383 I’m Sorry

    Rui did not have a second thought in bringing Cali to his house instead. Seeing how wildly she was behaving while drunk he thought to discipline her a little before dropping her off after she sobered up.

    He couldn't believe his eyes when he saw how she went crazy after that thirty minutes of drinking inside that bar, and now he was also sure that he would need more than just a psychological approach to tame her wildness.

    "Where the hell are we?" He heard Cali speak while she looked inside his house.

    "This is no fun! Where are the lights? Where are the drinks?" She asked next while she followed Rui. Rui opened the lights in his bar and said, "Come here and sit!"

    Cali bit her lips and quickly followed as she sat down and waited patiently for Rui to serve her. "Is bartending your part time work?" Cali asked with a grin while she watched Rui mixing drinks very professionally.

    "Wow, looks good," she mumbled as Rui served her a drink.

    Rui gave her a lopsided grin and even said, "Suit yourself."

    That was not an alcoholic drink, of course. He added some booster to sober Cali up, but it would probably take some time before she sobers up a little...

    "Eww... What's this? You sure are not cheating on me, right?" Cali complained. "Where's the music?" She asked next.

    Rui played some random lively music and his jaw almost dropped when Cali stood up and threw away his coat from her shoulders and started dancing with its rhythm like she was a maniac on the center stage.

    He made another drink to sober her up but to his horror, Cali already roamed inside his house playing like a kid.

    "Why did she drink so much if she can't handle it?" he hissed as he followed Cali who was now in his living room jumping like a kid, on his couch.

    Rui scratched his head and said, "Stop jumping Cali or else..."

    Cali paused and with rounded eyes said, "Or else what doctor? Are you going to drug me up? Like you did just now... What the heck is that you gave me. It tastes like medicine."

    "It's to sober you up Cali... Please stop that and sit properly on the couch." Rui instructed. Cali stared at him then smiled mischievously and winked before saying, "Alright... Come here and sit with me..."

    Rui suddenly hesitated, seeing that smirk from Cali. She would obviously do something silly with that smile on her face. Rui shook his head and was about to walk away, but Cali already pulled him on the couch with her.

    "What are you doing?" Rui's eyes enlarged because Cali abruptly sat on his lap and used her both hands to cup his face.

    Cali looked serious at that moment and gave him a sharp stare. "Didn't you like the way I kissed you Rui, is that why you're avoiding me? Am I too lousy, huh and not really to your liking? Why can't you like me Rui?"

    "Cali that's not it... can you get up now? I'll make you something to eat and sober you fast." Rui breathed as he was getting tensed up with Cali's body so close to him.

    He gulped as his eyes went down on her parted lips. He could smell the alcohol from her breath mixed with her sweet scent. Cali's eyes narrowed and her lips curved into a sweet smile. His control was already weak when it came to her, and when she played seduction... what would he do?

    'I'm doomed...' Rui mused as Cali's lips brushed onto his. She started kissing him like a wild fox, invading his inner lips and mouth with her tongue.

    Rui's hand unconsciously landed on Cali's legs and he felt the last few threads of his control getting broken.

    He cursed in frustration, feeling the soft skins on his palms. He was having a hard time because it was not only Cali's lips that were brushing his but also her body that was moving up and down on top of him every once in a while.

    He could not yet overcome the overwhelming feelings of their last kiss that Cali initiated inside the car. And now this? How could Cali put him into such a dilemma?

    Rui's mind was full of complaints and struggles, but he was unconsciously moaning while the kiss deepened. Cali tasted so sweet despite the alcohol and her body's warmth was a comfort that Rui did not want to disappear from near him.

    He felt Cali undoing the buttons of his shirt he was wearing. He growled when he felt Cali's hand touching his chest and making circles with her fingers.

    Rui's hands moved on their own also, like they had their own mind. It found the zipper on the back on Cali's small dress and unzipped it, making it easy for the dress to fall on her waist.

    He was losing out of breath already while his groin was swelling hard beneath his pants. His hand cupped one of Cali's rounded mounds. He gently squeezed her fullness while his lips trailed on Cali's jawline down her neck.

    She arched her body so that it was easy for him to bend down while he braced her back with one of his arms.

    Cali's little sweet moans were taking away the sanity that was left in him... not to mention how her rosy protruded buds were tempting him to give them his attention.

    He felt Cali's hand grab his hair when he replaced his hands with his mouth.

    But Rui suddenly paused and hugged Cali tight. He almost lost control...

    Cali was drunk and not in her right mind. He hugged her tightly, trying his best to calm his breathing while he whispered, "I'm sorry Cali... I'm sorry..."

    He did not want to take advantage of her. He was cursing himself hard inside his head that he did not notice how Cali hugged him back.

    Cali started to sober up at that time and hearing Rui saying 'sorry' repeatedly was hurting her inside, both her heart and pride were slashed at that moment.

    She misinterpreted Rui... She thought Rui was sorry because he couldn't go further since he felt nothing for her. Tears welled up in her eyes, but she immediately controlled it not to embarrass herself more.

    She did not want to let go from that embrace, but she knew she had to. She felt dizzy, so she only mumbled, "I'm sleepy..."

    She felt her body being lifted as Rui carried her inside his room. She did not let go of Rui even though she was already on bed.

    "Stay here... please..." she whispered, hugging him tightly as she dozed off to sleep.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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