380 One Of The Males

    Dion and Rizie visited the Lim Villa at the weekend to pay respect to the elders and wrapped up the last arrangements for their wedding ceremony that would be held at Lim's Villa and Resort.

    "Is it true that you're hiding Cali's friend at your place?" Rizie whispered to Josh while they were having lunch.

    "Unfortunately yes. Why do you have to confirm when Cali already told you about it?" Josh snorted.

    "Well, she informed me, but I don't have exact details. Anyway, she wants me to check how Shane is doing since she can't make contact from now on to prevent Shane's family from tracking her down." Rizie muttered.

    "You can visit her anytime in the hotel." Josh commented. He could not help but sulk at the thought of helping a competitor. 'How can anyone be that shameless?' he mused recalling how Shane was now incessantly bugging him about teaching management technique, wanting him to mentor her so her business with Cali would become successful.

    And the worst part of it was him becoming a 'husband hunter' for her! Shane calling him 'my husband hunter' made him puke. He wondered since when he became so good to people and so much so that he almost has become a lackey to shameless women!

    "Maybe you are right. I'm the most unlucky person in the world," he grumbled at Rizie.

    "Huh?" Rizie breathed, confused about what Josh was gibbering about.

    "Just finish eating and come with me to see that tomboy!" Josh mumbled. His days were no longer peaceful after Shane arrived.

    Rizie laughed, seeing the temper of her twin brother while she teased, "What's with your face? Are you that irritated?" She suddenly got excited to meet Cali's best friend that seemed to get on her twin brother's nerves that much.

    After lunch, Rizie left Dion with the elders while she left with Josh to check the hotel and visit the function hall to be used for her wedding and discussed things with the wedding planner.

    "Dude!!!" Rizie was startled with the loud voice coming from behind and her eyes widened to see a woman in her casual blouse and shorts resting her arm on her twin brother's shoulders like they were close buddies.

    She saw Josh's face crumple as he immediately flicked the woman's arms away and hissed, "I won't help you if you don't stop calling me dude... and your arms take them off me!"

    The woman pouted her lips and said, "I'm sorry, dud... I mean Josh. I just can't help it. I'm used to doing that to boys around me. Why are you always grumpy? Chillax man."

    "I'm not a boy, Shane. For goodness' sake! How can I even find you a husband if you won't stop acting like one of the males! Are you really Cali's best friend? Geez, can't you at least act like how a normal woman should be." Josh scolded with flaring nostrils.

    "Why? Do I need to be prim and proper to be Cali's blood sister? Excuse me, Cali likes and loves me the way I am! Besides, I'm pretty normal! Don't make it sounds like I'm an abnormal woman," Shane scoffed.

    Josh shrugged his shoulders and just brushed his face with his palm.

    Although shocked, Rizie could not help but arched a brow and formed a wicked grin watching the two of them in front of her like she was invincible there. "So you're Cali's friend." she whispered in awe.

    "She is?" Shane asked while staring at Josh. Rizie smiled and introduced herself, then gave Shane a mobile phone and a new number that she could use. The two women headed back inside Shane's room to talk.

    "Cali asked me for this favor and please ask for anything else you will need." Rizie offered after hearing about Shane's situation.

    "You're safe in here, Shane. Even if they found your location here... They won't be able to get you as long as Josh is in here." Rizie reassured her while she sipped her tea inside Shane's room.

    "I'm sorry to ask about this but do you have any male friends?" Shane candidly asked.

    Rizie laughed hard and said, "Trust Josh. He's better in finding you a husband because I suck at it, you know. Besides, most of my friends are females. Josh could easily tell who would be a suitable match for you. That's okay, keep on pestering him. My twin brother is a generous and patient man and loves to help those in need..."

    "But I think he's annoyed with me," Shane stated.

    Rizie shook her head and said, "Nah... trust me. It's just his normal attitude. Just be good to him and do whatever he says then he will help you all out."

    Rizie sneakily looked at Shane from head to toe. The woman was outstanding in her looks too like Cali just that her aura was like of a rough and bold girl and very boyish. But would be fit enough to reign her twin brother.

    "Did you consider asking him to help you out? I mean, him helping you act as your husband? Or he can also be your husband?" Rizie suggested with a glimpse of teasing.

    Shane's eyes enlarged as she exclaimed, "No way!"

    "Why not?" Rizie asked of curiosity.

    "I want to live, please. Do you want your twin brother to kill me?" Shane exaggeratedly said that made Rizie laugh.

    True, looking at how Josh was treating Shane, she would end up dead if she suggested such a thing, but Rizie could not help but to dream to partner her twin brother with a woman she found more suitable. Cali was no longer available for Josh, so she believed Shane could be a fit candidate instead.

    The chatting was interrupted when Rizie's mobile phone on the table rang and Xander's face from the wedding appeared on the screen. She saved it as a thumbnail on Xander's caller ID.

    Shane saw the photo and unconsciously grabbed Rizie's mobile phone to have a better look. "This man looks so familiar..." she whispered but realized it was not her phone.

    "Oh sorry... here..." Shane apologized and handed the mobile phone to Rizie who excused herself for a while.

    Shane tried to recollect where she saw that face...

    Rizie went back to her seat after the call and snapped her fingers to Shane when she noticed Shane was spacing out.

    "That's my brother-in-law, Xander Yang. You probably saw him on tv or magazines or news, that's why he looks familiar," Rizie commented.

    She was startled when Shane suddenly tapped the table and out of herself burst, "The twins! He looks exactly like the Yue twins!"

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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