378 Surely Come Back Soon

    At Chen's Mansion, Country V

    Senior Yang with Liz went out into the city's largest library to get a confidential note about the next meeting from Lucas. He was still new to those ways of communications and he was grateful that Liz was with him to accompany him while his father-in-law would decipher the messages because they wrote it like a puzzle.

    Senior Yang felt like he was playing a part in a spy movie. Last time, it took time for his father-in-law to properly interpret and complete the information on the notes he gathered.

    James and Liz went separately to check the books out for all the clues. James first looked in the fantasy and sci-fi genres sections. He flipped every page of the book he would hold like checking and reading something, then put it back. Liz also did the same, in every book she touched.

    Then finally James went into the romance genre section and looked at the novel of one known author. It was the author compared and praised by a certain fan on the books fan page account of the news anchor turned author, Gavin Wu.

    Lucas contacted them through that webpage where his team monitored the comments on Gavin Wu's page for his books.

    A particular commentator was Lucas' alternate id, using this id he praised Gavin and compared his writing to a particular author and novel.

    Senior Yang flipped the pages and saw a note kept in that book. He secretly pulled it out and kept it in his pocket. Like the first time they arranged the meeting, the time and place to meet must be there in the note this time too.

    Liz and him took some time to read together in the library before they went out and headed towards the restaurant given by Lucas to eat lunch where the waiter handed him a brochure. Liz kept it in her purse because Lucas' further instructions were there.

    The Chen's were very familiar with things like these, but they cut it down to Liz because Liz and Old Master Chen both agreed that they would not let Dion get involved with things like these besides the responsibility of writing of Mirage's History was already passed down to another writer.

    "This is marvellous news. Ester will help even if you don't beg James. She is now making a move. You don't even have to meet her, James. It won't be wise, she said. She will be in direct contact with Lucas... and Lucas will relay everything to Chad... Chad will pass it to Keira..." Old Master Chen's face cringed because of how complicated their means of communication were.

    "I guess Lucas and Ester will have a direct communication from now on. I thought that wouldn't be better..." Liz commented.

    "Well, they probably reanalyzed the situation and found this method will be the best to not expose her helping hand in Xander's case. So all we need to do now is to wait." Old Master Chen commented.

    "You both should inform your son and prepare to travel soon... Your task here is done, James. Ester will contact Xander through Keira. They state it there that Xander should be the one to be present as soon as she could ask for an audience." Old Master Chen said, and next he explained the Mirage Trial.

    James heaved a long sigh as he listened. Old Master Chen said that Xander would be safe under the Mirage system's protection during the duration of the trial, since it would be the Quan clan who would secure Xander's safety.


    At Plumeria Island

    Xander prepared a special evening for his wife as this was his last night at Plumeria Island with her.

    He had arranged a candlelight dinner in the spacious balcony of their room where Xander serenaded his wife by playing a guitar under the moonlit sky.

    Yera watched her husband, who sang a soulful song as he played the guitar along with. His voice was so warm and soothing...

    I had found what I've

    Searched to discover

    I've come much too far

    For me now to find

    The love that I sought

    My dreams come true when I looked at you

    I am taking your love

    Along with me in my heart

    This waiting is gonna be the

    Sweetest of wait in the entire life of ours

    Because my love, you're a dream come true

    Yera blushed while her husband was looking deep into her eyes while he hummed and gave her his most loving smile.

    Yera moved her chair next to him instead while she rested her head on his shoulders. Xander placed the guitar on his side.

    "Do you think I can be an Idol?" Xander asked afterwards with a grin.

    "Darling, you're much better than an idol." Yera said with a giggle.

    Xander pouted his lips and said, "I will leave early while you would still be sleeping. I have heard that the Kens will also visit and stay with you while father and aunt Liz are still in country V to settle various things."

    "Just make sure you keep yourself safe because I will rush to you without giving any thought if I don't hear from you three times a day... and I'm dead serious when I say this." Yera whispered.

    Xander exhaled a frustrated sigh and embraced her wife. "I know. You will for sure hear me not only three times a day But I will call you as often as I could and even video call, not just voice call."

    "I have to leave and go away but it will be like a blink of an eye and I will surely come back soon." Xander added, assuring his wife that their parting would not be for too long, especially now that they have heard good feedback from Ester Chang, his mother's aunt.

    Xander enclosed his wife into his embrace as they watched the twinkling stars in the night sky.

    The night was interminable, and after a while they started dancing to slow music while cuddling each other like there was no tomorrow.

    "Are we going to stand and hug each other, swaying like this all night?" Yera asked her husband because he seemed to have no intention in breaking out of the hug.

    Xander laughed and said, "why? Are you tired already?"

    "Let's go inside..." Yera whispered and that moment understanding her meaning, Xander carried her up in his arms inside their bedroom to give her another night filled with passion and love. She wanted to be entangled with him the whole night through.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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