382 I’m Bored

    The formal engagement and family meeting went very well. Rui and Cali left the hotel together because Rui's father deliberately instructed his son to take Cali with him in his car.

    There was only silence as Rui's car slid speedily on the road. It was already night, but Cali did not want to go back home yet. How she wished she could spend some time with Shane to have some drinks together, but it would not be wise to go to where Shane was staying.

    She dialed some of her friends to hang out with. She had decided to now give Rui some space because she believed she had pestered him enough. She wondered though if it was effective.

    "You can just drop me at the convenient store in the next stop, Rui. I will hang out with friends..." she casually said.

    Rui was expressionless. He did not even bother to answer that made Cali uneasy. She was hurting, but she tried to compose herself. She asked for this anyway, so she must not complain now. Rui was honest with her from the start, and she was the one who had made the bargain.

    She somehow thought that showing Rui her sincerity towards him and this engagement in the past few weeks... helped. But then she was probably so wrong. Rui liked her, but the feelings that she had for him were not probably mutual... Because she had more feelings towards him than just liking him.

    How she hated using the word 'probably' whenever she analyzed things between them.

    "I thought you don't want to meet your friends yet unless you grow your hair longer..." Rui suddenly spoke.

    "You've been ignoring me lately, so I thought I should start mingling with my friends for a change. Shane had left for something important to attend to, so I'll just have to hang out with my usual friends. I told you I'm too bored at home."

    "But Cali, it's already late!" she heard Rui grunted.

    'What's with this man? Now he suddenly cares?' Cali mused with a twitched face.

    "So? They are my friends, and besides, I've been hanging out with them even before the accident. My grandfather knows them all." Cali casually uttered. Hiding a mischievous grin on her face, she added, "If you want, you are free to join us. If not, drop me at the next stop."

    Cali was holding her breath as she waited for Rui's answer.

    "Where are you guys meeting? I will drop you there directly." She heard Rui murmur. Cali's face twisted as disappointment sunk in. She gave Rui the address of the bar.

    Rui stopped at the venue. Cali looked at him and seriously said, "I told you to chill out because I'm an easy-going person. Don't worry, from now on I will no longer bother you, unless you want me to. Hope you find someone during our interminable period engagement and don't take seriously whatever I said a while ago. I just said that to secure the position for your family. Bye, Dr. Dee."

    Rui did not expect such an attitude from her and watched Cali leave from his car swiftly. A group of young boys and girls of her age seemed to be waiting outside for her whom Cali hugged and someone among them gave Cali a paper bag.

    Rui did not leave yet from where his car was parked. He frowned seeing Cali go inside a car with the paper bag in her hands and his eyes widened when she came out from the car to head inside the bar.

    'Did she change into lingerie!' Rui hissed seeing Cali wore scanty clothes. "What kind of exposing clothes are those, and such a deep neck and back?" he scoffed because Cali's legs, shoulders and even part of her belly were exposed!

    It was the first time he had seen Cali wearing something revealing as that because most of the time she came to meet him she wore delicate cute dresses like a princess.

    That instant, Rui wanted to pull Cali out to cover her body and not let anyone else see her, but he tried his best to control his urges. He stayed there like a statue on his seat while he battled with himself if he should go inside the bar or not.

    "Rui... Just leave..." he whispered. Cali would be fine besides it was her usual routine before she met him. Going inside that bar to pull her out would only endanger his resolve. He should stand firm in ignoring Cali for his own good.

    After about thirty minutes...

    "Sh*t!!!" Rui cursed as he banged his hand on the steering wheel and barged out of his car to go inside the bar. It was dark inside and the blinking lights made it hard for him to find Cali in that huge disco bar.

    He finally saw Cali sitting casually on one couch with her friends. Rui sat on another couch near to her where he could check her now and then. He ordered drinks while he kept his eyes checking on Cali.

    "What the heck!" he echoed, seeing Cali drinking shots in a row while her friends cheered for her. The music was loud, and the DJ played songs with hard beats. A lot of people were dancing on the dance floor and then he saw Cali standing up from her seat while dancing and walked at the center.

    "Seriously?!" Rui whined. His eyes narrowed as he watched Cali dance wildly with her friends. She looked so beautiful and wild. Her moves were smooth yet sensuous. It was hard not to get attracted to her... suddenly his jaws clenched when a man suddenly appeared on Cali's back, almost hugging her.

    Rui couldn't stand it anymore and stood up from his seat and ran at Cali's side. He grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the dance floor. He then took off his coat and put it on Cali's shoulders to cover her up.

    "Hey what's wrong with you?" The man behind Cali hissed.

    "Get off my finance if you don't want me to crack your bones out!" Rui chided with gritted teeth.

    While Rui was threatening the man, Cali's friends came there and Rui was in no mood to spare anyone right then. He gave them all a sharp look and scolded them fiercely, "Didn't you all know that she's still recuperating from her surgery! How could you all let her drink and behave such wildly?"

    "We are sorry, Cali said she's already fine." One of Cali's friends explained.

    Rui no longer said a word and just shook his head in annoyance and then carried Cali out because she was struggling from him to get free.

    "Let me go!" Cali exclaimed but Rui firmly held her as he walked out to head into his car. She was too drunk already, and Rui could smell the aroma of strong alcohol from her.

    "I still want to drink! I don't want to go home! If you dare bring me back to my boring home, I will sneak out and you won't be able to find me for a whole week then!" Cali yelled when she heard Rui talking to nanny Shine on the speakerphone.

    "Rui can you bring her to your place instead and let her sober up first before bringing her back in here? Cali is really scary when she is drunk. She will sneak out for sure if she is saying so..." Nanny Shine explained on the other line. It would be best that Cali stayed with Rui instead.

    It had happened before once when Cali was heavily drunk and she sneaked out of the mansion without their knowing. Well, she had Shane to run to before, but nanny Shine knew that Shane was into hiding and she only trusted Shane for Cali's safety.

    Rui was Cali's fiance, so it should be fine to stay with him instead.

    "Cali I will bring you to a marvellous place to get more drinks so behave and listen to me and be good, alright?" Rui said, applying psychological words on Cali who nodded at him several times.

    "Ohh kay-- Caa-lii- wi-ll behave!! Yehey more di-nkkks ahead!" He heard Cali yell with her drunk voice as she continued to dance on her seat and even turned Rui's car stereo volume up.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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