Josh asked with all ears and eyes at Shane who gulped and said, "Do you mind if I drink some water first? Travelling here just by commuting is very tiresome..."

    Josh rolled his eyes as he stood up, got bottled water in the fridge and handed it to Shane. He watched her almost finish the entire bottle in straight gulping...

    She even burped in front of him and laughed while she said, "Sorry!"

    Josh shook his head, Shane was the total opposite of what she portrayed in outer appearance. She dressed sophisticatedly but when she talked and moved... 'Geez, what a turnoff,' Josh couldn't help to muse.

    Shane inhaled and exhaled loudly before exercising her mouth to talk.

    "I ran away from my family. I will be dead meat if they find me." Shane started.

    "That's it?" Josh asked with knitted brows. He expected more details from Shane.

    Shane sighed. She came from a powerful clan. Well, she was not among the royal bloods but was just a mere long distant relative, but her parents were loyalists who strictly followed the rules of elders to maintain stability in their family. The clans were having two factions and to show their family's loyalty, they should agree to marry her to the King's handed man but they should not disclose this information to anyone.

    'Fuck that king.' Shane cursed. He was still in a coma and she wondered why he couldn't just go to the other world and leave so a new era could reign!

    Shane cursed out a long sigh. It was Raine's fault. The woman promised that she would soon make changes under her ruling, but until now she could not still sit and secure the freaking throne.

    Shane inwardly scolded herself for bearing such evil thoughts and quickly apologized that she did because she knew it was not good to think bad like that for others but she just couldn't help it because their clan was in such a great mess that even simple members like her would have to get involved in their political issues.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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