379 Did You Miss Me?

    Rui would unconsciously touch his lips with his thumb every now and then. Jean noticed this act of his whenever she would enter his office for any work.

    She shook her head and could no longer help but comment, "What's wrong with your lips, son?" She walked on his table to pass some checks for his signatures.

    Rui met her gaze and gave her an awkward smile. "Nothing Jean, just that my lips are a little dry..." he replied.

    Jean's eyebrows arched, not convinced with his answer when Rui's lips did not look dry to her. Besides, she knew his body language pretty well and knew that whenever Rui told lies his ears would always turn red, so she shook her head and muttered, "I thought you've been kissed by a bug and they got swollen..."

    Rui's brows knitted because of the teasing voice and smirking of Jean. He twitched his mouth and mumbled, "Yeah, that ladybug... is really bothersome..."

    Jean sighed and said, "I think she's not. I find her cute and entertaining, she is such a naive girl."

    Rui pursed his lips. 'How come Jean can always read him.' he mused as he watched her leave with a grin. He knew that Jean liked Cali very much. And who wouldn't when Cali tried her best to please not only him but also his second mother? Then the thought of pleasing his family almost made him puke. He hoped Cali would not extend her effort into doing that.

    The ringing of his mobile phone suddenly interrupted his thoughts. He immediately answered it, seeing Xander's face on the screen.

    "Did you miss me? Come to my office if you did." Xander's voice roared in his ears.

    Rui stood up from his chair and exclaimed, "You went straight to the office?" He knew that Xander was arriving today, but he should at least rest a little after travelling.

    "The mansion is vacant, so I preferred to rest in my office. I will only feel empty if I stay there and Yera is also not around." Xander muttered on the other line.

    Rui rushed out and headed towards Xander's office. He saw Xander talking to Ron as he went inside his office.

    "Geez... really? Aren't you tired from your journey?" He asked with concern. Well, he knew Xander had already recovered well, but he was still worried.

    "Geez, Ron... Look at how our Mr. Psychiatrist is too worried. Come here and give me a hug instead..." Xander jested and Rui twisted his face and sat comfortably on the couch..

    With a grumpy face, Rui stated, "Since you're back then I can finally roam around... Gosh, my feet are itching already. I wonder where I should travel next."

    One corner of Xander's lips lifted as he teased, "Hmm, can you bear leaving a beautiful lass behind? How about your fiance? I received an invitation for your formal engagement ceremony..."

    Rui pursed his lips. Ever since Xander found out about Cali, he always teased him whenever he got the chance.

    "Next time I won't even bother to tell you anything," Rui mumbled, which made Xander laugh as he sat on the opposite couch and signaled Ron to leave.

    "So moody. It's just that I'm happy for you Rui. Cali seems to be a nice girl, she is very likeable I should say. In fact, I have also noticed another person who adores her too, but his way of showing his affection to her is a bit different." Xander intentionally uttered because he wanted to see Rui's reaction.

    "Who? Dion is already married!" Rui blurted.

    Xander's eyebrows collided and said, "I'm not talking about Dion. Wait! What? Isn't his wedding scheduled for the next month?"

    "Well... He and Rizie got it registered first. The two of them are just quiet about it right now. I just accidentally heard it from Ron since Rizie requested Shan to be the witness as they registered their marriage." Rui elaborated.

    "Oh, I see... So I now have another person to tease and even blackmail for a while now." Xander commented, thinking how he would make fun of Dion and tease him for registering his marriage suddenly.

    "Well, who is it?" Rui suddenly asked, almost in a whisper.

    "Huh? What? Who what?" Xander asked, grinning silently while watching Rui's conflicted look.

    "Who is the person who you said..." Rui was stammering and Xander could no longer control himself from chuckling.

    "Geez, was it so hard to ask? 'Who is that man you said that adores Cali?'" Xander pinpointed. His friend looked so funny right now with a flushed face. Never in his wildest dreams had he imagined seeing Rui blush like that.

    "Wow this is epic." he prodded and even grabbed his mobile phone to video Rui's face.

    "Stop that Xander! You're so childish..." Rui grunted.

    "And you? You're more childish than I am, you know. Anyway, Cali was introduced as Josh's girlfriend to the Lim's family and I was there as Dion's family. Josh is Rizie's brother... And he's young and quite handsome. Well, he is the one who had helped Dion in his complicated relationship with Mr. Lua before. But that was all not real and things just happened because a situation came up suddenly. Just that, when I look at Josh, as a man I can tell Josh likes her..." Xander explained and added more abstract details to put more salt and spice in the story.

    He was grinning while he could tell that Rui was trying his best to compose himself and was refraining from asking for more details.

    "Well, Cali chose you anyway, and I heard from aunt Jean that all is going smoothly, pretty smoothly rather... So why do you have to leave?" Xander commented as he poured tea for Rui who heaved a frustrated sigh.

    Xander, though in a faraway place, wanted to make sure that his loved ones were all safe, so he took time to check on them, especially Rui.

    "Why is aunt Jean talking a lot lately, that too about Cali," Rui complained.

    "You can't blame her... Like me, she too is excited to see you with a woman. It's time for you to be deflowered, my virgin psychiatrist..." Xander candidly teased, followed by a crisp laugh.

    "Stop that Xander! Cali is still too young!" Rui hissed.

    "Hmm. She's in her twenties already, Rui. A bit young for your age, I agree, but it's just a number. Just follow your heart, Rui... Anyway, it's up to you. I think three years is more than enough for both of you to decide and sort out your feelings. Just so you know, once you leave, I'm sure Cali's admirers will flock around her, maybe then she might just fall for any of them forgetting you." Xander added and stared at his friend as he tried to read him.

    "Stop that, Xander Yang. In this room I'm the only person capable of reading minds by observing their faces and expressions." Rui scoffed while Xander only squinted his eyes on him, twitched the corners of his mouth in response.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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