381 Long Engagemen

    Rui distanced himself from Cali since that last encounter with her when they kissed. All that happened was too alarming for his plans regarding their relationship. He had a fair understanding of her feelings towards himself but being the kind of person he was, he couldn't help but still think all of it was her infatuation and not love.

    He also thought of her to be immature and very young. Though somewhere he felt attracted to her and her warmth touched his heart in many ways, he yet could not accept his feelings for her.

    Every time he picked up his mobile phone, he saw a lot of missed calls and unread messages from Cali, but he ignored them all. Even Jean was sulky at him because he clearly told her not to disclose his available schedules to Cali or else he would replace her for being disloyal.

    He wanted to leave as soon as he could, but a few more things remained to wrap up before he could go to country V. He volunteered to stay there to coordinate closely with Chad. He would personally monitor the extensive project that Yang Globals group had been establishing there. It would be a good alibi and a good excuse as well to stay out from Cali's sight.

    [Are you avoiding me? Sorry about the kiss. Promise I won't do it again. I will refrain from asking you for any tutorial or help about it. Please don't ignore me like this.]

    He cursed, reading a particular message from Cali.

    "Is she planning to ask others instead?" he mumbled as he analyzed and interpreted the other text messages. He knew that Cali was in her prime age where she was getting curious about a lot of things, especially about relationship matters and goals.

    Jean came inside his office, and still with a long face, poured him some tea.

    "Jean, I will leave soon so stop sulking and don't make me feel bad about it. I don't wanna leave you having a grudge against me." he jested with a smile.

    One of Jean's brows lifted as she said, "You should at least talk to her and properly say your farewell. Do you know how bad she will feel if you just disappeared without telling her at least something? Tomorrow will be your formal engagement ceremony with her. Cali told me you two have an agreement and she will understand you whatever will happen later, but still show her some respect as her fiance."

    Rui of course knew that, but he felt that it would be better to leave Cali hating him in her heart rather than not because he knew she was a very stubborn woman. She was the type of girl who would cling onto him and keep going around him, if they parted ways in a good way. Cali would only stop clinging if she somehow hated him.

    "Jean... I know what I'm doing so please let me handle my matters myself in this matter. Trust me... I'm doing what is best for her..." he firmly said with a serious face.

    Jean let out a long sigh. Somehow, she could see Rui's point because she herself felt that Cali was too young for him. But Cali seemed to be mature enough for her age, yet Rui had his doubts.

    He simply did not want to snatch Cali's youth away... He wanted her to at least enjoy a few more years of her life being single and experience what life could offer her during those years. He wanted to give Cali enough time to think and decide what she wanted in life.

    Marriage was such a sacred thing for Rui that he did not want to have a broken family in the end...

    "Rui, you know I love you so I will always support you. Don't worry about me, I understand...." Jean specified with a smile before leaving Rui's room but at the back of her head, she knew what she had to do to meddle well in that matter.

    That next day, Cali was all groomed up for the formal engagement ceremony between their families in one of the most prestigious hotels where they reserved a private room fit for both immediate families at the long table.

    Cali's family was at the other side. Well, she only had two people with her, her nanny Shine and her grandfather. Rui's family were all present, including his two brothers and their wives.

    The talking went well and as usual the elders talked more about business, expansions and merger while Mrs. Dee talked to her and Rui about their wedding plans.

    Cali could see the displeasure on Rui's face, so she interrupted, "If it's okay with you... I don't want to rush the wedding. I want to do a few more things before the wedding. I want to stay engaged with him for a few years before finalizing the wedding..."

    She was well aware how Rui would only follow what his father wanted him to and also how strained his relationships with his stepmother and half brothers were who did nothing but give praises and their smiles.

    Cali might be young but she was a very mature girl who understood enough about how the world moved in their society. She was relieved seeing Rui's face relaxed when the elders seemed to not disagree with her.

    She knew Rui was distancing himself from her, so she wanted to give him some free air. She also wanted to keep her pride intact by not making him feel that she was too clingy. She read an article that if she clung too much with the man she liked, then higher chances were that he would get bored with her and lose his interest in her as well.

    "Hmm, but you can also get married and still do things you want to. Our Rui here will surely support you all the way and never hold you back," Rui's stepmother suddenly said with a sweet smile.

    Cali would honestly prefer that too, but to capture Rui's heart, she would have to follow certain rules she had read from a great inspirational and learning book about capturing a man's heart.

    She looked at Rui and gave him a reassuring sweet smile before responding to Mrs. Dee, "Yes... I believe so you're right. However, I want to test my relationship with Rui through time. But please don't worry because although we might have a long engagement... That doesn't mean we will not end up marrying each other."

    A loud laugh roared in the room from Senior Dee who looked pleased with her answer. ". I really like your granddaughter, Carlo. I feel like she will lead Rui to the right path." Senior Dee addressed her grandfather, who only answered with a nod and smiled.

    Rui knitted his brows but quickly cleared it up. Cali sighed. Her grandfather also asked her several times if she was sure of what she was requesting and doing...

    She bit her lower lip as she sneaked a glance at Rui, who sat in front of her, every once in a while. She wondered what was running inside his head because he was too quiet throughout the time there and Cali hated that quietness.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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