377 A Mate For Me?

    Josh watched Shane's conflicted expressions while she seemed to be drowned in fathomless thoughts.

    "Just how deep in trouble are you to space out like that while talking to me?" Josh snapped out, still waiting for detailed information from Shane.

    Shane helplessly looked at him. She couldn't hide at Cali's place because her family knew about their sisterhood and Cali would surely be the first person they would look for in order to find her.

    She only saw one solution for her problem. It was to conceive a child so no one would want her for marriage for being such a disgrace in the family, but the problem was, she did not have any man in her life at all. It would be good if she could find someone who would marry her first, but men were afraid of her the moment she started talking.

    Hopefully, the mess in their clan would soon end, for that they would need a new leader, and a new protocol to be established by that leader. They were now in the new age, for goodness' sake, and yet the rules they followed were ancient rules!

    "Hey!" Shane went back to reality seeing Josh waved his hands in front of her face.

    "You okay?" he asked. Shane nodded and looked at Josh from head to toe. The man was equally handsome, but not as manly as Dr. Dee. He would be a suitable match for her blood sister too if she must say.

    "Do you want me to help you with Cali? But in return you have to help me too." Shane straightforwardly asked.

    Josh was becoming impatient because until now, Shane was not giving him the exact details of why she needed to hide out so he asked, "Tell me first why you need to hide Shane."

    Cali did not elaborate things on the phone but she asked him a favor to take care of Shane while she stayed inside his hotel and he had to make sure that no one would find out about her existence in that hotel especially those who were looking for her just in case they looked there. Just hearing the stuttering in Cali's voice, Josh could tell that it was something big.

    Cali even said please to him many times... Asking him to keep Shane safe since she could not protect her blood sister at that point.

    Shane heaved a deep sigh and summarized the scenario, leaving out the involvement of the clan she was involved with.

    "My family wants to marry me off to an old fat wealthy man double my age, so I ran away. I would probably consider if he was someone worthy. Ahhh! But wherever I look at him, in and out - Geez... I can't...I cant imagine him as my husband" Shane started with a twitched face.

    "Can't you not just talk it out with them? With your family?" Josh's advised.

    'I already did, but I'm part of an abnormal family from an abnormal clan! So talking it out like that is not very easy!' she wanted to voice out.

    "No, you don't know about my family and how strict they are! They will do everything in their power to bring me back and marry me off to that old man! The only solution is that I get married and conceive a baby before they capture me again!" Shane yelped. She wanted to at least choose a man to her liking! She could not picture how she would be with a man she did not even find right to her age.

    "Do you have a lot of friends? Male friends?" Shane suddenly asked Josh. No one among her circles would have a relationship with her upon knowing her character and how nasty she could be. They often called her a tomboy in a mask. What could she do? When she grew up surrounded by men all over her family, so she was like one of the male dudes under her dress?

    "You're insane..." Josh shook his head as he could already see what Shane would ask next.

    Shane stood up and sat beside Josh. She abruptly grabbed Josh's hand and tightly clasped it in between her hands. With blinking eyes Shane pleaded, "Please help me out and find a mate for me?"

    Josh's face cringed in terror. He couldn't get used to Shane's choice of words and usage at all. 'Mate? Is she an animal to use the word mate?' he mused. He often used it to his herds! Finding them a mate to multiply.

    Seeing the disapproved look on Josh's face, Shane dropped her shoulders and murmured, "Might as well kill myself than marry that old hooligan!"

    Just seeing herself with Mr. Long was suicide for Shane. Imagining the old man grinning with his golden front tooth in front of her. Shane wanted to cry, but tears just couldn't fall at all! She could not... No, she would not forgive her father and brothers for agreeing to that despicable marriage! She wanted to puke...

    "Stop that, Shane! Why will you kill yourself? There's always other options and solutions to everything!" Josh scolded.

    Shane's lips curved up at that sentence as the sudden hope surged deep inside her.

    Then a beautiful smile swept on her face as full of hope she said, "Oh, you suddenly look handsome in my eyes Josh! Then I will trust you with my life... Please help me with those options and solutions because whatever directions I look at there's only one option and solution in every direction for me. And that's having a mate!"

    "For goodness' sake... Stop saying the word 'mate'!" Josh reprimanded. He was not getting a good vibe with such a word.

    "What term do you want? A husband? A lover? But I think a helpmate is best suitable for my current situation..." Shane naively continued.

    Then she even added, "I need a helpmate just for breeding and coupling."

    She did not need a husband. Honestly, she would prefer to be a single mother, but to shoo Mr. Long off... getting married could be an advantage too, but getting pregnant would totally dissolve that agreement between her family and Mr. Long.

    She could just go with artificial insemination, but she was afraid of hospitals or undergoing procedures such as that for some reasons. She tried getting laid with some random men but... she backed out in the last minute...

    While Shane was deep in her tormented thoughts, Josh too was in a dilemma looking at the woman in front of him differently. He wondered what he did wrong in his past life to have such a complicated life and getting involved with such complicated people.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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